Thursday, April 18, 2024

Mothership By Michael Regina




Michael Regina

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I remember looking back at the Exit Zero album of Michaels and I thought to myself, here is a musician who is going places, now with the release of his brand new album entitled Mothership I believe that I was right, this is an exciting 10 track release that literally takes you on a journey though the stars, so let’s voyage right now with Michael Regina, full ahead, make it so.

The opening piece is a great scene setter and is proudly the title track, and of course called Mothership, the growling of the engines as the ship starts to move is impressive, and the regal like synths give a texture to the soaring craft, one of complete wonderment, this is a stylish opening indeed.

The flow between tracks is compelling; we have an ever onward narrative from offerings like Exodus, a track that really reminds me of Medwyn Goodall’s Essence of Magic album. The full on keyboard driven tale continues with tracks like the gentler Mind's Eye, with its inventive percussion and soft synth pads and into moments of rhythmic passion and powerful forward movement with pieces like Transmissions, just listen to the bass in this amazing composition.

In the deeper realms of this album we can find glorious creations like Space Funk Maestro, the title speaks for itself, but there is a smoothness and fluency here that is very classy indeed, our penultimate offering is called Proxima Centauri a star just over 4 lights years from us on Earth, this red dwarf is portrayed beautifully by Regina, and we can almost feel our engines going faster through the music as we head inexorably towards its destination.

Finally Michael concludes his project with the illustrious arrangement of The Farthest Point, a subtle intelligent ending opus that rounds our mission up completely, with a wonderful balance and a mixture of percussion, keyboards and synths, all done with such class and panache.

I think it’s safe to say that on Mothership, Michael Regina has produced his best work this far, here is an album that would please so many, fans of the new age, electronic, and space genres are going to be elated with this new manifestation, and I feel that Michael has indeed crossed the musical Rubicon with this new conception, and as such a whole new era of opportunities will open up before him in the most abundant of ways, and we can be certain that a huge chart position is going to be on the cards at the very least.

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