Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Spirit By Peter Calandra




Peter Calandra

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Peter Calandra has been responsible for so much great music over the years; I first came into contact with the artist back in 2014 and his outstanding Inner Circle album. Today I am happy to say another chapter can be written in the ever manifesting musical book of the artist, with the release of his latest album entitled Spirit.

The opening is sublime and I am also glad to say is the title track Spirit. This soulful offering sets the scene for the entire album with a classy refrain on piano, and a soft yet blissful texture hovering in the background of the arrangement.

This whole album is heaven sent, he even takes us back to his youth with classics like Layla; who can ever forget the full version of the song and the ending segment, and here Calandra does it justice beyond the years and produces one of the sweetest versions of all time.

All of the positive aspects of really good instrumental music can be found here, an example of which can be found on the track Fading Memories, a more ambient construct, but one with a delightfully crafted piano and synth feel to its arrangement.

Whilst on offerings like The Weight, one could easily imagine sitting in a piano bar listening to the man on the keys create such a beautiful sense of calm and serenity to unwind your day of tribulations, while the multi-instrumental delight of pieces like Thankful are a musical sanctuary of total contentment, a multi-textured layered offering with ethereal piano to increase its overall essence.

This is indeed a remarkably artistic release and a well thought-out album from the artist, one that concludes with the soft solo piano of Spring Hope, another folk styled soul filled moment of musical magic, and then flowing naturally into a reprise of the opening composition and title track Spirit.

Each and every listener should enjoy this heart felt moment of honesty with composer and performer Peter Calandra on this his latest release Spirit. Regardless of your location on the globe, this is one of those albums that instantly brings a soothing sense of peace from its opening to its concluding notes, and is indeed one of the finest examples of instrumental piano work I have heard this year, as such I have a feeling that it should do remarkably well on the charts, and within the hearts and minds of the ever eager listener.

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