Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Thank You, Yes! By Philip Howard


Thank You, Yes!


Philip Howard

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This flourishing new single from pianist Philip Howard has an exciting new energy about its construction, but is also multi-faceted and contains a truly thoughtful performance by the artist.

Thank You, Yes! is the title and that and the art work for the composition heavily suggests a marriage or engagement of a couple. This new single seems to draw its motif and moods from that, the multi-faceted nature is the arrangement of the composition, one that thankfully lasts well over 4 minutes in duration.

The slow build is like the apprehensive moment of asking for that aforementioned partnership. The performance gets bolder and more fluent as a confidence unfurls, and literally a David Lanz styled presentation can be found in the middle section of this deeply moving and colourful creation.

The latter half of the single manifests a calm and soothing content, perhaps one of contentment and happiness, and then an almost meditative energy flows into the scene, one that creates a further symbiotic partnership of tone and timbre which builds into a slow but happy crescendo.

I truly don’t believe I have heard so much created in one solo piano single before, and as such it literally deserves to be a big hit on the singles chart, and in the hearts and minds of piano fans across our beautiful globe.

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