Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Promises Broken By John Hamilton


Promises Broken


John Hamilton

Written by

Steve Sheppard


John Hamilton impressed me incredibly with his previous single entitled Prayer: Gratitude, and now his back with more new offerings the first of which I will cover in this review and called Promises Broken. Many of us have been in relationships that have ended in promises being broken, and it is incredibly sad when one reflects on the occurrence, how easily is it we get swept away with life and fail to be grateful for our moments of love respect.

John’s performance on the piano here is incredibly reflective and deeply mournful, and in a way is almost a voyage back in time to the start of the relationship, and perhaps even a soundtrack for the heart breaking events that will follow; the minor styled motifs of this performance is truly touching, and encapsulates the subject matter and the mood perfectly.

The more you hear the music and presentations of John Hamilton, the more you will embrace his colourful, yet respectful style, here is a man who clearly feels his music, and it is so refreshing to see and hear. Promises Broken by John Hamilton should be embraced utterly by piano fans across the globe, it may even be worthy of a segment in a movie scene too, it is that good.

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