Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Sea Energise By Julia Thomsen


Sea Energise


Julia Thomsen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


One of the many beauties that lay willingly in the arms of this tapestry of creation by pianist Julia Thomsen, and entitled Sea Energise, is the really attractive and smooth textured pathways of musical delight from each of the 6 tracks on this release, they will have you drift into a calm bay of tone with ease,and you will be bathed by the essences that float from those very arrangements.

The opener is the title track and of course entitled Sea Energise, and is the most beautiful composition that you will find to start any album that contains piano with added instrumentation, one that leads us off with great care and attention towards to the shortest piece off the release called Evoke, I found something wonderfully haunting about this offering that I adored, it may be less than two minutes long, but it is one that you would come back to many times over with ease.

The kindly offering entitled Beauty Inside And Out is now upon us, its gentle refrains highlight the wonderful sense of empathy within the music, and the cultured yet caring performance that brings us one of the most heartfelt and loving pieces off the album is appreciated.

One of my all-time loves is nature, so to listen to Nature Interlude as we draw near to the end of the album is a delight that’s bathed with a reflective reverie by the artist, and the hovering symphonic gestures are simply nothing more than genius, this would also be one of my personal favourites off the album.

The penultimate offering is entitled Starlight, the performance by Thomsen here does exactly what it says on the can, and gifts us a sparkling arrangement that manifests a star filled sky perhaps, in the imagination of the listener.

So we have arrived at the very last portal of the release and this inner dimension of musical class is called Blended. There is an ambience here that is delightful, the build and progression of this arrangement is something to really enjoy, and of course the perfect way to leave this collection of fine compositions.

Sea Energise by Julia Thomsen is one of the gentlest yet enjoyable albums I have heard for quite some time in this genre, the smoothness of performance with which Julia Thomsen has manifested this album has created a lush, colourful and extremely warm collection of songs to listen to, and it indeed should be a release that brings much happiness and calm to all who listen to it.

Monday, March 29, 2021

To Catch Lightning In A Bottle By Kluane Takhini


To Catch Lightning In A Bottle


Kluane Takhini

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This is one amazing song to have in your collection created by Kluane Takhini and entitled To Catch Lightning In A Bottle. The production quality and multi-instrumental nature of this track is simply brilliant, and will appeal to many music purists in the world; it also contains the skill set of James Hill on Trumpet.

This single is so fascinating and has so many parts to it; you are riveted to the seat listening to what’s going to come next, a lush Trumpet, pertinent percussion, acoustic or electric guitar, or even a symphonic gesture, it’s all here, on just over 4 minutes of one of the best contemporary instrumental singles I have heard this year, surely this one must be a big hit for the artist.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Calix Meus Inebrians By Casey Crosby


Calix Meus Inebrians


Casey Crosby

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The mood created by a solo pianist can be so deeply moving and emotive, the creative artist can take you on a literal journey through the power of creation and performance, and that is exactly what Casey Crosby has done for me this fine morning in March.

We start out with the gentle footfalls of the proud opening composition, a 10 plus minute opus which of course is our title track Calix Meus Inebrians, this is one of the most powerful pieces on the album, and Casey’s performance here truly exemplifies that indeed his cup is running over with joy.

Reunion has a wonderful energy to its manifestation, through the presentation one could imagine old friends reuniting, perhaps even doing the one thing I cannot wait to do after the pandemic, give someone a hug. The tone and essence of this piece is so warm and friendly, a charming musical narrative indeed.

The curiously entitled Honey in the Rock is a wonderfully upbeat and powerful composition that brings a real vibrancy to the proceedings, the performance is brimming with energy and a vibrancy which struggles to contains its joy; this would be one very fine arrangement to watch performed live.

The following piece is one of the most artistic tracks I have heard this year and entitled Wildflower. I have just arrived back into my studio from my Zen Garden, and listening to this I can imagine the leaves of the fig tree dancing with the wildflowers that lay in my sun kissed rockery, this is one those tracks that is utterly timeless, and it could go on forever and you would not mind in the slightest.

On the song Air we find a slow but ever onward piece I think most might remember, the gentle and extremely gifted presentation of this track is sublime and quite breath-taking to listen to. I had just been listening to the classical version of this great offering before I sat at my desk, so to get a double treat here is much appreciated, and I am sure that one Johann Sebastian Bach would give a tip of the hat to this interpretation of his great work too.

The flavours change now and a song with a mystical offering steps forward in the guise of Like The Mist You Drift. There is a wonderful reflective mood here that I could sit within for simply ages; there is also a hint of a Celtic reverie that hovers around the arrangement, like a spirit of a long lost past, a beautifully performed track, played with a heartfelt presentation on the keys.

Time to go long form again as we reach the mid-way point of the album, and on Where the Red Fern Grows, we can enjoy a moment in nature vicariously with the artist. The careful attention to detail and the slow but steady build and progression, which retains its serenity and overall ambience is joyful, the piece eventually builds to a break out moment in the latter half of the track, one that creates a real joyful dance moment within the performance, then soothes down allowing us to fully appreciate the conclusion.

Saint Stephen's Day is a grand opus to enjoy, but the genteelness of performance is much appreciated. The tenderness here is palpable and the sensitivity of manifestation is so blissful to hear, this is without doubt one of the most pristine and delicate presentations from the release.

We haven’t seen too much rain here this winter, but our appreciation of its gift to us is bathed in gratitude. This Healing Rain is a testament to that gratitude, and overall is quite a deep and reflective arrangement, one that perhaps you could listen to whilst being cleansed from it. There were some moving changes from major to minor I enjoyed here, and the use of pause was so brilliantly executed.

I love how Crosby with such ease switches it up a gear and pulls off an almost folk rag of a song on the piece Thunder in the Mountain. Almost the alter ego of the last offering and the dark rumblings on the low notes could easily be the storm crashing upon the land. Then at around 2.34 minutes into this track the pace slows as if to gaze at the drenched swathes of nature around us, the style and presentation is not only well played, but a great descriptive narrative can be formed from it. We once more break out into party mode at around the 6 minute marker to conclude a suite of fine solo piano passages.

Our penultimate offering is a very moving piece indeed, it is called Remember Me, I once had this said to me, and I have. The mood here is so deep and emotional I can feel a lump in my throat forming and a tear in the corner of my eye. Crosby’s performance here was so emotive and clearly played and performed with such heart and love, and as such this track was, and is truly appreciated.

Whilst it may be unusual to end with a long form piece, in fact the longest track at well over 11 minutes, one can see why as this arrangement is another musical sojourn all of its own, and can be enjoyed in its entirety as a narrative of music that weaves a tale through its duration, it is called Everything’s Fine. There is also a pause here at around the 7 minute mark of 40 seconds or so, perhaps one of those moments to look back over the shoulder to fully appreciated the journey thus travelled.

Calix Meus Inebrians by Casey Crosby is a 12 track release that wears the badge of uniqueness well upon its chest with pride. Crosby has manifested a multi-faceted album that offers something for everyone who just adores the solo piano genre. From the reflective to the bright and sparkling reveries, from humility to memories Calix Meus Inebrians by Casey Crosby has it all and is a veritable panacea of tone to cure all musical woes, and allows one to leave the project feeling fulfilled and satisfied at the conclusion.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Slow Motion By Thierry David


Slow Motion


Thierry David

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is nothing quite like exploring the depths of a new electronic ambient album to start my week, and thanks to artist Thierry David I was able to do just that, I hadn’t heard from Thierry since the release of Hypnosis way back in 2014, so it was extremely pleasing to find his latest release Slow Motion sitting on my desktop to review.

This marvellous work of art starts with a gentle and flowing offering entitled Convolutions, the softness of the synths here manifested a beautiful layered experience for me, one that I always really need on a Monday morning, and the ambiance of this piece alone would set me up for the day.

We now slip into the stream of the longest offering of the album at well over nine minutes and called Wild Hope. This moment of idyllic keyboards manifested a creative and artistic narrative to enjoy, the sublime soothing onward journey through the tones of this crafted offering, were akin to floating on clouds and warm thermals, a truly serene experience indeed.

The title track is up next and of course we are now at the portal entitled Slow Motion.  The title header is the artist’s moment to express an overview of the entire concept of the album, and Slow Motion continues to show to us the tranquillity of the moment through the calmness of creation, via the skill set of the amazing Thierry David.

We can now take one tentative footfall into the second half of the album and as we do so we arrive at the doorway of a track entitled Diamond Drops. This piece is slightly deceptive, in as much as it has a certain rhythm that highlights the way, and because of that light and carefully created beat, delivers us a sumptuous sense of a continual onward movement with the refrains of the music, and one that simply sparkles with the cadence of the day.

We can now edge delicately into the arms of the most chilled piece on the release, it is entitled Divine Spark, the combination of a charming and almost sensual rhythm here was simply idyllic, a track that really conjured up many images of sights of great beauty I have seen in my life. The musical weave here was amazing, the more I listened, the more I felt completely in harmony with the moment, it is a serene, but beautifully fluent offering.

Our penultimate piece is called Dazzling Blue, this last but one opus manifests a moment when the music caresses the senses, this is an art form that must be cherished, and I can gaze out of my upstairs widow and peer down at the Mediterranean, and by its symbiotic nature the music seems to dance with the lapis oceanic view in front of me.

Our final arrangement is entitled Weightless Keys, this masterful composition is simply the most perfect conclusion to a fantastic album, its warm major and minor chords express a feather life performance from the artist, in what is the most emotive piece from the release and a heartfelt ending opus it is to finish with.

The wait has been totally worth it, Slow Motion by Thierry David has to be the most relaxing and chilled album I have heard this year so far. One must applaud the artist for manifesting an album which brings forth such peace and tranquillity, through a simply idyllic performance on each and every track in this seven piece collection. If you’re looking for a sanctuary away from the stresses and strains of the day, then Slow Motion by Thierry David must be your next port of call.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Angels in Eden by Karen Biehl


Angels in Eden


Karen Biehl

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The soothing and cheer filled refrains from this brand new multi-instrumental single by Karen Biehl is certainly one to watch, with elements of Enya and some of the most marvellous new age textures around, the artist has really brought something delightful to our musical table with her single Angels in Eden.

Biehl’s ability to create a blissed filled musical soundscapes is well known, and here she has manifested one that has symphonic and angelic gestures that are simply sublime. The smoothness of production, the pertinent sounds of nature, it is simply idyllic, Angels in Eden is a wonderland of all that is good and a musical garden of plenty for us to all enjoy when we wish.

Down For The Count By Ma9Na


Down For The Count



Written by

Steve Sheppard


I would say without doubt that this new single Down for the Count by Ma9Na is one of the most unique rock singles I have heard for many, many years. This is a driven piece, the engine room of Bass and Drums, both played by the artist are literally on fire and completely unstoppable.

Lyrically the theme is deep and moody, and takes the listener to all the dark corners that exists in society today; the vocal style was equally impressive and reminded me of work I had heard recently from The Graham Bonnet Band.

A tip of the hat to guitarists Gerry Murrell and Paul Kostromin and an old friend of ours in Harvey Summers on various keyboards. Down For the Count is a breath taking new single by Ma9Na that demands to be listened to at all costs, its power rock at it’s very best.

Waiting For You By Fransoafran


Waiting For You



Written by

Steve Sheppard


The violin of Fransoafran has been charming listeners of his music for a while now, and it is such good news that the artist has added to his catalogue another brand new and quite breath taking single entitled, Waiting For You.

The performance on Violin is one thing, but the multi-instrumental nature of the composition and the rhythmic percussion, really creates an addictive resonance here, one that contains a hovering intensity that also cannot be ignored, and that will go further to manifesting another huge chart hit for the artist no doubt, this is contemporary instrumental music at its best.


SAPTA: The Seven Ways By Radhika Vekaria


SAPTA: The Seven Ways


Radhika Vekaria

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have heard many albums like this in my past, but SAPTA: The Seven Ways by Radhika Vekaria must be crowned king with ease, this is one of the best produced and best performed albums of sacred spiritual music I have heard for many decades, Vekaraia’s vocals are absolutely pristine and simply perfect, and the multi-instrumental nature of the overall album is utterly sublime.

With classics like Om Namo Bhagavate, this totally liberating composition is a fine example of freedom within the musical narrative, and is quite an empowering and emotional offering as well; Radhika Vekaria’s vocals here are energy lifting moments of sublime bliss.

This is a wonderfully fluent release of seven tracks, and that is as it should be, as SAPTA means seven, and many of the pieces also relate to personal moments of spiritual enlightenment for the artist too. One must also give a tip of the hat to the musicians whom also appear on this release, and on keyboards we find George Landress, on flute its Shashank Acharya and on violin Manas Kumar.

Personal favourites of mine, and maybe you as well eager listener are here, and we can enjoy uplifting pieces like Gayatri Mantra, a piece that I have found that brings great balance and calm whilst listening to its harmonics, the performance by the artists here are nothing less that spectacular in its manifestation, but utterly respectful at its conclusion.

Then we can sample the delights of arrangements like Om Namah Shivaya, probably one of the most well-known pieces off the album, but easily one of the most hypnotic in its intention, I listened to this whole track several times before I had realised I had stopped writing and completely drifted off, this is easily one of the most emotive and empowering tracks off the release, a song to bring peace from stress and allows us to focus, bringing our energy back to the one, this is one of those compositions that you could listen to on repeat for hours and not even notice.

I felt deeply moved by this album, and I personally feel it is one of the best of its kind for over 20 years at least. SAPTA: The Seven Ways by Radhika Vekaria is an open door to a blissful album of sacred and heart felt spiritual mantras, and within the magic of the performance and her intent of openness, Vekaria has made this special music totally accessible to all who have an open heart, an open mind and a willing ear.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

The Canyons and Mesas of Bandelier By Jill Haley

The Canyons and Mesas of Bandelier


Jill Haley

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have long been an admirer of the works and compositions of Jill Haley, her style and graphic portraits of the national parks have had me spell bound for years now, and thankfully I have a new album to drift into entitled The Canyons and Mesas of Bandelier, another glorious musical step into the wilderness of beauty with the artist.

The first footfalls of this tentative yet striking musical journey start with the reflective and emotive composition of Plaintive Cavate Melody. This mood filled opus brings you to the very doorstep of the region; it’s heartfelt and is the perfect starting arrangement for our sojourn in nature.

The subtle bird sounds greet our journey into this next piece called Frijoles Canyon Awakens. Its dawn and the birds dance with the mood creating piano of the artist. Each and every track of this album is a soundscape to a moment in time, and this early morning reverie is a wonderfully bright and radiant offering.

Ecotone is a traditional stamping ground for the genius that is Jill Haley; she is joined by the talented Graham Cullen on Cello and this symbiotic partnership manifests a track that builds upon each passing measure, each passing note, and creates a lush and wonderfully textured composition.

The piano of Haley builds an empowering scene on this next track entitled Fantastical Formations. One can visualise through the performance a rugged landscape, many multi-faceted outcrops and sights that allow the artistic mind to create its art. The construct of this track is sublime with its woodwind and piano partnerships.

The guitar of David Cullen is heard on the offering Vista at Valles Caldera and matched with the piano we have a creation here that is both addictive and compelling. There is also a sense of suspense built in here that is idyllic as well; the woodwinds of Haley make this, such a pictorial delight to bathe within.

As we arrive at the midway point of the album we come across a track entitled Alcove House Ascent. Haley’s proficiency with a multitude of instrumentation creates a slow but ever onward track that offers up much for the listener to walk with, the sublime care and attention to detail here, along with the gentle build and progression of this arrangement was something to really enjoy.

The aerial energies of this composition were strong and very enjoyable indeed, as we glide with the offering Kaleidoscope Flight. Jill’s skills as a multi-instrumentalist, whether it is oboe, English horn or piano are simply idyllic, and here on this track they truly raise the energy of the moment for us all to enjoy.

There is a different energy in this next piece entitled Tsankawi Footpaths, the intensity of the moment and the vibrancy of onward movement can be found here, and depict a wonderfully fluent piece of instrumental delight; we could easily be traversing those footpaths on a glorious sun kissed afternoon, in a piece that is utterly packed with energy and life.

Once more we switch moods and enter into the dark realms of a night time sojourn with the track entitled Parajito Moonglow. The depth of composition here is so palpable, that one could reach out and simply touch the moment through the skill set of Haley’s talents. The mood is once more idyllically created by the artist’s ever safe hands on our musical tiller.

Cullen returns on guitar for the next track called Gratitude for the CCC. The steady and progressive tones manifest a vast soundscape for us to all enjoy, the creation of an album of this style is like a veritable scrapbook of musical memories to look back upon, and although I have never been there, The Canyons and Mesas of Bandelier have been brought to life vicariously by the artist to allow me to do so in music.

Our penultimate offering is called The Delight Makers, this is a fascinating track for me as so many genres were crossed here in my view, there is a little pertinent percussion curtesy of Tony Deangelis, and this adds a crafted energy of rhythm to the proceedings, and sets us up beautifully for the parting gift of the album.

That last creation is now upon us and called Burnt Mesa, Haley builds upon a powerful piano here, for us to enjoy this one final concluding piece, and thus finishes with a flourish, and as we had the perfect starting track with Plaintive Cavate Melody, we are gifted the idyllic ending with Burnt Mesa.

The Canyons and Mesas of Bandelier by Jill Haley, is another simply perfect soundscape of graphic creations by the artist. Here is an artist, who has a rare gift and it is an honour for her to share this talent and skill set with us, the ever eager listener. The multi-instrumental nature of this album and theme makes this an absolute fine example of what truly great contemporary instrumental music should sound like.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Reclining By Stephen Weber




Stephen Weber

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Reclining is the latest single by musician Stephen Weber and is one of the finest examples of ambient solo piano I have heard for quite a while. I spent a wonderful Wednesday afternoon listening to this on repeat, and it allowed a beautiful sense of freedom and relaxation to enter into my life.

This performance is like waking to the sun streaming in through the bedroom window on a lazy Sunday morning; it is as easy and as laid back as an April afternoon is on the heart of the artist’s palette.

This maybe a short form musical narrative, but it is most certainly one solo piano performance I shall remember fondly for many years to come.

Østmarka - Morning Fog By Fawaris


Østmarka - Morning Fog



Written by

Steve Sheppard


I could wax lyrically on the artistic qualities of a good morning fog for ages, the pastel nature of this most artistic of nature’s gifts is something quite beautiful and mysterious, which indeed is also accurate statement for this solo piano composition by Fawaris, entitled of course, Østmarka - Morning Fog.

The delicate performance here by the artist literally paints us a picture of that moment in time, and we can hover with the mists whilst listening to this truly floating moment of piano magic; the sublime pristine textures are wonderfully crafted, so much so, that it is a veritable water colour of a morning fog in tone and sound and classy piano.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond By Laomainn


The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond



Written by

Steve Sheppard


I remember performing this song some…., well a long while ago, whilst studying guitar at college in the late 70’s, and here in 2021, The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond arrives before me from the artist known as Laomainn.

The whole song and interpretation has been given a makeover and has a lush acoustic feel to it, bringing a much needed freshness to the composition, the whistle and acoustic guitar combination has a nice Celtic resonance, and Laomainn’s vocals gift us something of an added texture to the song, one that should appeal to all of those who love this piece and wish to explore its natural historical values once more.



Monday, March 15, 2021

Serenata By Gregg Karukas




Gregg Karukas

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are moments in time when you really need to be lifted into a better frame of mind and sometimes, just sometimes, it will be music that will help you get there, this was the case for me this sombre Monday morning in March, when the refrains of the quite tranquil, yet deeply pleasing album entitled Serenata by Gregg Karukas lifted my mood and raised my spirits.

Gregg’s slice of piano heaven is a jam packed 15 track album of beautiful layered and textured offerings, that are all undeniably lush and beautiful. The opening piece is a fine example of that charm, as we can enjoy the first footsteps of the album with the warm and all-embracing opener Travessia.

My personal favourite from the release would be the title track Serenata, the lightness of performance and the melody together for me was a touch of magic from beyond the supposed limits of brilliance, and reminded me greatly of classic David Lanz at times.

With emotive and thoughtful offerings like Better Days or the colourful refrains of pieces like O Cantador, this album was always going to be a hit from start to finish; those who love to sit and bathe within the realms of a collection of a solo piano master class will love tracks like the touching and classy Historia Antiga, or perhaps the gentle and serene offering known as Lament (Final Embrace), a piece with a sombre, but reflective and emotional composition, one that will touch the musical heart with ease.

Serenata by Gregg Karukas is a fine collection of wondrous solo piano compositions, it is a musical tale told by one, to be felt, touched and listened to by many.

No less than 15 opportunities lay within the dimension of piano heaven, and each one of them can be sampled willingly many times over, this timeless manifestation of heartfelt moments of solo piano genius, have raised the bar in the ranks of this genre by a mile, and as such should be a huge hit for the artist should there be any justice left in this musical world of ours.


Just Before Dawn By Cathy Oakes


Just Before Dawn


Cathy Oakes

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The touch of a calming hand is at the wheel of this brand new single by Cathy Oakes entitled Just Before The Dawn, the gentle performance is cinematic but heartfelt, this is a true artists empathy at work here, Oakes feels each and every note played, and lives within the inspiration that has provided this moment.

For many of us we will know of the quote of English theologian Thomas Fuller, 'The darkest hour is just before the dawn’ this has been used quite extensively with view to the end of the pandemic, and one can truly take from that narrative, and this most amazing symphonic piano performance by Cathy Oakes, that this is a slice of music that truly does represent that hopeful moment. Oakes should be applauded for gifting to the world a moment of musical optimism to hold onto.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Freedom's Children By Kimberly Haynes


Freedom's Children


Kimberly Haynes

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The build and progression in this latest single by Kimberly Haynes is simply fantastic, it has a lush light rock element, a fun and light hearted reverie, and a power supply all of its own.

The title does exactly what it says on the can, and I so very much liked the lyric “We are freedom’s children’s, a united kingdom of souls” that alone is sublime.

So here we have it, this single could easily be the anthem to raise the rhythm of our souls after this pandemic, after all it is music like this, and it is performances like this, that gives us all something we most desperately need, hope! Beautifully done Kimberly Haynes, this must be a sure fire guaranteed hit.

Grant Us Peace By Kimberly Haynes


Grant Us Peace


Kimberly Haynes

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Sometimes you need to be in the right energy of the moment to truly get the most out of a song, today I was plum right in the centre spot of that positivity field, and Grant Us Peace would resonate in my world and create a sense of calm and tranquillity like never before.

The gentle and pristine vocals from Haynes were so deeply moving, the chimes, bowls and extremely delicate instrumentation harmonised perfectly with the lyrics of balance and peace, and brought forward one of the most inspiring and uplifting and serene offerings I have heard in this style for quite a few years.

My Brother's Keeper By Kimberly Haynes


My Brother's Keeper


Kimberly Haynes

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This beautiful song by artiste Kimberly Haynes has such a delightful message contained within, which reminds me of an old Four Tops song, Am I My Brothers Keepers? Yes I am. The words say it all, we need to have a oneness of spirit, and we need it right now!

My Brother’s Keeper is a powerful song sung sublimely by Hayne’s, who at times reminds me of Carly Simon in texture, which indeed cannot be a bad thing, and this singles anthem styled nature is packed with a true emotive soul, and for that alone should be applauded.

Pisces By Joseph Sullinger




Joseph Sullinger

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are certain artists, who can produce one idyllic track after another, and you are simply in a state of bliss when listening to them, Jospeh Sullinger is one said artist, his performances on acoustic guitar are always so heart felt and passionate.

The textures with which the artist creates this latest offering Pisces is sublime, the smoothness of style and the delicate weave of an emotive narrative, all manifested in such a beautiful artistic way, and so redolent of the subject matter of the water sign it takes its name from; Sullinger must be on for a big hit with this new single.

Friday, March 5, 2021

The Infinite Between Us By Josefine & Trine Opsahl


The Infinite Between Us


Josefine & Trine Opsahl

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The combination of harp and cello has never been felt with such deep passion as on this latest creation by mother and daughter act Josefine & Trine Opsahl, on their latest manifestation The Infinite Between Us.

From the very first composition we are treated to one of the most gentle and caring releases of the year with the opening piece Lightly Dance into the Morning, this is a true acoustic reverie of waking to a blessed and beautiful new day, one manifested wonderfully by the pairing.

This 12 track release is packed with offerings that simply thrill the imaginations of the ever eager listener; one of my personal favourites would be The Journey and the Dream. This timeless wonderment struck many an emotive chord for me, and brought back many dreams of happy days in nature with my father and grandfather, the power of music is such a powerful medium.

The symbiotic performances on this release are utterly translucent and totally captivating, and tracks like Close your Eyes and Fall in Love, make you feel simply grateful to be alive, this warm and unconditionally caring manifestation was so deeply beautiful, the movement of both cello and harp create such a sensitive refrain for us all to enjoy.

Even the mysterious energies of song writing are explored through the piece Eternity in a Song, this fairy like opus is akin to stepping into a whole new natural realm and feeling the warmth and safety of its surroundings, it is tracks like this, that emphasise the utter genius of symbiosis of a musical partnership here.

The Infinite Between Us by Josefine & Trine Opsahl is a work of art that transcends beauty as it pulls back the layers of perception, and allows us to swim within the waters of some of the most beautiful acoustic music I have heard for many years. The Infinite Between Us by Josefine & Trine Opsahl is exactly what truly good instrumental music should be all about.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

New Dreams By Angelo Nicola Giuliano


New Dreams


Angelo Nicola Giuliano

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is something quite haunting yet embracing about the latest single entitled New Dreams by pianist Angelo Nicola Giuliano. The steady progression on piano is like scenes from the past being replayed to an empty audience, in an old ghostly and dusty cinema, that has long since been forgotten.

The artist has a wonderful ability to create memory filled passages of tone, and manifest them into a track that simply won’t be forgotten, partly because of its beauty and partly because of the tender and artistic performance by Angelo Nicola Giuliano.