Friday, June 30, 2023

Land of Ice By Lorna James


Land of Ice


Lorna James

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Lorna James has fast become one of the most exciting new prospects on the instrumental music scene to date, her compositions range from solo piano, electronic and ambient, and now she can add Chillout to that ever growing recipe of brilliance, with her latest single Land Of Ice.

Here Lorna embraces the dance ethic inside her vibe, and brings forth a song not only redolent of the subject matter, but one that reminds me of Kevin Kendle’s side step into the chilled beat genre on the Buddha Bar collections.

Lorna truly creates a magical touch here, as each note played gives us as listeners an icy panorama, her keyboards then fill up the composition with a vibrant power beat, and the percussive dance and chilled energy with the vocalisations, must surely make this a sure fire winner in this ever growing instrumental singles realm.

Urban Call By Heidi Breyer


Urban Call


Heidi Breyer

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Heidi Breyer is one of the finest examples of impressionists in the world of solo piano, each of her manifestations have a wonderful descriptive narrative about their purpose, and each has its own pictorial tale to tell, here on Urban Call we can watch the sun rise over the cityscapes in what is a wonderfully fluent and exciting piece.

Heidi’s gentle but intent filled start is something to enjoy, one can feel the day about to literally burst into life through her composition, and then slowly her melodic structures begin switching each and every nuance of urban life on, as we gather energy for another day in the hustle and bustle of city life.

This in my view is the best from Heidi Breyer’s single exploits, a song that flourishes, gains momentum, has intensity, texture and colour, then to conclude pulls back and softly caresses the night, as the blinds come down on another day. A perfect execution of a theme and a song, from a woman who clearly has her muse working overtime, this is solo piano at its very best and should be right up on their on your musical playlist of must haves.

Night By Antonija Pacek




Antonija Pacek

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Antonija Pacek has been a name that has been a constant companion musically for me throughout the years of the pandemic; music is indeed a panacea, one that creates images and healing as it goes, here Antonija delivers a vast body of work to her fans and listeners entitled Night, and within the constraints of this new album we find some of the most tender and touching material from the artist yet.

So let’s now start this journey through a piano based wonderland with the artist now, and our first few explorative steps are taken with the piece Night. This quite beautiful piano performance has passion, emotional, tension and a fluency of tone and timbre like few openers these days have, and I must say this is a sublime start to this musical journey indeed.

Antonija follows that moving opus up with one of the finest piano pieces I think I have heard this year with, To You. Here we hear artistry in motion, we feel the emotive resonances of her performance; when I first heard the tones of this track it was an instant like, and I fell in love within seconds with what is a truly beautiful composition.

Awakening is film score standard, this song is a wondrous manifestation of sound and vibrations, the orchestral elements are beautifully arranged, and once more the musician has brought to us a composition of  pure class, one that is bathed in a stunning light of performance so grand and empowering.

Felt piano is a difficult medium to use, but Pacek does a wonderful job on the next two pieces, which are indeed both of the Felt variety in Hopeful and Touch. Her technique and eventual soundings are pretty perfect, with the melody being the prime mover in both pieces.

When we arrive at the track Grace my cup runs over with joy, this is solo piano at its very best, fluency, a textured performance, one with colours and energies of utter tranquillity and calm, all abound within this powerful yet tender creation.

The light hearted qualities of this next track are cleverly presented on the song A Child's Game; yes this is a composition that does what it says on the can, but here is an arrangement that contains so much inside, the gentleness of presentation contains a confidence of what may lay ahead.

We can now move to a tribute manifestation as we listen to For Alina, this happy refrain flows like a crisp mountain stream in March, whilst drifting into the following track entitled Like a Bird, here I believe that Pacek has achieved the energy of one of our winged creatures, through her aspects of musical freedom, that one will find within this track, at times anthem like, but joyous and simply unchained in a beautiful melodious fashion.

The sadness of this next piece is almost palpable and called Sky's Crying. The more I listen to this Felt piece, the more I remember days of my own sadness, as I wallowed in the mists of suffering, as grey skies loomed and tears fell in cascades from the clouds above, but things change, they always do, however this stunning reverie is incredibly composed and performed.

The perfect piece ends the album, well in a fashion, but I will explain briefly, however here lays a track that somehow seemed familiar to me and called Thank You. Music does that to us from time to time, it touches parts that have remained dormant, only waiting for the right chord vibration or tone to resurrect them into your life once again, never the less, this delightful composition was the perfect one with which to end the album with.

Now a brief explanation to my aforementioned statement about ending the album, because after Thank You will find no less than 6 bonus tracks to enjoy, making this an amazing 17 track compilation of creative genius, the said compositions you will already have heard on the release, but performed in alternate styles.

Night by Antonija Pacek is one of those piano based albums you really don’t want to let slip through your fingers, her presentations, performances and compositions are truly magnificent, her ability to manifest pure emotion from the piano is magical and simply wonderful be a part of as a listener, and as such this album is a world, a realm of music and emotion that is all too easy to get lost within. With ease Night by Antonija Pacek is the artists best work by far, and a voyage of fascination and feelings that any listener would be more than happy to be a part of.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Across the Sky/Peace and Power By James Marienthal


Across the Sky/Peace and Power


James Marienthal

Written by

Steve Sheppard


James Marienthal has a wonderful talent for creating sensitive and meaningful music on his instrument of choice the flute. This sombre and mournful new single entitled Across The Sky/Peace and Power is a tribute to his passed inspiration, the Native American vocalist Joanne Shenandoah.

Here is a suite of emotive importance, indeed what could be more important than wishes of global peace, love and respect, what makes this special for me is the compositional structure of the song, while Marienthal’s flute is indeed mournful, the entire arrangement is doubly so, especially utilising the angelic and ethereal sounds and vocalisations contained within, one can easily drift into a blissful reverie with this release, it’s also not too hard to imagine Joanne’s voice calling out across the multi-dimensional universe for us to all enjoy and hear.

The Colorado based flautist has really brought his A game with this release, its soft sensitive presentation is a delight, and the overall construction of such a respectful narrative will go onward for eons, cementing the Joanne Shenandoah legacy by manifesting into this world an utterly beautiful performance with the piece, Across the Sky/Peace and Power.

Regrets of Youth By Victor Birkan


Regrets of Youth


Victor Birkan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Now here is a subject we could all probably relate to, for years I had regretted many choices I had made in my life, but now I’ve turned that around, for without those mistakes I would not be the person I am today, and live the beautiful life I do now, lessons had and have been learned.

Her Birkan creates a sound track for the past using felt piano, one that moves like waves on a deep dark ocean as it reflects on past regrets, Birkan is a wizard of mood, reflection and retrospection, and here on this brand new single he falls right into the amazing groove and vibe he has created lately.

Regrets of Youth by Victor Birkan has a softness of approach, a forgiving tone of comfort, and his performance also gives the listener one thing that all of humanity desires in hope. The light flourishing keys and notes towards the end of this new single bring us home to a place of acknowledgement and acceptance. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Holding This Moment By Ryan Judd


Holding This Moment


Ryan Judd

Written by

Steve Sheppard


For those who have been a fan of the rising star of guitar of Ryan Judd over the last few years, well you are going to be delighted with his latest creation called Holding This Moment, a fine explorative journey of a slow tempo and meditative finger styled guitar.

Ryan has been climbing the stairway to heavenly musical expressions for a few years now, and each and every piece has that dream like quality you could get lost within, however here on his latest single Holding This Moment we have a more precise composition.

Judd’s wonderfully meditative technique takes a healing approach to acoustic guitar music, what is so very impressive about this piece is that the artists title is also a difficult meditational technique, to find a wondrous moment within meditation, and then hold onto it, and here we have Judd creating the perfect delicate and careful musical arrangement for that very occasion.

There can be no doubt that Judd is becoming one of the finest ambient guitarists around today, and in doing so is gifting each and every listener an instant of utter beauty, which should give you more than enough reason to make Holding The Moment by Ryan Judd part of your life as well.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Cranes in the Moonlight By James Filkins


Cranes in the Moonlight


James Filkins

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There was a time I played guitar, I used to make it sing to the day, create harmonics that floated on musical clouds, and ushered forth tones that allowed the dusk to drift into night, those days I miss, but I have become busy at other things, so until those days of retirement that hover on the horizon come, I will travel vicariously on the string vibrations of artists like James Filkins and his brilliant brand new album Cranes in the Moonlight.

If composition one is anything to go by that journey is going to be a very graceful one, as the following track proudly carries me away with smoothness unbound and an unchained cadence. Unfettered is a really good name for this song, as there is a lush symbiosis of major and minor here that creates a simple yet utter beauty.

Cranes in the Moonlight is our title header and its crisp melodic short form narrative pulls us to a scene where we can watch nature unfurl in all its glory, the presentation contains crane sounds and this interpretation gifts us musical imagery to enjoy a happy dance of this most graceful bird.

I have to say that this is a rare title, and a first as we now listen to When your Wife Travels to Italy, however this beautifully fluent composition is a track that indeed has a European motif to its manifestation, one that is so rich in tone and texture, the inclusion of Jess Townsend on violin and Alex Somov on accordion manifests a romantic energy that in turn brings forth a mysterious yet harmonious musical reality, one bathed in a little emotional yearning as well.

Earthbound is Filkins on home territory, with acoustic guitar in hand he creates a piece that literally walks us through the woods, whether they be long and deep or not, the performance here is up-tempo yet reflective and has a mood of an explorative nature about its creation.

Filkins like me, is very inspired by the beauty of nature, landscapes and locations, and on Good Harbor Bay we have a prime example of that inspiration, the added flute of Luis Vilca was a move of sheer genius as it added a whole new musical dimension to the track, with a slight jazzy global fusion of a composition being manifested, one that at times reminded me of the work of Ian Anderson and his Secret Language of Birds album from 2000.

To say this next offering would be artistic beyond belief would be using a very poor pun, especially when I tell you the tile is Van Gogh & Picasso: A conversation. However this is one of my personal favourites from the album as the interplay here by Filkins and his guitar create a juxtaposition of musical cleverness, as the guitar itself becomes both artists in a back and forth, perhaps over a coffee discussing the ideologies of surrealism over post impressionism perhaps, the performance here was wonderfully crafted and never have harmonics fitted so well into a musical conversation.

Poplars in the Wind is Filkins once again being at his most descriptive, the beauty of a guitar is that you can literally take it under a tree play, feeling the energy of the moment, this gentle solo structure is idyllic in that aspect and gratefully received.

Then came along a track that grabbed hold of my imagination and never left, this sublime moment of beauty is called Gray Sky Over Port Oneida, this pictorial delight was beautifully inter-woven by utilising a multi-instrumental approach, the solemnness of the overhanging greyness of the sky, and the empty beach is all there for us to enjoy a moment of solitude with.

As we move ever onwards we come across a piece called Brothers, we have here a wonderful mix of guitars and tone, a vibrational pastiche of crafted skill, one that moves us with a gentle hand into the following piece entitled Forgiveness, another expressive opus, where a soft and gentle aspect of sincerity can found with this most delicate of productions.

Our penultimate composition is entitled Life on the 45th Parallel, this is indeed an expression of Filkins location, so I just had to look it up, and it looks like I live on the 35th Parallel and closer to the equator. However this is one of the most charming and laid back tracks from the album, one could easily put your feet up to this with a hot coffee and enjoy the day unfurl.

The final gift from James Filkins is entitled Mercy Dropeth Like Rain,  here great calm and beauty can be found in abundance, the electric guitar joins the acoustic and creates magic in a final parting gift of great quality.

Cranes in the Moonlight by James Filkins has energized me into picking up my guitars once again, they can be a cooling comfort on the balcony during our extremely hot summers. Here for the listener, what Filkins does so well is to take them to each moment, each location, and each natural landscape, leave them for a while and move then once more onward. This album is truly a must have for anyone that adores truly good instrumental music with a view; this is indeed top stuff.

Friday, June 23, 2023

Remember Your Dream By Silvia Blaser


Remember Your Dream


Silvia Blaser

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Silvia Blaser as a performer and musician has been literally knocking the ball out of the park recently with her stunning compositions, I firmly believe that when you get in the right mode, it’s easier to stick with it and go with the flow, and her flute compositions lately have been some of the best I have heard, and her latest double single Remember Your Dream can be counted as one of those aforementioned creations.

The lush, colourful and textured opening is simply idyllic, her flute is the magic wand that manifests each passing measure, through her compositions one can feel bathed in a sun kissed moment of utter beauty, and if this reverie could last for eternity, it would be heavenly and never enough. Now this is a double single, and they are almost identical Remember being the first track and Your Dream the second, which is a little windier than the first and is played more in the upper register and mixed as if they were a conversation.

Blaser as a flute player and composer is one of the best around, her accomplishments are going to grow, the awards will come, and those who do know of her music, and those who will come to know her work, will feel all the better for it. Remember Your Dream is a slow moving opus of calm just waiting to be loved, a new release that offers an ocean of serenity for its listeners.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Peaceful Walk in the Forest By RAF21


Peaceful Walk in the Forest



Written by

Steve Sheppard


This for me has to be the best example of a new age single I have heard this year with ease. In one opening phrase RAF21 sums up the scene, really good new age music has to take you there, for me, I am in the forest, it’s very early morning, and the hovering intensity of the artist’s work illustrates a slow but glorious sunrise, one soon to be sun manifested in a sun kissed meadow.

Peaceful Walk in the Forest by RAF21 is a masterful pastiche of synths and keyboards, bringing together some of the most harmonious and calming music possible. There is a delicate gentleness as well about this beautiful new single that I also adore, this faultless progression through a serene landscape is just utterly idyllic; what the artist does so well here is to create a wonderfully slow procession over a backdrop of natural sounds, without the need for overly complicated melodies or crescendos.

Peaceful Walk in the Forest by RAF21 is a harmonious picturesque creation of a tranquil reality and after playing this song now no less than 5 times, I think I will upgrade my aforementioned comment, and state that I do believe that this may well be the finest new age styled single I have ever listened too. You would do yourself a disservice by not buying it immediately. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Nocturne in Blue By Michael Hoppé


Nocturne in Blue


Michael Hoppé

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have been privileged over the years to have been bathed in the delightful tones of various Michael Hoppé creations, one of which was so powerful and emotive that I used it regularly to open one of my very early radio shows, (This Majestic Land). Here today some 10 years, later I am privileged once again to this time review the latest works from the grand master of orchestral and cinematic genius, and his latest moment of inspiration in the release of the album Nocturne in Blue.

Michael Hoppé is a composer of some of the most tender and meaningful creations around today and this new release is abundant with them, for example the very opening piece Nocturne in Blue (Cello & Orchestra) is a perfect introduction to the beauty that will follow, the charming strings of the cello pull the listener into a warm caress of comforting music.

The following musical narrative is deeply emotive and wonderfully powerful, and brings to the forefront the illegal invasion of Russia into Ukraine, the violin here is some of the most moving that I have heard for many years, one can see, feel and hear the suffering of the innocent through the tones and vibrations alone, on Dreaming in Blue and Yellow.

Another single follows the aforementioned one and I must say I believe Love Remains to be one of the finest compositions ever from Michael, its delivers a cinematic moment, but done so with so much textured colour and tenderness, one could imagine a love scene playing out in the movies or even in real life while this beautiful piece plays, this is Hoppé at his very best indeed.

Nocturne in Blue by Michael Hoppé is a stunning 13 track release that also offers a few different versions of previous tracks like a solo piano version of Dreaming in Yellow and Blue, and two fascinating versions of Love Remains, one cello and piano, and the other a simple straightforward solo piano manifestation for your delight.

The choice is also yours on the title track too, with two further different creations of the title header Nocturne in Blue, with a solo piano version, and what I must say is a quite breath taking violin and keyboards arrangement: one must say that the artist and composer has certainly covered all the bases here.

Compositions like Obsession (Violin & Keyboards) have that little extra intensity and an elevated modernistic essence into the weave of the piece too, while arrangements like Siempre (Forever) adds a romantic Spanish flavour into the proceedings, allowing for the project to be wrapped up perfectly with the crafted and emotional creation entitled Fryderyk’s Lament (Piano & Keyboards). We can also take our hats off to violinist David Mendoza, Cellists Kristian Chernev, Gloria Kim, pianist Sehwan Park and of course vocalist Emiliano Cadena, all added so many textures and flavours for this beautiful compilation of musical creations.

Nocturne in Blue by Michael Hoppé is a release of perfection by a man totally in harmony with his muse, his skill set of compositional structures, and his passion for manifesting some of the most emotional music ever into our realm. Nocturne in Blue by Michael Hoppé isn’t just a really good album, it should be labelled as required listening, as an example of some of the finest neo classical works around today.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Fly High By James Asher


Fly High


James Asher

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This new song by James Asher has to be one the his most emotive and moving pieces for some time, it is a testimonial to a lady in DJ Thornton, who like me was a radio host, sadly she has passed away recently, but James remembers her fondly, and Fly High explores that connection between musician and communicator.

There can be no doubt now that Asher’s career has notched up a gear or two in the last year, and is just off the back off a huge hit with Egyptian Halo, but this multi-instrumental composition is truly something spectacular and incredibly reflective.

James has been producing high quality music for some years now, and across a multitude of genres, but since embracing this relatively new singles culture he has gone onward in leaps and bounds, and this new single is another step up the ladder of musical awareness and success.

Fly High is a piece that is a wonderfully fluent instrumental creation, one that could easily fit into either the contemporary instrumental genre or even new age, and without doubt I truly believe that a big hit is on the cards for this one, DJ would have spun this new single with a smile on her face, a classy new creation indeed from James Asher

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Sailing to a Sunset By Suzanne Herman


Sailing to a Sunset


Suzanne Herman

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Suzanne Herman is a wonderful pianist, she is one of a few pianists who can literally take me to a location through her music, and allow me to thoroughly enjoy the experience through her crafted presentations. Here on her brand new single entitled Sailing to a Sunset, we have just that and more.

However I never expected the emotional response my mind would give me during a most emotive listening experience, until I realised that although I live on the other side of the world, the sunsets of both Cyprus and Florida are very similar, it is a time each day when people simply stop in their tracks for around half an hour, and watch a beautiful orange orb disappear below the oceanic horizon, memorized in beauty.

This new single for me was and in fact is an anthem for that moment, and I would go as far to say that Suzanne’s sublime piano performance is a reminder to us all to stop and appreciate our lives and our planet, so we can literally drink in the gratitude and that moment.

Her presentation is a moving opus of piano brilliance, she paints the sunset, she manifests tones that show the gentle moment of the sun, and the changing textures of the sky, and her manifestation brings that all together in a melodic and incredibly emotional arrangement. This folks is descriptive piano music at its very best, this is most certainly one you really should not miss at all costs.

Dreams and Reality By Victor Birkan


Dreams and Reality


Victor Birkan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It’s time once again to go on a musical journey of fascination with pianist Victor Birkan, this time to a place I know only too well, the land of night time reveries, and we can do this via his latest single entitled Dreams and Reality. Dreams are machinations of the mind, a veritable cinematic cacophony of images and memories from within.

This, one has to state, is a fine representation of a night time perambulation, through the skill set of Birkan’s artistic brilliance, we can walk the misty halls of many fantasies, we can turn each musty corner with trepidation and intrigue, and then awaken to a reality that bears simply no juxtaposition with the dream itself.

Victor Birkan is master craftsman of his art, he without doubt is a producer of some of the finest cinematic story telling piano narratives around; I could listen to this man for hours and still be enthralled, as I hope you will be with Dreams and Reality the latest single by Victor Birkan.

Tuscany by Andrea Sertori




Andrea Sertori

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This new single by Andrea Sertori takes me to a blissful place in central Italy, a country I am close to, and one that is most certainly on my list of places to visit, but until that time arrives I can travel vicariously through the medium of music with pianist Andrea Sertori and his brand new single Tuscany.

Sertori is a fine pianist and in my view, one who is improving with each release. His music has been somewhat of an emotional attachment for me during the recent pandemic, music always helps you through.

Here the artist paints a picture of this beautiful region, one steeped in culture and historical energies. Sertori’s piano performances are like watching a master painter create, you are drawn in by the melody, and images form within the mind’s eye as his piano manifests textures and tones, colours and scenes. This has probably got to be one of the most beautiful compositions yet by the pianist; one that I am certain will be adored by his fans, and those who follow the solo piano genre.

Healing Journey By Zen Music Planet & Shere Fraser


Healing Journey


Zen Music Planet & Shere Fraser

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so good to hear the comeback of truly good new age music, this brand new offering from Zen Music Planet & Shere Fraser entitled Healing Journey is spectacular and transcendent, this new single is a soft pastiche of wonderful meditative music, that will ease you in or out of any stressful day.

Healing Journey is a wonderful place to be musically, this new single promotes wellbeing and calm, two facets of life we should all embrace completely. The soothing back drop of synths and sounds deliver a bed of tranquillity with which to float on, while Shere Fraser on flute brings a whole new dimension to the proceedings.

I adore music like this; it reminds me of the golden age of new age music and artists like Deuter and Terry Oldfield, but here the team of Zen Music Planet & Shere Fraser have manifested a somewhat warmer palette to enjoy, one filled with glorious textures in a tapestry of serenity; this is one piece of music that everyone should have in their meditative collections.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Here on the Dance Floor By Gary Lanz


Here on the Dance Floor


Gary Lanz

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Now there is nothing like a really good start to the day, and if you listen to Here on the Dance Floor by Gary Lanz, you are most certainly going to get that, this song is a wonderfully bright ride, and a turbo boost to any new day.

With a smart fluency beyond compare, Lanz reminds me that I have a couple of harmonicas that I really need to pick up again very soon and get intimate with. This power single has it all, a perfect tempo and rhythm, a happy and positive intent, and somewhat of a redolent charm that only a member of the Lanz family could possibly have.

Here is a song that will cross a few boundaries, perhaps a little Americana, but overall for me, this was a driving pop song that reminded me of what Bob Dylan might have been like if he had rocked it up just a little more. The drums are played by Alex Medeles and all the other instruments and vocals are by Lanz himself, so what a performance. 

All in all I loved this new song; we all need a little boost now and then, and for me Here on the Dance Floor by Gary Lanz certainly gave me that, I am already rubbing my hands with glee as to the radio shows I am going to feature this brand new single on, and if you wish to start your day with a moment of musical uplifting empowerment, you would do well to purchase or stream a copy of Here on the Dance Floor by Gary Lanz too.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Cherokee Morning Song By Wolfsheart


Cherokee Morning Song



Written by

Steve Sheppard


One of the masterful aspects of song composition is being able to build the scene, make it real, and take the listener to that very place in musical time, here on Cherokee Morning Song, Wolfsheart does just that, one can wake with the hovering intensity of a summers morning on the plains, one can hear Grandfather Eagle cry overhead, and together we can watch the Buffalo move slowly across the drylands.

Here the flute of Wolfsheart is majestic, warming and textured; the instrument is his paint brush and his palette, the string sections the backdrop, and the percussion the heartbeat of the Earth and her people.

I have long been a fan of this artist; ever since 2010 my musical archives still hold the tones of a much beloved album called The Call of the Canyon, and then forever onward until now and this latest wonderful new single Cherokee Morning Song, a composition that is created with love and presented with respect and honour. It is so good to hear such an artistic and passionate flute performance in the Native American style once again, and as such I have a feeling that a singles hit could well be on the cards for this new offering.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Mystic Voyager By Peter Sterling


Mystic Voyager


Peter Sterling

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Peter Sterling is somewhat of a legend in the new age music industry, and he also must be one of the finest harpists around today, here on this brand new album he brings together a star studded super group from the aforementioned genre, to bring us an album which has to be his most ambitious thus far, in Mystic Voyager.

The first footfalls of this amazing new release are so picturesque and textured, Invocation, the opening track is bathed in mystery and an almost angelic energy, with the fluent majesty of Sterling’s harp, our journey is set in the ancient stones of time and tides themselves.

This nine track album is like a diamond, it is multi-faceted and offers up much to enjoy, like the sultry and sensual jazzy offering of Cosmic Lover, a song which could easily fit into the chill-out genre with ease, and contains vocals from Nina Starsong.

For me, one of my personal favourites would be the ambience created by The Long Cold Winter, a performance here by Sterling that took you deep into the wildness and frozen landscapes of the season, with a sublime performance also by Fitz Hugh Jenkins on guitar, one that manifested in a joint effort with Sterling a wonderful Celtic lilt to the proceedings, a tip of the hat also to Mark Danisovszky for his expertize on an instrument rarely heard in this genre, in the accordion.

There is so much to choose from in this release I had a hard time keeping my focus, many of the tracks were so much of a film score standard that images flew through my mind’s eye like a late February storm, tracks like Angels Ascending, where a little aged vibration is added by Dov on Violin, a song that truly moved me, or the final offering in Wings of Light, another wonderful slice of ambience, a composition that manifested such a calming and serene atmospheric mood, and yet another personal favourite of mine, also hats off to Darlene Koldenhoven for her tranquil times on the piano on this creation, other well-known luminaries of the new age world to appear would be Richard Hardy on flutes and Sax, David Young flute, Chianne and Seay on vocals, legendary percussionist Prem Vidu and Steve Oliver on guitar.

Mystic Voyager by Peter Sterling may well be his most ambitious project to date, but in my view it is and will be a total success. I am more than happy to admit I got lost in this album several times, and had to constantly keep listening back and replaying, this made the experience for me simply sublime, and as such, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, this is the artists best work thus far, surely if there is any justice in this world of music, then a future award must be on the cards for Mystic Voyager by Peter Sterling, it is that good.

The Quest By Jacquelyn G. Kleine Written by Steve Sheppard


The Quest


Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This specific piece of music comes at a very interesting time; I have just obtained a diploma in Greek mythology and I am currently researching into Egyptian Mythology, both of these have resurrection claims that are relevant at this very time of year, with the resurrections of both Adonis and Osiris.

Now listening to this delightful new single from flute creator Jacquelyn G. Kleine, it seems I have a soundtrack for that work; this is utterly pictorial and takes me literally over the sea to the pyramids themselves. Her work on this stunning Egyptian bamboo flute is so scene setting, and for me, as I sit here in bliss remembering the film The Alchemist, I wonder just how that tale could have benefited from a wondrous creation like The Quest by Jacquelyn G. Kleine. Her compositional structure is both creative and artistic, melding the technical and instinctual into one; the arrangement is idyllic and contains sublime motifs of mysticism and magic.

I rate this to be one of the finest manifestations of its style I have heard for many a year, and nothing but complete success can be found within the hieroglyphics in the temple of Hathor, for this brand new single by one of the most stylish flute performers of her day, in Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Soul Channels By Bob Yonker


Soul Channels


Bob Yonker

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Sitting alone in silence is a wonderful thing, one can truly feel the moment, all the sounds around you, and this meditative bliss can sometimes bring about the most accomplished of artistically inspired creations, such as Soul Channels by Bob Yonker, a compilation of solo piano tracks right from the very heart of the artist himself, during a moment of quietness of a lunch time break.

The tones of a solo piano album were just what I needed today; it had been a stressful time for me recently and there is something about a really good solo piano album that centres your soul so to speak, and I found that on this eleven track album, so thanks Bob.

Pieces like Garden Of Lights sung to me as a beautiful dreamer of tone and timbre, this charming composition brought a ray of pure sunlight shafting into my room, whilst creations like the title track Soul Channels, added a little depth into the experience, with such a masterful and tender hand on the keys too.

Here, one will find a fine collection of peaceful piano, I floated through the resonances of compositions like Ripples, a song that for me was so heart felt and deeply beautiful, and one with a slight classical motif from time to time as well, whilst pieces such as Quiet Night totally blew me away with their amazing tenderness and sensitivity, I rate this specific piece to be one of the finest solo piano arrangements I have probably heard this year.

The sincere refrains of the penultimate track entitled Breath Of Silence moved me deeply, its delicate softness was like watching a flower bloom for the first time in March, and then to complete the album with the peace-filled, yet uplifting narrative of Madison's Lights was a moment of sublime craft and intelligence.

Soul Channels by Bob Yonker is a reverential collection of eleven creative and artistically inspired piano music pieces; here Bob sits in the moment and creates a harmonic convergence of peace and tranquillity. Soul Channels by Bob Yonker will be on every piano fans wish list, it is a prime example of a musician feeling the music within, and then expressing it outwardly, only one who is firmly in the moment can connect with their muse in this stunning way.