Thursday, April 4, 2024

Butterfly Dreams By Richard Dillon


Butterfly Dreams


Richard Dillon

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The pristine nature of this track emphasises the title perfectly, it’s good to hear Richard back in full flow on the piano, and his crafted experience throughout the ages has enabled him to manifest a composition of such great beauty and charm.

Butterfly Dreams by Richard Dillon is an absorbing and amiable composition that gives the listener to a total treat of really sensitive piano, its hovering sense of delicacy is palpable, and the songs gossamer like structures gift us a moment of total freedom within the arrangement.

The Butterfly is a symbol of change, creativity, joy and colour, and Richards most pleasing of performances on piano depicts all of those attributes and more, on this most artistic of compositions.

The piano can be a tool of great textured arrangements, and it is attractive creations like this that highlight that aforementioned statement, this is simplistic beauty in just over 150 seconds, and as such I believe that the fans of this genre will lap it up, push it up the charts, and make Butterfly Dreams by Richard Dillon a hit across our beautiful globe.

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