Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Naked Fire EP By Peter Phippen & Joshua Daby


Naked Fire EP


Peter Phippen & Joshua Daby

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Naked Fire the latest EP by Grammy nominated Peter Phippen is a real family affair as son Joshua Daby performs some of the finest percussion your likely to hear upon it.

This is one truly vibrant offering, with both father and son in perfect sync, the flow of Daby and his rhythmic fluency is a thing of beauty indeed, whilst Phippen is his consummate brilliant self on flute; a performance filled with light and a burning positivity can be found on this composition.

The second and final piece is entitled Smoldering Ambers, and here we have the very apex of the meaning to the statement, “It does what it says on the can”. This is slow and sultry, and it has to be said, a smouldering delight of an arrangement, it is enticing and beautifully tantalising in its production and final outcome.

This latest ep Naked Fire by Peter Phippen and Joshua Daby is crafted but delicious in its organic nature, pure reality and real music floods from the speakers, in a rhythmically pulsating heartbeat of tone, in this duo of wonderfully classy compositions by the artists. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Within By Michelle Qureshi




Michelle Qureshi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I’ve often regarded Michelle Qureshi as one of the finest creators of ambient moods on guitar around these days, and with the release of this brand new album entitled Within, this truth is only emphasised further.

This 24 track offering has a certain warmth and charm about its musical persona, from the very beginning to the end. The light and positive refrains from Above Us start our musical sojourn, and that beautifully lush narrative is continued with tracks like Sweet Child, and the literally sparkling Aurora Glass.

Michelle Qureshi is one of those artists you could leave on repeat for hours and not even notice how much time had actually passed, her performances are filled with such a soothing ambience, that the journey itself becomes almost cathartic. Take tracks like With Langour, a sense perhaps of the classical can be found here and then onto the peace filled tones of Half this Sky.

There is literally nothing to dislike about this album, and as such everyone should have a copy of Within as a go to album in times of stress or much needed relaxation, offerings like At Twilight and Waiting for a Friend are but two very fine examples of Qureshi’s classy ability to create and manifest a tranquil and calming mood with her guitar.

In my view the last track sums up the whole project, With Tenderness is the most peaceful composition I have heard for years and a perfect way to end a release of solo guitar that is timeless in its content and loving in its output.

Within by Michelle Qureshi will be a main feature on any playlists I create, its smooth and delightfully intelligent performances will win any musical heart over.

Here we have an album that is created by an artist who truly cares, and each and every creation is a musical child waiting and wanting to please. There can be no doubt that this album is one of the best in the ambient genre I have heard this year with ease.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dreams Come True By KeithTim Anderson


Dreams Come True


KeithTim Anderson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


You know it’s strange; music is a true panacea to cure all ills, no matter what’s wrong, there will be something out there that will heal you with its tone and compositional structures, and make you feel better. This new album by KeithTim Anderson has that very energy about it, it’s truly blissful to listen to what seems to be a veritable scrapbook of musical memories and positivity’s.

The opening piece is a lush and colourful musical narrative that can proudly boast the fact that it is the title track, Dreams Come True. Anderson has nailed it with this sparkling opus, the melody here is so moving and deeply reflective, and has added to this creation that little edge of beauty that we all seek.

Evermore is included on this compilation of great tunes, this was released early on in 2020 as a single and did pretty well in the charts, the melody again is key to its success, the performance is almost dream like, but one that finds a warm place in your heart, and never lets go.

There was something quite emotive about Beyond the Darkness that hooked me into its narrative. The slow and careful presentation on piano was beautifully arranged and performed, and at times, made me think that it had a certain cinematic flavour to its essence.

Listening to Dreams Come True is akin to sitting by a warm fire in winter cuddled up under a blanket; this piece entitled Once Upon a Daydream is a fine example of that statement. The gentleness of style here is heart-warming and friendly in its approach; this was one of many I would literally fall in love with from this album.

At the half way marker we find an endearing opus entitled The Door, a great title, as it leaves a question as to where the path goes once the door is opened, or if it remains shut what is actually behind it. For me the composition truly made my comments comes into reality, whilst mostly light in context, there was a slight element of suspense and mystery to this piece that I adored.

Yet Joyful is one of those tracks that is like pulling back the curtains on a summer’s day and watching the beams of light flood in and fill the room. This is an outstanding composition of great purpose, positivity and poise; this is one track that is impossible not to love.

The theme of a warming narrative continues with this next offering called Where Love Is. A slight melodic touch of reflection can be felt here, this adds such a wonderful flavour to the piece, a texture that creates a wonderful sense of ambience to the proceedings can be found here as well.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is the lullaby of the album; the careful and almost childlike arrangement is both loving and heartfelt, and would soothe most people let alone children, into a soft and carefree slumber.

Now I wonder, anyone for a waltz? Let’s hold hands and move to the arrangement entitled And We Dance. The movement and fun that can be found within this piece is cheer filled and radiant in its happy approach.  This is one of those tracks that would bring a smile to anyone’s face, and that is indeed much needed these days.

Amazingly we are at the last doorway to the album, and as we approach this threshold we are gifted this last track called, There Is a Tree. This final offering has a charming sense of completion about its construction and is the perfect ending piece; without doubt a beautifully natural composition to end with, one that also contains a wonderfully flowing sense of ambience within its structure too.

Dreams Come True by KeithTim Anderson is one of the warmest and cheerfully positive albums to have fallen on my desk in a long while; it certainly would get my vote for being the nicest.

Dreams Come True by KeithTim Anderson is an album that you will reach for when you need to take some time away from your life and the stresses and strains of it, and also in my view, his best work so far.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Love Revolution Arise By Freja Eriksen


Love Revolution Arise


Freja Eriksen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Fresh from the success of her last hit single It's Time - For A Sustainable World, Freja Eriksen is back with a brand new single entitled Love Revolution Arise. The lyrical content is once more powerful and what is more utterly undeniable in its statement.

The symphonic gestures and style, mixed with a little global ethic is brilliant, Eriksen’s vocal prowess is stunning, and the depth and passion that can be found within this brand new offering guarantees two important things, here is a song that will capture the heart and the moment, and secondly, a global hit that must be on the cards once again for the artist and rightly so, here is a message that really needs to get out there.

Altered State By The Song Gardeners


Altered State


The Song Gardeners

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I would think that any sane person who can see this world for what it is, and the occurrences that are happening upon it, would relate completely to the lyrics of this song. Who wouldn’t give to live in an altered state? One free from negativity and control, a place of positivity and forward thinking and happiness.

The Song Gardeners are on a roll at the moment with hit singles like Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu and the every brilliant Love Flows. Altered State keeps that classy momentum going, an upbeat and vibrant offering indeed, perfectly arranged and exciting to explore, Gospe and her team are totally in the flow here, and this new single has the words huge hit written all over it.

Sands of Time By Kerani


Sands of Time



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Kerani is a woman on a mission to bring to you some of the most amazing neo-classical contemporary instrumental music her muse can bring, and once more she, who I like to call the female Vangelis, has succeeded.  Sands of Time explores a wonderful and wide musical narrative from early Greek philosophy, with the title track Sands of Time, an outstanding opus, to the lessons of letting go through the track Shores of Gold, a beautiful composition bathed in a colourful and sensual tone.

Following on from her last release Small Treasures, Kerani moves another step up the ladder with this quite breath taking new offering, at times utterly transcendent and always peppered with moments of cinematic bliss, this is an album of pure unadulterated quality, with tracks like the passionate Echoes of the Past and the blissful opus of The Touch of Love, these are but two pieces that will touch the very inner soul of the listener.

Kerani is becoming well known globally for manifesting lush and full flowing neo-classically styled opuses that melt the heart, and one can find this on compositions like Moments of Beauty, the arrangement and orchestration here is magnificent, as are the vocalisations, and of course my personal favourite the Road To Wisdom, a path I personally have been on for eons; the depth and textured brilliance here is beyond remarkable.

Sands of Time by Kerani in my view is her best work to date, the build and progression; depth and quality, and cinematic nuances are simply stunning, here lies an album of natural outstanding beauty, one created by a woman who is clearly in touch with her musical muse, and has honed all her skills to bring us a release like Sands of Time. This is one of those albums I would insist that you have in your musical collection post haste; it will resonate within you for decades, and bring you a sense of complete musical satisfaction at its conclusion.

Notturna By Raighes Factory




Raighes Factory

Written by

Steve Sheppard


If ever an album could be described as peaceful piano, this is it, this collection of fine piano compositions is one of the most beautiful I have heard for quite a few years. A stunning 25 tracks adorn this collection, and each and every one of them is a total winner.

Raighes Factory has many people working within its concept; let’s start by mentioning Dario Crisman, who opens the album with a melodic composition of lush classical motifs entitled La notte ci divise. Dario also gives us the penultimate offering entitled Scivolando nel buio, a delightfully slow and tranquil piece, which at times reminds me in style of the late David Sun.

One of my personal favourites off this mammoth album was this one, entitled I tuoi occhi sotto la luna. The gentleness here is profound, and took me back to childhood refrains from days of old, in a stunning performance by Alessio Zucca.

This is one of those albums that you will find yourself leaving on repeat for hours, it is so easy to listen to and allow the movement of the passages to just float around you; examples of such beautiful fluency can be found on La notte di lampi e tuoni, by Andrea Carri, Chiar di Luna by On Piano and Clepsydra by the creative Carlo Corazza.

The balance and energy that comes from this release is utterly blissful, creating such a mood seems easy for ThePianoPlayer, who gifts us Sogni d'oro and towards the end of the album, the colourful and crafted Sonnambula.

My personal favourite though was this one entitled Toccami, the tempo and the narrative of minor and major was utterly addictive to listen to; there was a wonderful flow to the performance by Luis Berra that simply won my heart over.

The moods within Notturna are many and cater for all tastes, a little reflective heart from Michele Nobler with Un Mare di Stelle, and a light and repeating motif to raise the energies from Ebe De Antonio with Brina, and an almost Debussy moment with Manuel Zito as he gifts us Notturno 69.

There can be no doubt that this super collective of pianists have brought us something dear and close to our musical hearts, another classy personal favourite for me was Aspettando Neowise by Claus Egan, a song that would transcribe to a movie with great ease.

The sensuality of the performances here is also part of this wondrous journey; listen to Crepuscolo by KeyPiKo, or the sublime delicacy of Voce di Luna by Maya Sand then add to that list of crafted emotive offerings, Ombre di Luce by Collettivo Armonico, all beautiful, sensitive and romantic.

As we move ever onward into the deeper reaches of the release we come across a composition that literally sparkles across our musical night sky, and called Fiore Notturno by Lorenzo Tempesti, a piece coloured wonderfully by its artistic endeavours.

The aforementioned Michele Nobler finishes off the album with her composition entitled Soli nella notte. This is a very classy and well performed last track that rounds off this vast album splendidly and with such style as well.

Notturna by Raighes Factory and the artists that are contained within the hallowed halls of this peace filled oasis of piano certainly deserve a standing ovation for manifesting one of the most serene and calming piano albums I think I have ever heard, it may be an old cliché, but there is truly something for everyone here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Song for a New World By Wayne Bethanis


Song for a New World


Wayne Bethanis

Written by

Steve Sheppard


How can one not just adore the works of pianist Wayne Bethanis, his emotional charged opuses, and his magical fluency is always enough to brighten my day, and this can once more be said for the latest single Song For a New World, which is to be released in October.

Boy do we need an anthem to spark us back into life, and perhaps this could very well be it, Bethanis is in irrepressible mode on this new offering, and one due to its multi-instrumental nature, specifically the electric guitar, almost touches the musical hem of a certain Mike Oldfield in style and performance.

A truly clever change in direction for the artist, and in my opinion one that could well land him even more success within the charts, without a doubt, you would have to say that Song for a New World is not just good, it is something truly special.

A Summer's Day By The River By Annie Locke


A Summer's Day By The River


Annie Locke

Written by

Steve Sheppard


When I first heard this new single by Annie Locke it brought back so many memories of happy days with my family by the river, in fact rivers, many a sunny summers’ day we would be there, enjoying the moment and the views, and happiness abounded like a never ending august afternoon.

For me, when I hear Locke’s composition my mind is drawn back to those beautiful days, and this is indeed the energy with which this track is birthed from; one can feel the sun, the joyous moments of laughter and ripples on a gently flowing stream, as the reed beds danced in the soft warming wind, all of that and more is within Annie Locke’s stunningly transcendent performance on piano, on this offering.

There can be no doubt that this new single, A Summer’s Day by the River, exemplifies completely the artists ability as a narrator of idyllic arrangements, this one should be a huge hit for Annie its own right as well.

Confrontation with Fate By Tim Neumark


Confrontation with Fate


Tim Neumark

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Tim Neumark like many others during this global pandemic has allowed his muse full reign over his creational abilities, and it is working overtime. Confrontation with Fate his latest single is a mournful repose bathed in the classical style with a little new age in the mix too.

It is inspiring to hear this for me personally, as I too am in the midst of creating something reflective on solo piano too. Here the far more skilled and experienced Neumark has pulled out all the stops, and manifested a truly emotive encounter.

For me this dark reverie is so powerful and passion filled, but there is also a little hope built into the dominant arrangement too, Neumark has produced some amazing reflective and heart rendering material of late, and this falls firmly in that category as well, and as such it is a single that is almost impossible to stop playing, due to its addictive moving energy and nature.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thinking of You By David J. Peña


Thinking of You


David J. Peña

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I had felt in the need today of something filled with a little passion to blow away the stresses and strains of 2020, and boy did I get that with this illustrious new album by David J. Peña entitled Thinking of You, with orchestral arrangement composed by Judah Earl.

We start this most emotive of journeys with a piece entitled Renaissance, this is a beautifully fluent composition that has a subtle hint and flavours of music from ancient times contained within. The build and progression here from its soft start is marvellous, and something to behold, and of course the perfect starting offering.

Serenity is our next port of call, something we all need these days, the performance is very mood filled and emotional, the symphonic gestures are most agreeable, and once more that attentive build within the arrangement is exciting to follow. If there was ever a track that could be used as a film score from the album it is this one.

Next up is a composition entitled Piangere Per Te which I think translated means “Cry For You”; my emotions were activated and I was taken back to the early 70’s and a track called Mockingbird from Barclay James Harvest. This is a truly amazing musical opus of great sadness and reflection, the strings and piano combined with the orchestration made this for me the stand out offering off the album, yes indeed, one of many.

On Wild and Free, there was a wonderful sense of lightness to the song; the energy of performance too was glowing and ebullient, this would be one of those pieces that you would request to hear played at a live concert. Peña’s representation here was powerful, cinematic and utterly brilliant.

On the horizon, we now see Smoke Signals Rising. The only problem I have here, is that just when I think I have heard my favourite track, then along comes another one and blows it away. This dominant yet moving opus has it all, a glorious orchestration that is sublimely arranged, and a compositional structure that just keeps you moving at full pace, almost like riding a musical horse at full pelt across a dusty prairie.

As we reach the half way juncture we come across a dedication with the track Good Day - Uzziah's Song. The tempo and construction here are beautifully crafted and an utter pleasure to listen to. Peña’s performance here is majestically delicate, but with a positive intensity to its narrative.

Grace sees us move into the latter half of the release. This is a track with such a sensitive nature, that it literally draws great emotion from the listener as we create our own images and beauty from the music. This has to be one of the most serene and compositionally beautiful tracks off the album, and one that just flows like an autumn stream in full flow.

We now move forever onward, and into a garden of musical delights known as Mystify, for me there was a colourful energy of an almost wonderland of a narrative, perhaps not one that Alice walked through, but this symphonic moment of genius reminded me greatly, of something we would have heard from David Arkenstone many years ago.

A moment of quiet is upon us at the start of this new offering entitled Farewell, the gentle and soothing piano manifests such a tranquil mood, and the hovering intensity of the orchestration gives us the perfect opportunity to ride the waves of this utterly transcendent composition.

Thinking of You, yes it is time to unveil the title track. This is the ultimate musical canvas with which the artist builds all that is around him. The crafted development soon flows into a soundtrack of a musical narrative, reminds me in parts of something we may have once heard drifting across the fields of the shires on the road to Rivendell. Here you will find a very classy composition, one filled with a performance that will rivet you to the spot, and demand to be listened to.

As we approach the last few musical meadows of the album, it is time for another dedicational offering, this time it is given to us as, Anaiah's Song. This one is quite a breath taking opus as it seems to be packed with joyous refrains and textured passages, which make this offering such an endearing composition.

So, we have now arrived at the penultimate offering off the album and it is entitled Yesteryear. I felt a certain familiarity with this piece, perhaps because I had been thinking about summer’s days with my parents recently, but yesterday does have its own soundtrack, and this is probably it. An upbeat progression can be found here, but one that morphs so cleverly into a virtual memory palace of melody and tone.

Our last port of call is on the shoreline of the album and is entitled Lighthouse. The tranquillity of the start seems to build like the waves around the lighthouse themselves, and one could easily envisage many small sailing boats with their sails unfurled scurrying around the bay, in what is simply the perfect ending song to finish the album with.

Thinking of You by David J. Peña is just what the genre of piano with instrumentation needed right now, it is jam packed with top class compositions and arrangements, it is overflowing with musical melodies that will be running around in your head for days on end, it is almost impossible to see a scenario where this album is not part of one’s musical collection, this release is that good.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

As the Seasons Change By Kinslea Rae


As the Seasons Change


Kinslea Rae

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This is indeed a very timely release indeed as we enter autumn, but this would be a single that totally entranced me for more than that one reason, here is a slice of solo piano that speaks volumes, and manifests great colours as it plays.

Kinslea Rae’s performance on this her latest single is so redolent of the subject matter, and each note that fell from her piano were akin to the layers of multi-coloured leaves that drop from the tired branches of aged trees.

She has a depth here that is sublime, a tempo that so very cleverly played, one that paints the picture of this beautiful change with ease. I would also like to give credit to her art work as well, on my first listen I just gazed at the graphic, listened to the music and I was there, top marks Kinslea Rae, a guaranteed hit.

Frankenstein By Claudio Casanueva




Claudio Casanueva

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The genius that is Claudio Casanueva is a musician that is as inventive as he is skilled; he is literally not afraid of taking on a single subject, and then from that pen, comes such greatness.

On Frankenstein his latest single, Casanueva manifests something so haunting and scary that you may have to play this composition with the lights on; the sound effects and spoken audio are brilliantly inserted to give maximum effect.

This is one of those electronic masterpieces that pulls you into its own reality and never lets you leave. Mary Shelly once wrote. “Life, although it may only be an accumulation of anguish, is dear to me, and I will defend it.” Here on this brand new single, Casanueva has given this child of music its first breath, his stylish arrangements have given it life, and one must say most urgently, this is one of those works you really do not want to miss out on.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Falling Leaves By Karen Biehl


Falling Leaves


Karen Biehl

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Autumn is always a time of mists and differing moods, the end of summer and the beginning of a long walk through the darker nights, for us all change has been thrust upon us, but the seasons still roll on by like sand dropping from an hourglass. This mood has been captured perfectly by musician Karen Biehl, who has taken the aspect of Falling Leaves and created something truly emotional and heartfelt.

The performance here by the artist is so redolent of the subject matter, and the full flowing passages are indeed a musical representation of leaves that are now departing and on a downward journey, as life begins to change again. I must say I have heard a lot of compositions about this time of year, but this has to be one of the best for absolutely ages.

Monday, September 7, 2020

A Momentary Pause By Holland Phillips


A Momentary Pause


Holland Phillips

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is always a total pleasure to listen to the music of Holland Phillips, my earliest memories of his outstanding compositions goes back to 2015 and Daydream Alley, and I have been a fan ever since. His colourful and artistic ability to create such memory filled arrangements and truly moving opuses, still pleases me greatly to this day, and now I am elated to be reviewing the artists latest release A Momentary Pause, a 10 track collection of superb music to enjoy.

The beginning of this album starts with one of the most picturesque offerings the artist has created for some time in Upon Awakening; the delightful keyboards of Phillips manifest a wondrous song of new beginnings and fresh starts, as a soft late summer sun filters in through the curtains, in an idyllic opening indeed.

Whispers is our next offering and allows us the ever eager listener, to wander freely within its uncomplicated tones, the gentleness of the arrangement and the care and attention to detail by the artist is truly something to marvel at; this is such a soothing musical passage, that the quality of its compositional structure is like musical chocolate for the soul.

This next piece is Phillips in his traditional hunting ground with this fine melodic offering entitled Our Sweeter Days, the rise and fall of the mood to this track and the sheer emotional content is a blissful thing indeed, as are the subtle but clever chord changes that cleverly emphasise a reflective mood.

There is a certain mournful quality about this next composition entitled Stepping Stones, but one that also offers up a shining beacon of hope within its construction too. This is one of those pieces you might play when deep in thought about your next steps in life, and how to move on from what has just passed, this is a beautiful symphonic offering by Phillips that touches the very inner realms of the heart.

At the half way juncture we come across a beautiful flowing musical narrative called Dreaming on Ice. The sense of movement is incredible and one can feel from the arrangement an energy of wonder and possibilities, ones that are craft fully created on this most gracious and happy composition; the guitar sounds mixed with the ever onward piano was simply perfect.

As we take a tentative step into the latter half of the release we come across an almost mysterious offering called Palindrome. The musical journey on keyboards here is truly crafted and cleverly arranged, and gives us the ever eager listener, a momentary pause, no pun intended, to think and re-imagine our thoughts both forward and back. I also loved the hint of music from ancient times that seemed to flow deep within the weave of the composition as well.

As we move ever deeper into this collection of truly splendid songs we now come to the doorway of a track named Study in Patterns. This powerful opus certainly hits the musical spot, and the added tension and sense of suspense gave the piece a lush cinematic feel to the arrangement.

One of my personal favourites would be this one; it sits beautifully within the last few tracks of the release, and is perfectly placed to receive much joy from its listeners.  Casting Shadows is classic Phillips, that emotive sound, that mix of moods, reflective and joyful; they’re all here in one amazingly moving arrangement.

A Holland Phillips title track is usually something to really look forward to and this continues that theme with great cheer. A Momentary Pause is also the penultimate offering off the album, and easily a piece that could be released as a single too. The performance here by the artist is breath taking, if you ever wished to hear a track that sums up just who Holland Phillips is in the world of New Age music, this anthem like opus would be a perfect example of his cultured genius.

So sadly it’s our last piece for another album, it’s time to snuggle down your weary head, the sandman said it’s time for bed, and your dreams are waiting. We can do that by bathing in this last creative composition called Bedtime Prayers. This song is the perfect ending track; it has everything, a gentle refrain and also a grand but sensitive symphonic gesture, in a final and touching composition from Phillips musically inspired mind.

A Momentary Pause is Phillips ninth release and another perfect collection of wonderfully worked pieces from the artist, whom with each album becomes more creative as time goes by, as well as more colourful in texture and tone. A Momentary Pause will be one of those releases that will enrich your mood, and possibly even be the soundtrack to your life’s journey in reflection, it is that good and so easy to recommend.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Carry Me By Cadence Spalding


Carry Me


Cadence Spalding

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Cadence Spalding is back with a brand new single and probably the most emotive one so far to date, the soft piano progression and the heart felt and gentle vocals were sublime, they washed over your senses with utter pleasure, but the additional symphonic structures and segments added a beautifully lush layer to what just has to be another major hit single for the artist.

Cadence Spalding is one of those artists who musically cannot put a foot wrong, and with Carry Me, her ever growing legion of fans will be more than happy to rush out and purchase a copy, of what could well be classed as a Spalding anthem in years to come.

Metamorphosis By Attila Gibson




Attila Gibson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It had been around a year since Attila Gibson’s music had graced my personal airwaves, so as you can possibly imagine the sense of pleasure when a new offering was on the horizon, and then the sense of honour of being able to write a review for it, and what’s more, I can say that this is one truly powerful collection of really good songs.

The best place to start is always at the begin, and waiting there for us is one of the most commercial and full flowing musical narratives we have heard thus far from Gibson, with the track Wise Men Don't Speak.

There is a wonderful sense of fresh energy about the artist on this release; you can hear it in the colour of his tones on tracks like Time and Space, just shy of two minutes but almost cinematic at times, and of an even shorter piece entitled Ryssa where we hear the sensitive side of the artist in a composition that seems filled with memories of the past.

The curiously flirty jazzy offering called Mind If I is up next, the offering creates a certain powerful mixture of emotions as it plays out its crafted and clever arrangement, almost at times mixing a Jazz ethic with a global vibe, in a wonderfully inventive offering.

Last Night is a beautiful opus that sets the scene with great style and class and could easily be the follow up timeline wise to the preceding track, the smoothness and care that Gibson performs this song with, is quite outstanding.

As we take one tentative foot into the second half of the album we come across the title track. Metamorphosis has a hovering sense of ambience about its construction that I adored; it plays with the cadence of the day then explodes into action only to pull back once again. I also found a hint of an European motif here that was fascinating; one could feel that this piece would not have been out of place on an old black and white movie. Title tracks are usually the apex of the album, and this one certainly is the grandest of them all.

Why Do I, may well be a question, but it also the title of our next musical port of call, again a blissful layer of sensitivity and reflection can be found here, one that builds gently and manifests a certain sense of musical strength, but never loses its structural energy of ambience, in what I rate as one of the most intelligent and well thought out pieces off the album.

So we are now in the deeper waters of the release, and as our boat glides through the reed beds of tone, we come across a track entitled Lady And The Cat, this may seem like a fun arrangement is about to explode onto the scene, but Gibson in fact pulls off one of his most moving and emotive performances in just barely 90 seconds.

I Wanted To is another reflective moment to enjoy, this is one area Gibson has embraced wholeheartedly, and here on this track he caresses that side, and partners it with his natural full flowing nature, one that will lead us happily to the door of the penultimate piece off the album entitled Ghosts Of Notes, now this is something to really enjoy, there is a darkness here that is truly pleasurable, it is almost like the composition is trying to pull from the gloom and into the light of day in a cleverly performed haunting composition.

As we knock on the door of the last piece on the album, we find a sensitive number entitled Hidden Pain, the mood here is thoughtful and artistic, and an ending arrangement that allows the listener a little glimpse into the reality of another life, one very craft fully played indeed.

Metamorphosis by Attila Gibson has to be the artist’s best work so far, his full flowing style is partnered by a heart-warming layer of gentleness, and the two energies combined manifest for us an album that is both utterly listenable, but also a perfect musical journey of great talent and passion.