Thursday, April 18, 2024

Everything We Live For By David Clavijo


Everything We Live For


David Clavijo

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is very passionate new release from multi-instrumentalist David Clavijo, whether on guitar or piano David’s professionalism and his flair for producing quality instrumental music stands strong. Here on his brand new single entitled Everything We Live For, he perhaps reminds us of how much gratitude we should have for the world we live on, but also remind us that life and its tides of existence, is something that is shared by us all.

The flow and sublime tempo with which the pianist performs here is literally unstoppable, but even so Clavijo still is able to mould colours, and textures into a tapestry of great beauty and fervour. This is a masterful presentation, filled full of intensity, passion and dedication.

The subtle musical narrative in the pieces inception leads us into a veritable whirlwind of a performance; this would certainly be one amazing composition to see played live, but there are also moments of pause, to ponder perhaps, to reflect, and then we are off once more to its dramatic, but charming conclusion.

Everything We Live For by David Clavijo is a power piece, it is a single of perhaps philosophical significance, one that may assist us in uniting as a species, as humanity, just to go simply into the day with the flow of life, this performance does that perfectly, and is indeed some of the most fluent solo piano I have heard this year with ease.  

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