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Spring Equinox: Piano Meditations By Richard Shulman


Spring Equinox: Piano Meditations


Richard Shulman

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This has to be one of the most unique and quite frankly exciting collections of quality music I have heard via the medium of the solo piano genre for ages, Spring Equinox: Piano Meditations by Richard Shulman, this album contains some of the most descriptive and textured pieces you would ever wish to find on an album of this elk, and to do so using the mechanism of the long form style on many creations contained within needs applauding.

The longest manifestation and the opening piece is called Light Increases; through my life I have listened to much music that describes times of day and moments of the clock, Shulman adds to those weighty musical occasions with a lush and quite evocative 13 minutes plus on this marvellous starting voyage, the slow and gentle approach highlights one of the most splendid segments in life, as each day the sun rises and gives birth to another day of possibilities.

Spring Melody is up next, this is a moment of harmonic bliss, but then again much could be said about the entire album. Again Shulman plays with intent, but with a calm approach, one that touches the very hem of nature itself as it becomes one again with the Earth, and slowly sprouts into a new epoch of colours and tones. This piece emphasises that aforementioned statement with one of the most creative solo piano performances ever.

Colors, takes us on another voyage of piano perfection with a track that is a step into a world of utter beauty and blissful ambience, one that reminds me of the works of the late but still great Harold Budd. The sense of peace within this track is quite palpable and this wonderfully fluent performance drifts on the winds of a musical tomorrow with all the anticipation of a tranquil and happy future.

This is one of those albums you simply want to never end, thankfully we have another all-enveloping composition up now called Planting Seeds, this has to be the most delicate presentation from the pianist, the slow and careful performance highlights the subject matter with a flourish, and the structures of major and minor are a wonder to behold.

Back to the longer styled tracks we now go with Awakening Life, this piece is the epitome of artistic foresight, at well over 7 minutes in duration Richard literally manifests that moment in spring that we all love to see, the bursting forth of new life upon our globe, this joyous performance is a simple but attractive delight.

One of the most valued aspects of moving on in life is the ability to understand what is meant when one comprehends the perception of actually Letting Go. This moving composition transcends the melody that can be found within the middle part of this arrangement, and takes us musically to a place of release and in such a crafted way, again the use of minor structures here are simply sublime.

We now move ever deeper into the weave of this great collection of fine solo piano works, and as we do so we come across a piece called Healing Spirit, the soothing ethos of this pleading creation is filled with a passion and serene touch of unconditional love, Shulman asks his piano to harmonise with his muse and the result is a curative and cathartic experience.

With a track just short of seven minutes we are gifted a ride into a realm of a tranquil garden of many delights, one of the most colourful images we will witness here is the uplifting piano performance that describes in music for us the Peace Flowers that dance gentle with an early spring breeze, this is a magical presentation form the artist and one we are most grateful for.

Amazingly we have arrived at the last but one gate in our woodland of musical spring delights, the track that ushers forth that moment is well named and called Blessing. This is a truism for me as I feel that it has indeed been a blessing to have been able to have listened to a track and an album of such great quality.

Our final parting gift from the artist is called Resting in the Light, the artist saves his most calming of musical reverie till last, and we can part on a soothing wave of a warm spring wind, and as a charming scent of a most pleasant summer is held potentially before us, this has to be one of the finest and most delicate ambient piano performances I have heard to conclude an album with for simply years.

Spring Equinox: Piano Meditations by Richard Shulman is an outstanding album in the times when most solo piano tracks are barely 2 minutes long, to be able to listen to an album of this magnitude and brilliance was utterly delightful. This is a release that would be suited for fans of many genres, from the ambient to new age and of course those who still seek creative artistic works of great style in the piano genre. I can see nothing but a successful outcome for Spring Equinox: Piano Meditations by Richard Shulman.

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