Thursday, March 30, 2023

Georgia's World By Todd Mosby

Georgia's World


Todd Mosby

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The sun is out, the mood is chilled, the wind blows its grace and soothing textures across the landscape, so it just has to be time for a little smooth jazz, and this new single Georgia’s World by Todd Mosby certainly hits the spot.

The artist is a fluent and colourful guitarist with whatever style he takes on, but for me, as a jazz fan, this is a segment to enjoy all the nuances, all the added instrumentation that goes into creating one wonderfully blissful oasis of a composition.

Georgia's World by Todd Mosby is a classy offering; those that contribute to this soothing moment of magic are Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Dapo Torimiro on electric piano, with a lush moment that reminded me of the keyboards of Ray Manzarek's on the Doors Light My Fire back in the day, Timothy Bailey on bass, David Leach on percussion, Adrianne Woods caressing the cello and the angelic like vibrations of Laura Vall on vocals, with the master composer Todd Mosby on guitar, Georgia’s World should be a sure fire hit the with utter ease for the artist.


Expiring World By Victor Birkan


Expiring World


Victor Birkan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


One can always gaze upon life turbulence and pity our distraught world, we have an opportunity through the medium of music to listen to one such composition, and by one of the most artistic and gifted pianists of his day, in Victor Birkan, with his latest single Expiring World.

There is so much to enjoy musically here, the mood filled arrangement is enthralling, but Birkan seems to have touched on various territories here as well, within this one simple song one can detect not only a European style sifting through, but also a little middle eastern ethic as well at times, in what is a truly fascinating ride.

For me personally felt piano is something that has to be performed technically spot on, and with a certain artistic endeavour that manifests moods of textured tones, with a compelling narrative, I am glad to say that Birkan does all that and more, in one of his most creative manifestations yet.

Ground Zero BY Filolari


Ground Zero



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Solo Piano must be one of the most abundant genres around in this day and age, and as an artist you really need to create something quite magical to stand out, on Ground Zero, I truly believe that the artist Filolari has done just that, on this his brand new single.

This powerful and persuasive composition touches the hem of the classical at times, but its fluency and textures are something that sets it apart from the simply technical, here Filolari sets his sights on excellence and succeeds, with a performance that is both passionate and emotive.

The adjustments of tempo and intensity were extremely palpable, and this was indeed a composition that you never wanted to end, but this masterful presentation by the pianist had us hanging on the edge of our seats with a wonderfully exciting presentation, and as such I feel this is an arrangement that will have a colourful run on the singles charts with great ease.

April Sky By The Song Gardeners


April Sky


The Song Gardeners

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The Song Gardeners are a prolific symbiotic partnership that delivers constant top quality with ever song manifested, with April Sky their latest release they have once again created a pop dance style song that will never leave the mind once it’s heard.

I adore stargazing; nothing thrills me more than lying in my pool in the early hours watching the galaxies above, the stars dancing their jig of many lights, and comets passing by on their voyage to nowhere. Here The Song Gardeners once more capture an anthem for that moment, in a song that is sung beautifully by Mary Gospe; her partnership with Corrie Dunn is certainly bringing into being some of the most unique styled offerings of their day.

April Sky by The Song Gardeners is going to be one of those pieces that you just can’t help but adore, written and performed with love, energised with sublime class, and written with enlightened awareness, a sure fire hit with ease for the band lies here.

If We Should Meet Again By Heidi Breyer


If We Should Meet Again


Heidi Breyer

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are three words that strike me as relevant for this brand new single by Heidi Breyer entitled If We should Meet Again, deep, heart-felt and moving, Heidi’s skill set is to literally paint emotions with her piano, and she does it so well.

This resounding opus of truth is played by the heart to the heart from Breyer; her presentation creates ripples of honesty with each note caressed. One must also state that it is utterly glorious to see a solo piano single of a decent length at well over 5 minutes, instead of the usual 90 seconds of rapid fire creations; the result here is that the listener truthfully has plenty of time to actually enjoy the music.

If We Should Meet Again by Heidi Breyer maybe her only second outing within the ever growing singles market and it won’t be her last, but this offering comes from a seasoned classy composer of quite brilliant melodies and arrangements, so we are simply destined to be enthralled with this new offering, and what delights that may come next.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Small Planet Big World By George Pendred


Small Planet Big World


George Pendred

Written by

Steve Sheppard


George Pendred has been making his way slowly through the ranks of flute performers, and with the creation of his latest album entitled Small Planet Big World, we may just have seen the best work from the artist thus far. This is a veritable journey of sight and sound with the musician, and one we are very willing to take.

This voyage of textures and colours starts with the track Kaleidoscope; the mechanical energies of this song give us the mood of the subject matter, a fine sunny light-hearted flute melody indeed.

Being a bit of a jazz fan, even I am catered for within tracks like Solstice Samba, its rhythmic patterns and delicate percussion lead us to a dancing flute that spreads seeds of a sun kissed reverie upon all who listen.

There is much to enjoy on this 9 track album including the reggae sounds of Lemurs of Lemuria, a wonderfully produced Jamaican vibe can be found here, or one could try the long form magic of tracks like Akebono Improvisation, where the flute of Pendred drifts over hills and vales, entwining with some wonderful synths along the way, bringing us not only the longest piece off the album at just over 10 minutes, but also the most mysterious and compelling.

Another fine example of George’s excellent performance and production skills is this next piece, nestled deep within the weave of the album and entitled Dancing Universe, this vibrant dance styled opus is a clever creation, containing both elements of Native America and a modern western styled arrangement.

The concept of Small Planet Big World is wrapped up perfectly by the presentation of the last offering on the album entitled Zuni Sunset, this would turn out to be my personal favourite from the release, for me it contained great colour and mood, enhanced by natural sounds, and a sublime heart felt performance on flute by Pendred.

Small Planet Big World by George Pendred is a cheer filled release containing some wonderful presentations and performances, this will be an album sought after by many who simply adore listening to flute music with added instrumentation. On this album the artist lifts our day, with a flute based journey of positivity and cheer, and that cannot be a bad thing in this day and age can it?

Another Beautiful Day By Curtis Macdonald


Another Beautiful Day


Curtis Macdonald

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Over the years I have known Curtis Macdonald, he has always been known as a purveyor of wonderfully produced, soothing and chilled music, his wonderful ability to brighten up any moody day is equally well known, and here on this latest single from the artist, he takes that a step further, and pulls literal sunshine from his keyboard, to spread over the entire landscape.

Another Beautiful Day by Curtis Macdonald is what one might call comfort music, it’s a guaranteed selection of tonal happiness, here Macdonald once more spreads joy and happiness across his realm, and adding a slight, yet vibrant percussive beat, we have a tune that warms the heart greatly, as the debut single for Gary Portnoy did in 82 with "Theme from Cheers (Where Everybody Knows Your Name)"

I would recommend the music of Macdonald to anyone in need of a pick-me-up, but this new single is simple bliss in motion, and as a song goes, this one may well end up becoming a huge chart success for the artist and so it should be indeed.

Monday, March 27, 2023

A Walking Stranger By Monster Taxi


A Walking Stranger


Monster Taxi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A smooth transition from the morning to the afternoon thanks to the tones of A Walking Stranger by one of the most curious titles for an artist I have heard for a while in Monster Taxi, this chilled vibe drifted like a fog floating on the air of a November evening.

This song with its title reminded me of Stephen Kings Walkin’ Dude from The Stand and indeed this style of music from Monster Taxi could easily be a film score segment with ease, its smooth and very cool laid back keyboard and percussive manifestation, brings forward various images to us all, but the sublime perfection of a pristine quality of production, truly manifested something quite special for me today on this one. A nice chart hit must be on the cards for Monster Taxi with A Walking Stranger, it’s a tune that gets in your head, and never wants to leave.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Open Window By Michelle Qureshi


Open Window


Michelle Qureshi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Michelle Qureshi is one of the most aware and in the moment artists I know, her creations always create great visuals in my mind of her present moment, those little segments of the day that most would not even notice, the flight of a single bird, the dust dancing in the sunlight, an errant cloud passing by on high, here Michelle presents to us her latest masterful composition, a single called Open Window.

Qureshi manifests with her guitar and a gentle backdrop of sound, a simply idyllic creation, one that roots us firmly in the present right along with her, the acoustic nature of this track gives us an organic feel, and that is simply perfect for a song of this style, her pace fluency and intent are set to perfection, and we are gifted just over three minutes of some of the most creative and soothing ambient guitar possible, here lies a sure fire hit for the artist, and a composition that literally opens up the windows, and blows away the cobwebs of stagnation.

Arômes de jazz By Marc-André Pépin


Arômes de jazz


Marc-André Pépin

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Marc Andre Pepin has a brand new album out called Arômes de jazz and today we are going to take a look at three tracks from the album in a lot more depth; firstly we start with Farniente ft Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

The piece flows beautifully and has a mood about its construction that reminds me of Ravels Bolero with its 4 beats, to enjoy the artist as a composer here rather than as a pianist is something quite special, and his artistic interpretation on this piece is truly laid back and very easy on the ears, this is music to drift down the stream to on a glorious August afternoon.

This is indeed one of this albums that is impossible not to like, it brings cheer to even the most dowdy of days, and on Carrousel ft Budapest Scoring Orchestra, you will find a composition that manifests a sun kissed reverie of an arrangement, one could easily be at an amusement park in high summer here gazing at the crowds of happy cheerful children at play, the strings were simply delightful and an integral part of the composition.

Our final track to gaze lovingly at will be Pavane for a Nice End of Day  ft Budapest Scoring Orchestra, this for me summed up the entire day we have just had with the artist in this wonderfully cheer filled album. This is cinematic in quality and draws a symphonic narrative of the day ending, one that will be remembered lovingly for years to come, this is one of those glorious pieces with such pomp and circumstance that you never want it to end.

Arômes de jazz by Marc-André Pépin is a splendid new album that you should really check out before summer arrives, and I hope my description of three tracks from it will see you adding this glistening new creation to you global playlists as soon as possible.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Quietness By Anaya Music




Anaya Music

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so nice to see another release from artist Anaya, now known today more as Anaya Music, this is a refreshing voyage of instrumental music to completely enjoy, music to watch the day unfurl perhaps, and then observe its cadence. Anaya is an inventive creator of sound, and within the realms of this her brand new album entitled Quietness, I personally feel that we have heard her best work come to the fore to date.

Quietness is something I really appreciate, the manifestation of ambience doubly so, and this 13 track collection brings this mood very much to the table, especially with the opening track entitled Home Calmness, something I have a true appreciation for now thanks to the recent pandemic, here Anaya manifests soothing tones and cascades of ear hugging gentle vibrations.

Picture book pieces can also be found here on tracks like Beloved, a gentle repose of keyboards that drifts into us like a peace filled spring tide, or perhaps Angels, this track literally hovers above us in the ether, and its transcendent ethereal harmonies are abundantly beautiful.

Void would be one of my personal favourites off the album, here Anaya creates a reflective mood, one tinged with a little emotion that ebbs and flows as the piece moves ever onward, this one really resonated with me, as did this next piece, another superb creation and another favourite of mine entitled Calmness.

The full flowing keyboards of the artist brought my ears an offering of almost classical delights, this of course is something we all need and the artist’s presentation certainly fits the bill perfectly.

Interestingly enough the album concludes with one of the most powerful creations I think I have ever heard from the musician and called Sword, perhaps this is where the artist is travelling to next, however this clever manifestation starts with an emboldened refrain, but then softens its structures to bless us with the final soothing piece of the album.

I think the creator of this release will be very pleased with its manifestation, as I truly believe that Quietness by Anaya Music, is without doubt the best work of her career thus far, Anaya has brought into this world a fine example of keyboard based instrumental music that hovers between the contemporary and neo classical genres, and conquers them both, and should, if there is any justice in this musical world, be a huge success for the her.

Norfolk Landscapes By Kevin Kendle


Norfolk Landscapes


Kevin Kendle

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Place the combination of the following into a project, the illustrious and glorious electronic mastery of Kevin Kendle, the sublime confidence and textures of Ian Cameron Smith, and a natural location in the country of England, the result is unbridled musical magic.

Many of us avid Kendle fans have literally been waiting years for this album to occur, the spaceman has landed and back to the musical landscapes of old we go, but now in Norfolk Landscapes, a place so very close to the artists heart.

The music is just dreamy and utter perfection; tracks like Felbrigg Lake will bring back memories of The Flowers album from 2001, with its gracious and flowing synth narrative and its immaculate melodies.

Headphones are a must, or at least turn the volume up for the most pristine and colourful effects possible, this is after all a cinematic pictorial journey you are partaking on, and with pieces like the ambience of Murmurations and Sand Patterns we are also gifted pleasant moments within the natural world, Kendle’s first kingdom, listen also on the latter track as an unusual addition can be found in percussion, whilst Ian Cameron Smith brings to the party one of the most delightful guitar segments ever, on a  truly soulful composition.

However when I reached Saltmarsh Creek I would find my personal favourite off the album, not just because I have a track of my own that bears some similarities in Seasalter Marsh, but because in both tracks there was a reflective energy that I adored so very much, the light jazz guitar of Cameron Smith was heaven sent, whilst Kendle drew from his wishing well of brilliance, one of the finest and most emotional tracks from his palate I have heard for some years.

Our penultimate piece entitled Big Sky hovered above and around us like some primordial ethereal mist, one that drifts on the very edge of time itself, and casts an air of deep mystery over all that attend and observe, this is Kendle at his ambient best, please take a little time here to listen to one of, if not the greatest synth performer of his age, bring you the listener, the perfect arrangement.

This 9 track release is brought to a conclusion with the piece Glaven Twilight, a creation that could easily be a musical relation to the proceeding composition; here Kendle winds up this amazing album with a memorable manifestation, one which shows off just why he is the king of artistic endeavour.

Norfolk Landscapes by Kevin Kendle is the release that fans of the Kendle/ Cameron Smith combo have waited for since Butterflies back in 2003; it must be said that Kendle’s appreciation through his music for one of the best parts of the country of England in Norfolk is beautifully illustrated, but one of the best parts about any Kevin Kendle album, is that the artists skills always take you right to the location even if you have never been there before. This is an amazing new release from the artist, and one that I personally feel very privileged to write about and own, an absolute must buy album can be found here, your musical heart would never forgive you if you didn’t.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Dolphin Moon By Andy Rogers


Dolphin Moon


Andy Rogers

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a world where nature reigns supreme, it’s comforting waves wash over us like a warm blanket from a child’s bed, where the sun shines happily, and gentle warming showers fall to the ground in a cadence of beauty as never seen before, rainbows glisten on a hillside of some far and distant land, and all is calm, this is an Andy Rogers album, and we’re privileged today to be able to sojourn on another musical voyage with this artist, in this his latest album Dolphin Moon.

This nine track soothing extravaganza starts with the perfect beginning in An Ocean Full of Blue Light.  The smoothness of this track draws a picture perfect narrative of the albums exploratory nature within the realm of Dolphins, and Rogers does it so very wonderfully indeed.

There is much to enjoy on this sublime album, flowing pastiches of colour and textures from pieces like Underwater Sunlight, a literal underwater musical experience, where the keyboards manifest a mood in between the reefs and corals, and done so in such an interactive way, or Caves and Waves, a meditative journey where we can make our way across the warming sands of the beach, and into the mysterious caves of time worn rock and crystals, the presentation here is so blissful you really won’t want to leave.

I’m lucky enough to live in a part of the globe where Dolphins swim safely and freely, where each and every sunset is its own art form, and this for me Rogers executed perfectly on Cetacean Sunset, a piece with such a graceful melody, something the artist has become well known for, and we can then conclude the journey with a track entitled The Boat Ride - Dolphin Spotting, a song that reminded me greatly of one of my own in St Georges Island, but utilising a percussive beat and adding a joyous rhythm to the proceedings.

All in all Andy Rogers should be proud of this release on MG Records as Dolphin Moon is a glorious new age styled collection of soothing creations and arrangements, I am a big fan of his manifestations, as he speaks to the nature boy inside me, so there can be no doubt that Dolphin Moon by Andy Rogers is going to be a massive hit with fans worldwide and on the album charts, and it’s also very nice to once again see an album about Dolphins, they have been sorely missed.

Echoes of Peace By Ryan Judd


Echoes of Peace


Ryan Judd

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Ryan Judd is fast becoming one of the best known ambient styled guitar players of his day, each of his creations manifest an energy of calm serenity around the listener, this releases stress and promotes healing, and that cannot be a bad thing. Here on his latest album Echoes Of Peace that wonderful theme is continued, and its flow drifts out to a desperate waiting world with a tender caress.

The opening piece is a true example of Judd’s peaceful progression, the title Blue Sky Within is one of the most relaxing opuses I have heard for quite some time, and its tranquil timbre reminds me of days when silence was so beautiful and much welcomed, a composition between time and tide itself.

There is a different vibrancy on the piece Searching the Depths one that is totally fascinating, a soft synth pad floats in the background, whilst the architect manifests an ambience and tone that one would associate with an artist like electronic supremo Kevin Kendle.

Darkness to Light is a well of calm, here Ryan places the emphasis on reflective healing, and with the chords and that minor nature, pulls off one of the best compositions of his career, I cannot emphasise just how good this track is, the layers of intent swallow up miles of emotion, and the listener can emerge from the depths of darkness, and swim into the warm and cleansing light above.

Echoes of Peace is a 10 track album, one that contains a thoroughly peace filled vibe at all times and begs to be left on repeat, tracks like Into the Mist manifest a world to simply float off into, the performance on this track alone is sublime and deeply tender with every note played.

Nightingale is our half way marker, it is also a picture book performance, as each note and string is played with a precision akin to guitarists like Vin Downes or Joseph Sullinger, each great at what they do, but here Judd has manifested a land for himself, a world of ambient chill.

Ryan’s skill set is enhanced by the fact that his intent within each song is always set for the highest purpose of each and every listener, fine examples of this can be found on songs like The Lost Summer (Ethereal Version), a track that reminds me of days gone, when life appeared to be much simpler, the harmonics here were delightful, or the track Moments of Clarity, a clever piece indeed, and one that perhaps reflects a light bulb moment or two that we all have from time to time.

As we drift further on down the river of tranquillity, we come across a lush tapestry of sensitivity called Never to Return (Celestial Guitar).  Here you will find a meaningful presentation, one that contains a positivity that only onward efforts are needed now, perhaps lessons have been learned; this track has such a delicate flow and fluency, it could easily be a classical offering.

The penultimate offering off the album is called Choosing Us, one can feel a reassuring arm around the shoulder energy here, and that is truly a happy thing, the gentle notes guide us home, and the mood created is akin to sitting with a warm mug of chicken soup, by a crackling fire.

Time has turned the pages of musical reality, and as such we now drift into the arms of the last track off this quite textured album, this parting gift is called Hearts Entwined (Ethereal Guitar). This last present from Judd is a loving composition indeed, one full of contentment and tenderness and a wonderful artistic point of departure too.

Echoes of Peace by Ryan Judd has to be the artists best work so far, his patience to get things just right, and its overall victorious outcome must make the musician very proud indeed, this is a classy album packed with soothing acoustic guitar compositions, and each and every one of them is a blissful slice of heaven, one much needed in a terribly fearful world, an absolute must buy release with ease lays here just waiting for you to embrace it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Fireflies at Dusk By Louis Colaiannia


Fireflies at Dusk


Louis Colaiannia

Written By

Steve Sheppard


Louis has been in a fluent mood lately, this decade has been abundant for him musically, today we have the pleasure of listening to his latest single Fireflies at Dusk, an exciting journey of resonating solo piano.

I have only once been fortunate enough to witness the beauty of the firefly, they are such delicate, tender little creatures of great energy and colour, and this was depicted so artfully by the pianist in this song, it thrilled my heart to hear it.

Colaiannia is such a master at piano composition that his presentation here on this new single was utterly picturesque, absolutely redolent of the subject matter, and beautiful in texture and tone, a masterful new offering indeed from the artist, and a sure fire hit if I have ever heard one.

Astronomia by Arrizza





Written by

Steve Sheppard


It seems that Arrizza and I have several things in common, two of them a love for all things to do with Space and Space travel, and the amazing talents of the late but great Isao Tomita. Here on this latest release entitled Astronomia, he explores both of those narratives sublimely and produces a truly memorable album in the process.

The opening foray of music on Occultation is a wonderful pleasurable experience, and is a mixture of electronica mixed with a global vibe that caressed my ears; I felt it was akin to having both Jean Michel Jarre and Incendio playing in my room at the same time, an experience very much appreciated indeed.

The second track was another one of those coalitions of commonality between the artist and me, a piece of music inspired by both of our favourite star systems in Orion. Constellation is a huge piece beautifully performed, a powerful repetitive back synth vibe can be found here, but one that drives the craft smoothly, and doesn’t overwhelm the integrity of the overall piece, this is a fast upbeat electronic musical landscape of music at its very best.

Astronomia by Arrizza is an in-depth and vast body of 11 tracks for the listener to enjoy, if your heart has been embraced by the stars, then this one’s for you, and contains such masterful works as Around the World (Globetrotter), an all-encompassing opus of tone and timbre, and Escape Velocity, where the beat is undeniable, and headphones a must.

A personal gem for me would be Space Surfing, from the beginning it truly took me back to the 80’s, where drum machines were king, and synths ruled the landscape, but there was also a beautiful smoothness to this piece that really took the listener on a journey too, with its ever onward progression and powerful sense of forward movement, also we must add a big tip of the hat to rock guitarist Brian Schurr for his outstanding performance on this creation.

There can be no doubt that this is an album of a sublime quality, and tracks like First Light were simply breath taking to behold, the opening of this song reminded me hugely of a certain piece that came from a decade earlier in its essence, and included Mark Barnwell shining like a crazy diamond on guitar, and those quite emotional to hear again synth whistles of Tomita, all safely ensconced in one of the most amazing tracks from the album.

Astronomia by Arrizza is a musical space voyage of memorable proportions, created by the man in the captain’s chair himself, Arrizza; these 11 compositions each have their own tale and narrative for the listener to enjoy, either on their own, or as a collective creation, one thing is for sure, the artist has manifested something here that has been born from the love of eternal space, and his passion for electronica, and it shows, with a wonderful manifestation that he should be incredibly proud of.

Distant Veil By Ask Askr


Distant Veil


Ask Askr

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so good to hear Ask Askr again; I still have fond memories of their last single in Kindling Flame. Here they are back with a multi-instrumental moment of heaven in this new single entitled Distant Veil.

The musicianship on this classy new offering is bright and sun kissed and the juxtaposition of electric guitar and keyboards doubly so, Distant Veil drifts across the musical horizon touching everything with its brilliance as it goes.

The piece itself is a smooth composition with a repeating motif on guitar, whilst a backdrop of keyboards manifests something quite tranquil in the back yard of the composition, all in all this is quite a clever offering, one that I have a feeling is going to do pretty well on the singles chart.

Before Completion By Anantakara


Before Completion



Written by

Steve Sheppard


For me personally, it is always a pleasure to go on a journey through the masterful labyrinths of an Anantakara album, as an electronic musician myself, sojourns like this give me great inspiration, and as a listener a moment to step away from the real world, and wonder around this virtual modern art gallery of the artists creation.

Before Completion is the musician’s latest manifestation and it is a splendid realm to spend some time in, the tone and timbre of tracks like the opening piece Encounter Of The Fifth Type are literally a wonder world of electronic craft and artistic endeavour.

From that perspective we can wonder where we shall voyage to next, and this location we can now find in the track After The Rain, which would turn out to be one of my personal favourite from the album, the effects on headphones alone were stunning, and the flute styled sound that hovered from the synths created a landscape of calm, in a singular sense of the word.

Another step through the mists of this release and we come across a composition called Flowering Up The Heart, in its early efforts there was something very Harold Budd about this creation, and that cannot be a bad thing, the repetitive piano sound took us by the hand to a shift in energies at just over a minute and a half, into a more mysterious electronic pathway.

There was a textured ambience mixed with a little Berlin styled EM in this next offering entitled Fulfil Your Fate, both components were beautifully matched, and the juxtaposition and onward progression of this creation is something to truly behold, a fine example indeed of a piece of multiple layers and parts, all being brought together for the whole, this was one of the most creative tracks off the album in my view.

We are about to reach the centre point of the album, we can do this by listening to Feeling The Flow, the artists freedom to experiment comes into play here as we have a brass styled opening to the track, before we gaze at the tapestry of electronic sounds and energies that now reside around us in their entirety.

The ethereal flow of this next track was simply sublime; the piece in question was the entitled In Her Open Eyes, this is one of those arrangements that draws you in gently, and before you realise the tempered beat and flowing synths has nipped in behind you and closed the doorway to this particular dimension, here once more lies a piece that is a masterful example of build and progression within an arrangement.

It’s time to take a chance now as we bathe ourselves in the sonic sounds of this next creation entitled Take Your Leap, once more a gentle hand leads us on towards a narrative that increases in volume and intensity as it progresses, but never loses its overall integrity as a composition, the electronic nuances within this crafted creation are something to completely enjoy, and is with ease one of the most up-tempo offerings from the release.

A horse of a completely different colour can be found on Diving, a track that contains a mixture of fun electronica and even a little experimental Jazz, the tones and vibrations of this song are like the sun poking its head out of the clouds of a grey rainy day; as a composition goes, this one just made me smile, and that’s a good thing believe me.

This next song had one of my favourite titles of the year to it and called Follow Me In The Rainbow Haze, this carefree opus drifted around our oasis of sound like an expectant early summer wind, a track filled with unbridled energy and excitement, while our penultimate offering entitled Unveiling That Cosmic Love Wave, had a far more cosmic feel to its overall musical narrative, whilst also taking the award for being the longest track off the album at just over 10 minutes in duration, this must be one of the most inventive pieces that the artist has ever created, as on its conclusion we seem to have gone from Vangelis to Phillip Glass on a true roller coaster ride of musical wonderment.

The final parting gift is entitled Culmination Is Transient, there is an anthem styled mood to this last composition that is so appealing, it is almost like the entire project is being wrapped up into one package for us to enjoy just one last time, and is both a crafted and clever way with which to leave the album.

Before Completion by Anantakara in my view is the artist’s best work to date; he has taken this opportunity and manifested an album that in my view will be a land mark release. Before Completion by Anantakara is 11 tracks of sheer genius, this is one man manifesting utterly brilliant and artistic electronic music which should indeed be open to all who care to listen, and with ease a much sought out release by any electronic aficionados the globe over. 

Mohave by Diane Wheeler Dunn




Diane Wheeler Dunn

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a wonderful flavour of wilderness within this amazing new creation from flute performer Diane Wheeler Dunn, the song is called Mohave and it is a flavourful ambient construct of great texture and artistic endeavour.

The Mohave region takes in part of the Grand Canyon and is a very spiritual location; here Dunn brings forth a manifestation to please both the ancestors and ancients themselves through her breath taking flute presentation.

There can be no doubt that the artist is one of the finest flute performers of her age, her compositions always bring a thrill to my heart, and with each passing offering she opens up the world of flute with a cinematic flourish, with this her latest fantastic creation Mohave, a simply a must have at all costs new single.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Love is Life by J. Raúl Andreo


Love Is Life


J. Raúl Andreo

Written by

Steve Sheppard

I must admit J. Raúl Andreo is a new name to me, but this latest single from the artist is one of the brightest that has come my way lately from the solo piano genre.

The performance is bright, light and gloriously full flowing, but always with a tempered calm that guides the keys along the way and into what is a deeply satisfying solo piano single.

Love Is Life is one of those pieces that you just can’t get enough of, and a track that sparkles like the first warming sun of a first spring day. Love Is Life by J. Raúl Andreo is 154 seconds of happiness and cheer, and will leave the listener wanting more at its conclusion, a sure fire hit single must be on the cards for the artist with this one.

For Polina Till Tears Run Dry ft Juliet Lyons By Dave Mohan


For Polina Till Tears Run Dry ft Juliet Lyons


Dave Mohan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The emotive intensity behind this brand new single by Dave Mohan is palpable, and is a tribute to one young life lost, among many others in the cruel evil of war being waged on the battlefields of Ukraine and its innocent warm hearted people.

Mohan’s reputation of producing amazing arrangements grows with each passing day, and on this new single he adds the talent and skill set of the angelic vocals of Juliet Lyons, whose voice on this new song was beyond the beauty of a new spring flower.

For Polina Till Tears Run Dry is an emotional ballad of boundless heart and love, and offers up a strong desire for better days ahead, this new single can perhaps be a part of it, it’s not just a moving song, it’s anthem like as well, and the response will not leave a dry eye in the house from each and every listener, a song of the ages can be found on this new composition by Dave Mohan, a new creation he should be incredibly proud of too.

Step By Step By Cristian Vivaldi


Step By Step


Cristian Vivaldi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Cristian Vivaldi arrived on my musical radar recently, when he sent us a selection of his music, with the oldest one being A Good Night Kiss, and is without doubt a pianist of great quality and talent, here on this brand new single, the artist has a hot off the press offering entitled Step By Step.

The song itself is a gentle progression on piano that leaves the listener with a warm feeling of comfort and happiness, the presentation on piano by Vivaldi is smooth, fluent and charm filled, and this tender composition will win its way with ease into the hearts and minds of solo piano fans across the globe with ease.

Here resides a tender arrangement and a performance of great beauty and respectful dedication and with each onward movement by the artist, Cristian Vivaldi is winning his way into the lives and ears of the listener, Step By Step.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Requiem By Orchestra Indigo




Orchestra Indigo

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The art in creating a really good album is the manifestation of a truly wondrous beginning to it, I mean we all have to start somewhere, so why not make that somewhere the best you possibly can, that is exactly what Orchestra Indigo has done on this their latest release Requiem, and in doing so, have set the scene for the remainder of the album, one that should be classed as their best work thus far, and a shining example of utterly brilliant instrumental music.

The sublime quality of our opening track entitled Introit paints such a lush picture of colour, technique and beauty, that it draws us as listeners into the project with a willing ease. While the gentle refrain and keyboards of Kyrie draw a wonderful sense of warmth into the proceedings, a track that for me illustrates the very emergence of a newly born day.

I would say that this album has been one of the most artistic I have heard from this genre in quite a while, tracks like the haunting darkness of Lacrimosa or perhaps the uplifting narrative of Sanctus, are but two very excellent examples of this statement, and then mix that with the sublime cadence brought to my ears via the track Lux Aeterna, and you have a release of utter quality that will remain as one of those albums that will never fade over the decades.

We even find a little neo-classical magic built into the weave through the composition In Paradisium, and a conclusion to the album that is so meaningful and breath taking in the arrangement of Libra Me, here ends a superb album and with one of the most classy creations upon it, a bell chimes, the last breath of a day is done, and a reflective powerful opus concludes a truly masterful album indeed.

Here is a release born out of a time when the world stopped due to a global pandemic, here lays some of the finest compositions known to instrumental music in the year 2023, as now we leave that time behind. Heartfelt, empowering and emotive are but three words that for me sum up the genius of Requiem by Orchestra Indigo, this new release is one of those albums that you’re going to want on every device you have, as it is without doubt an offering you always want by your side, just to remind you that betters days are ahead, or in Latin meliora dies praemisit.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Beyond the Pale By Michael Regina


Beyond the Pale


Michael Regina

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Electronic music is on the march like never before, but even more interesting, is each one I have reviewed lately is vastly different form the other, showing to me that the artists in question are really finding their inspirations from their own musical muses, and this new offering from Michael Regina is a fine example of 21st century electronic music, and is the journey we take right now.

Beyond the Pale is an 11 track release brimming full of variances of electronic genius, let’s start with one of my personal favourites the opener Ultra, now here is a sweet track, one with a sublime build and progression, and this marvellous piece truly reminded me of John Carpenters Assault on Prescient 13 back in the day.

There are some splendid effects and moods created on this album, some of which you will find on this next piece entitled Crystalline. A light keyboard presentation walks us into the arms of an undeniable percussive beat, the synths then swirl to calmly caress our voyage of plenty ahead.

Over the last three years of the pandemic, I seem to have spent a heck of a lot of time in my house, so I guess when I saw this track I was looking for an anthem for those years, and through To Be Home I found it. Here lays a respectful keyboard driven piece, one that harmonises with synths and a light percussion, to give us a memory filled palace of gratitude and comfort.

By Design for me was one of the most interesting pieces off the album, certain memories of those chill out years of the Buddha collections and Zen compilations came flooding back to me, but overall this was a really charming musical narrative that manifested something laid back and peaceful, whilst still employing a chilled beat along the way.

At the half way marker we come across probably one of the most powerful pieces off the release and called The Precipice, the keyboard structures and presentations in this one reminded me a lot of US instrumentalist Holland Phillips in style, Regina really produces a track here that stands out as a sublime musical creation of great intensity.

Now we come to that point in any album that is the most important, the title track, and here we find Beyond the Pale nestled in on the downward slide of the album, this would also turn out to be one of the most picturesque manifestations too, again through a gentle elevation of keyboard constructions and percussion, Michael makes an absolutely splendid almost anthem like title header of a composition.

Now as we edge slowly into the deeper waters of the album we come across my personal favourite off the collection, this amazing piece is called Dim the Sun, I loved this piece so much I had to play it several times over to truly appreciate all the nuances and effects, a rasping gale of a wind, a thunder strike, an onward soft palate of electronic effects, tones and vibrations, this is truly a special offering, and one that I could imagine doing well as a solo single as well.

When We Rise illustrated for me the artistic cleverness and skill set of the artist, here is a track that progressed slowly, manifesting a seemingly cautious approach, then gaining confidence and morphing into an almost David Arkenstone, Lord of the Rings styled segment, and perhaps even crossing the room from electronic to neo classical.

There is something here for every lover of EM, especially on pieces like Passages; a slow drifting reality takes us onward on a bed of synth magic, in a track that had an almost regal like mood to it, that it reminded me in parts of early Vangelis at times. The downbeat tempo and percussion here manifested a film score moment for the artist, and a song to be incredibly proud of.

The penultimate offering from the album was No Stopping Us, a gentle driving mood could be found on this last but one musical creation, one that contained a little 80’s energy and a memorable melody that once in your head refuses to part ways, now that’s got to be a good thing, this enabled us to smoothly transition into the final parting musical gift from the artist called Space for the Soul, this one really took me back to the early 70’s, a little WA WA peddle and a funky beat, an undeniable sound of a soulful organ, this last gift, was certainly one of the most inventive tracks to close out an album with, I loved it.

I would have to say that Beyond the Pale by Michael Regina is without doubt one of the most original electronic music based albums I have had to pleasure to review this year. This was a fun experience that took me personally through many decades past, and many memories hence; here is an album that any discerning electronic music lover should have within their own musical collection post haste.