Monday, April 1, 2024

The Tree & The Moon By Christof R Davis


The Tree & The Moon


Christof R Davis

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This new release The Tree & The Moon from Christof R Davis could be described as the album I have been waiting decades for, it is the most descriptive collection of fascinating, and at times quite moving compositions that I have been seeking to come into contact with for utterly ages, this is sheer genius in motion.

This story is based in one of my loves, the woodlands of stunning nature in the UK, this is a true musical panacea to cure all ills, through the artists thoughtful master work we can travel there vicariously with him as well, especially on the opening offering entitled Prologue: The Path & The Pilgrim featuring Jono Wright on guitar. This piece reminded me of the days of Roger Waters and the Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, which was also the mood I was aiming for with my last single Winter Solitude, here Christoph nails it perfectly and we are immediately transported to this magical woodland; the keyboards and organ were so deeply moving and enchanting.

On the mystical offering The Owl & The Dark we have a piece that swirls around us until its inevitable crescendo, then in the same way with which UK synth master Keven Kendle did with his Winter album, he builds upon such a powerful and emotionally charged melody, that hover with a mournful repose in the autumn landscape of our years.

That saying “And now for something completely different” is very applicable here on this next piece called The Fox & The Storm featuring Mikey Davis on Alto Sax and ALX on guitar. This has a slow tempered build and progression that manifests a somewhat expectant motif, then it builds into a charming musical narrative that has elements of a smooth Jazz creation built within its weave.

Our next track is a transitionary manifestation called Interlude: Midnight, through this piece one can feel the very tick of the clock strike the darkness of the night and we can move on, and into the open arms of our next creation called The Tree & The Moon featuring Jono Wright, Matteo Morbidelli, Elisabetta Paolini, DIvusae Castrucci & Mattia Geracitano on Violins Viola and Cello, yes it is indeed the title track, this is utter beauty and the combination of artists manifests for me one of the most comprehensive and beautiful headline tracks I have heard for simply years, this has to be one of my personal favourites, at times reminding me of Ravel’s Pavane for a Dead Princess, but brought up to date with the use of a more electronic medium, this track alone is a good enough reason to buy the album.

The assertive percussion on The Moth & The Bat gave us a moment to watch in awe of this symbiotic segment, the keyboards and percussion manifest a compelling vista of movement and energy, whilst on Interlude: 2am we, the absolutely enthralled listener can take stock of this sublime album, its contents and its wonderfully fluent pictorial images of nature, the keyboard work here manifests a moment of transition and peace for us to float within.

The Mouse & The Starlight featuring Mikey Davis is our next meadow of musical mastery, the sax here is so passionate and manifests a heartfelt moment of a magical repose that must be remembered, the softness of the performance and the deep bass work flowing in the natural stream of Davis’s ever charming keyboard work, was a sheer moment of bliss to completely bathe within.

We are now ensconced deep within the dark woodlands of the artist and as we arrive at a starlit clearing, we are once more charmed by this next opus of genius called The Mist & The Magic. I am wooed once more into the caress of such a superior offering, one which reminded me of classic new age offerings of the early part of this century, and also of an artist called The Glimmer Room, who also produced such wonderfully natural landscaped material.

So we are here at the last official track of the album, this final parting gift is called Epilogue: The Pilgrim & The Dawn. There are indeed a couple of bonus tracks which offer up alternate versions of the tracks The Tree & The Moon and The Owl & The Dark which must not be missed, but this concluding manifestation leaves us in the peace and glory of the woodlands warm embrace, and from one of the finest releases of 2024 with ease.

The Tree & The Moon by Christof R Davis is in my view one of the best albums I have heard for many years, if you are a lover of really good instrumental music that has an ambience, a charm with a classical lilt all of its own, then you simply must purchase this album and show it a lot of love. One can honestly say that this was a release well worth waiting for, and without a shadow of a doubt I can predict that great things must be on the horizon musically for, The Tree & The Moon by Christof R Davis.

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