Tuesday, April 23, 2024

She's So Sweet By Keith Fiala


She's So Sweet


Keith Fiala

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This composition has to be the most unique I have reviewed for quite some time, as I listen to the smooth vibrancy of Jazz musician Keith Fiala and his brand new offering entitled She’s So Sweet. This has a quality about it that is incredibly addictive.

This multi-instrumental new release contains a range of keyboards, pertinent percussion, and of course the extremely sweet Trumpet of Fiala, the slow build and progression is a real treat here and for me it reminds me of many journey’s and places I have travelled, driving through the night, past the city lights, the tempo, the pace and the steady onward energy gives me such fond recollections.

The huge symbol in the middle of this piece was cleverly placed as was the spoken audio that went with it, and then we were off again on an ever on going journey of instrumental magic from the artist. A sublime chord progression and a pastiche of textures and tonal brilliance can all be found within this new release from Fiala.

She's So Sweet by Keith Fiala is a smooth ride of wonderful colours and is a tapestry of charm and a composition of chilled contentment, this is one of those tracks to press play to at the end of your day while you wind down with a delicious coffee, and simply breathe in the moment.

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