Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Seeker By Bob Yonker


The Seeker


Bob Yonker

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Bob has been on my musical radar from 2019, and each time a new album is released we get another compilation of superior solo piano music that is not only beautiful, but artistically crafted, and one that contains a lake full of serenity and tone. So Bob Yonker is back with another new release entitled The Seeker, and we can be reassured with the knowledge that his course is still set fair, and into a land of tranquil descriptive piano music like never before.

The opening though has to be my favourite piece of Bobs so far and called Breath Of Spirit, this is one of those timeless reveries that you never wish to end, in fact it moved me so much I have now played it three times alone, sorry make that four, the soft chords and notes grow and fall back like a summer tide, the misty thoughtful and reflective nuances within this track make it my personal favourite from the album, it is beautifully meditative in the best possible way.

The release itself contains 12 bliss solo piano compositions; there are pieces like An Inner Peace, a composition that allows you to draw an extra breath and enjoy the moment, the repeating motif here is charming and the melody even sweeter. There are also many cheer filled moments on offerings like The Clouds Lift, a composition that would perhaps make a good television show theme, and the ebullient Journey To Joy.

There are segments of memory that move like a spring stream within this new release, the freedom of tracks like Waterfall, a simple, yet pleasing creation, and the most charming of all, another personal favourite of mine in the stunning River Of Grace, a track that reminded me of my friend David Lanz, that magical and lyrical flow is there, this one piece would make a superb single, it has a sense of the dramatic, but holds itself within its confines so very beautifully and is an absolute charmer.

The concluding offering is called Homecoming and if ever a track did in tone exactly what the title offers then this is it, a warm hug of a composition lays here, whilst our concluding arrangement Crystalline gifts us a moment to reflect and take in our musical journey with the artist, its pristine and careful nature allows us to float with grace, and be grateful for what we have just listened to.

I feel I have to say that The Seeker by Bob Yonker is the best work of the artist thus far; each track is carefully created to bring the optimum peace and tranquillity to the listeners mind heart and soul, with ease this is one of the most creative solo piano albums I have heard this year, and is a total pleasure to listen to, I feel certain that others will agree with me, and send The Seeker by Bob Yonker sailing up the charts, where it absolutely deserves.

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