Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Your Tenderness By Richard Goldsworthy


Your Tenderness


Richard Goldsworthy

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Richard Goldsworthy is a remarkable pianist; I have enjoyed many of his compositions over the last couple of years and I am more than glad to say he is back with another new single, and this time entitled Your Tenderness. This title is so well made, as the pianist pulls off one of the most tender and sensitive performances thus far.

A gentle hand at the tiller is always needed when producing an offering of this elk, and Goldsworthy does it with sublime precision, the slow and tempered approach allows for a little uplifting energy as we move towards the half way juncture of the arrangement. Then we are in the flow of a new and charming energy that allows for a louder passage, and then a pulling back of once again pin point precision to conclude this most beautiful of songs.

It is indeed very rare to hear a piece like this that is created with such heart and true honest thoughtfulness, and as such, music like this, and presentations of solo piano like this, must surely come from a sincere place, a home of unconditional love and truth.

So here we are again with another masterful moment from the musician, Your Tenderness by Richard Goldsworthy could well be his best so far, but each composition I hear from the artist I also believe that to be true, never the less this one is sure to make a huge impression with the listeners and on the charts, it absolutely deserves to do so.

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