Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Promises Unspoken By John Hamilton


Promises Unspoken


John Hamilton

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a lush fluency about this new single from John Hamilton that you simply can’t fail to miss; it comes at a time when the artist is in a rich vein of form, and called Promises Unspoken. Hamilton’s ability to draw musical narratives and pictures within his stunning performances is a thing of great beauty.

Here on this brand new single we have a composition that illustrates a promise that needs not to be said, in the same way as the only form of true love is unconditional. Here there is an almost hidden secret bond that lies between the notes of this most charming and incredibly warm offering, ones that float in the land of trust, and touch the hem of loyalty.

Hamilton’s performance is so very amiable and delightfully elegant; this is one of those solo piano performances that just make you want to smile widely inside, it is a track bathed in the warm sunshine of a tender refrain.

A note to all piano fans, this is a single that you will find impossible to deny getting a copy of, and when you do, you will be much happier to have embraced its compassionate kindness and tranquil energies that lay within this outstanding composition.

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