Thursday, August 31, 2023

Within the Depths of Isolation By Timothy J.P. Gomez


Within the Depths of Isolation


Timothy J.P. Gomez

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Timothy J.P. Gomez is on an absolute roll at the moment, riding high in the singles chart with 22ยบ Halo, he hasn’t rested on his laurels, but pushed forward with another amazing new release entitled Within the Depths of Isolation.  This one contains such a powerful and imposing mood, it seems very likely the flute performer could have no less that two major hits on his hands at once.

This is a marvellous introspective piece that you could play on repeat for hours, in content and energy it manifests a mysterious and similar mood, in the same way that Gheorghe Zamfir did with his soundtrack for the movie “Picnic At Hanging Rock” back in 1975, but even darker.

Gomez is a master creator on the flute; his compositions always draw a deeply compelling musical narrative, and within this new single that is no different, we are gifted well over 6 minutes to get lost in our own isolation, and perhaps coming from that seclusion we may well gain a valuable enlightenment.

Within the Depths of Isolation is a stunning performance on flute by Timothy J.P. Gomez, it’s a piece that hovers like an autumn mist in October, above a deeply fascinating mood creating drone, one that never lets you go. The artists captivating presentation is both gripping and utterly captivating, this composition would be perfect for a mysterious movie soundtrack with ease, but a sure fire hit none the less.

Kali by Radhika Vekaria




Radhika Vekaria

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Kali is a major Hindu goddess associated with time, doomsday, and death; Kali is also the first of the ten Mahavidyas in the Hindu tantric tradition. The goddess is stated to destroy evil in order to defend the innocent. Over time, Kali has been worshipped by devotional movements and Tantric sects variously as the Divine Mother and Mother of the Universe and is the title of the brand new single from Radhika Vekaria from her forthcoming album.

On this brand new single Radhika Vekaria delivers a sublime devotional composition that honours the goddess and all that she brings, this vibrant and rhythmic new creation is indeed divine and drifts between the chill out, devotional and global fusion genres.

The artist has gratefully given us well over 6 minutes to enjoy and explore this new offering, one that has a movement and fluency all of its own. The essence of this brand new offering is beautifully produced and mixed, hats off to George Landress there, and during this wonderfully fresh arrangement Radhika Vekaria brings us a timeless, reflective and respectful new single that is totally addictive and wonderfully presented. I can see nothing other than a huge success on the horizon for Kali by Radhika Vekaria.

Starlite By Russ Jones




Russ Jones

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I was in the need of some much desired ambience today, I personally find that truly good ambient music helps to calm the mind and body, and ease one correctly into the day ahead, so with pleasure I took up the task of reviewing Starlite, the brand new album by Russ Jones, and found to my delight a virtual sanctuary of sound to bring joy and serenity to my somewhat stressed mind.

Starlite is a 12 track album of pure tranquillity and peace, and that journey into an ambient heaven starts with one of the most serene flute compositions you’re ever likely to hear on Soothe.

I defy you not to be brought to the door of calm whilst listening to this album; it is so blissful, tracks like Space and My Daughters Song will emphasise that completely. For me it is like Russ is creating a dimension of tranquillity as we voyage through this release, and that on its own is indeed a sublime experience.

There are also some delightful textured variants of beauty, for example the track She's The One, where a slightly more elevated energy can be found, but still one that retains its balance and peace, while offerings like the title track Starlite, have a colourful mysterious quality that seems to take us by the hand, and lead us into a realm of utter fancy.

This is an album of ambient greatness and reminds me of the work of Deuter at times, from his work in the latter part of the last century, if you could mix that with a little Brian Eno and his Lux album, you could be close to touching the hem of the essence provided here by Jones.

Starlite is concluded by the composition Old Blue; this arrangement for me is like a gentle flute tune to wake us perhaps from our reverie, but a timely touch of tender beauty from one of the best and most fluent flute albums of the year with ease.

Starlite by Russ Jones is a charm filled release; it is certainly a calming collection of undisturbed ambience. This style of flute performance and musical manifestation is the stuff of dreams, and a timeless collection of flute intelligence by allowing the flute itself to take us on the journey, and as such is without doubt, one of those albums I could listen to for hours on repeat and never get bored. I can see a huge chart placement for Starlite by Russ Jones ahead, this album is that good.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Love Serenade By Sophia Agranovich & Rupam Sarmah


Love Serenade


Sophia Agranovich & Rupam Sarmah

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This brand new single from Sophia Agranovich and Rupam Sarmah has to be one of the finest multi-instrumental creations I have had the pleasure of listening to this year.

The ever talented classical pianist Agranovich manifests a warm tone on her piano, whilst the smoothness of Lili Haydn’s violin adds a truly mournful repose to the arrangement. You will also find upon this new single several other artists in every sense of the word, in Hamid Saeidi on santoor with Aronyo Choudhary, whilst the sitar is gifted to us via Subhas Bose, and the sarod courtesy of Abhijit Ray.

Love Serenade steps into different genres with ease and crosses the boundaries of folk, classical, new age and global fusion with such style and grace, one that is sublimely engineered and produced in part by the musical genius that is Rupam Sarmah.

There is another redeeming factor on this new single, and that is the simply delicious 6 minutes plus duration of excellent music, this is instrumental music that unveils a charming narrative and thus needs the time to be there for the listener to explore all the nuances and pathways of artistic endeavour, which I may add it does superbly, which is also why I believe that Sophia Agranovich & Rupam Sarmah could well have a big hit on their hands with Love Serenade.

Love Alone Can Do By Ban Brothers


Love Alone Can Do


Ban Brothers

Written by

Andy Rogers

Love Alone Can Do” is a brand new single release from Ban Brothers, the tenth single to be released from their forthcoming album “Guiding Star”. I have to say that of all the tracks I have heard from the album so far, this one is my favourite. This is an uptempo tune, performed in ¾ (waltz) time and with a definite World Music vibe, quite different to the Americana or Alt-Country of their other more recent singles.

Love Alone Can Do” has upbeat, hopeful, heartfelt lyrics written and beautifully sung by Ban Banerjee. I especially love the use of the accordion on this track– it is an integral part of the performance and while undoubtedly the instrumental star of this single it blends perfectly with the rest of the band and gives the music almost a Cajun or “Tex-Mex” feel: think of the band Calexico around the time of their Hot Rail or Black Light albums and you’ll be on the right lines here.

We are told that the forthcoming album, Guiding Star, is themed on hope, inspiration and love… This wonderful uplifting single, which is released August 25th, fits that brief perfectly and deserves to do very well for Ban Brothers and also augurs well for the album “Guiding Star” to be released in the near future. 

Mayan Trails By Michelle Qureshi


Mayan Trails


Michelle Qureshi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


To be honest it is always a pleasure to listen to any Michelle Qureshi composition, her style, presentation and arrangements always either take you on a delightful musical journey, or embrace you and keep you fully in the moment, today we go with the first of the two as we voyage deep into the forests of Mesoamerica as we find ourselves on the Mayan Trails.

The Maya have always fascinated me, but as I am on the other side of the globe, any journeying into their civilization will have to be done vicariously, and this single from the artist certainly does the job. Qureshi has been on fire recently, it seems she has re-found her muse and once again it shows on this rustic offering, we can even imagine her performing whilst on the trail, the song is so realistically manifested.

Michelle’s performance on Mayan Trails holds that mysterious vibe, whilst the minor chord structures and notes add a deeper flavour to the track which is simply bathed in the moment of a trip to perhaps an ancient temple. The harmonics and subtle flow of this composition create a piece that whilst tranquil, manifests a compelling musical narrative to thoroughly enjoy. Nothing other than a successful trip on the singles chart should be the outcome here for Mayan Trails by Michelle Qureshi.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Iridescence By Louis Anthony deLise ft Nancy Rumbel




Louis Anthony deLise ft Nancy Rumbel

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This has to be one of the most fascinating and complex creations I have heard from Louis Anthony deLise, it’s called Iridescence and features one of the finest oboists around called Nancy Rumbel, a lady whom I first came into contact with musically some years or so ago with regard to recordings with both Eric Tingstad and David Lanz.

Here on this brand new single they manifest something completely original and add some instrumentation that even I have never heard of before. Louis Anthony deLise is well known for creating piano pieces that have a light and soothing narrative, and then combining them with lush melodies, here with Nancy Rumbel, a more explorative nuance is taken, and quite frankly one that I utterly adored.

Rumbels touch manifests a mysterious tone into the proceedings, one with a colourful layered tapestry of reflection, whilst deLise brings an empowering piano, one that births avenues of an ambient sound, that at times took me back to the late 80s in mood, and with that added instrumentation of a wine bottle xylophone into the mix, I kid you not, it works amazingly well and thus brings forward one of the most in-depth, and artistic compositions this year to my door, and that cannot be a bad thing.

I sense a big hit coming here for Iridescence by Louis Anthony deLise ft Nancy Rumbel, and so it should be too, creative and imaginative endeavours like this deserved to be rewarded.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Freedom Road By Ian Cameron Smith


Freedom Road


Ian Cameron Smith

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so nice to get to review some Blues, perhaps from an unexpected source, but brilliant Blues never the less. Today we can travel the rhythmic highway of Freedom Road by Ian Cameron Smith, a man more known in the music world for his mellow acoustic new age guitar work.

Freedom Road is the title track from his latest album and I have to admit it’s like a breath of fresh air, as the guitarist brings some of the finest performances I have heard in the genre for years, its vibrant and smooth tones and the added harmonica makes this a truly special offering indeed.

I did mention to Ian that one of my favourite Blues artists was and still is the amazing Robert Cray, and there is something most certainly about this song that reminds me of Crays Right Next Door (Because of Me) from his Strong Persuader album in ‘86.

Here Ian pulls of a pitch perfect performance, one that any Blues fan would be proud of having in their collection, a splendid mix indeed and a song that should without doubt remain a constant on my player for ages. This track and the album has to be embraced by all those who adore quality music, and classy music production, and as such, will be absolutely adored by his fans, so check out Freedom Road by the simply breath taking Ian Cameron Smith as soon as you possibly can.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Bhakti Grace By John Paris


Bhakti Grace


John Paris

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The energies of this album by John Paris will put fire in your belly and intrigue your imagination, this is an album that will take you by the hand, and for its duration will never let you go, so let’s take a ride with the artist on this brand new offering entitled Bhakti Grace.

The opening foray reminds me of an alternate composition that could have perhaps been used for the comedy TV show Cheers, it has that gloriously happy energy about its construction that is simply undeniable and entitled Strolling Along and Feeling Free, the title to be honest completely speaks for itself, and the presentation on piano by Paris is euphoric.

Track two actually blew me away, its manifestation reminded me of some of the more progressive jazz I listen to from time to time, and Busy Signal sure is a superb composition that is brilliantly played by the artist. The structures would also not go amiss in the progressive rock world, and at times a little Keith Emerson could also felt in-between the weave of this vibrant song.

I believe that John Paris would be an utter joy to watch, this next offering suggests that to be totally true, it’s called In Another Realm. The gentle progression at the start is almost like a pavane, one that would morph with ease into a mysterious opus that would take us on a journey in an almost European styled transition; this is one of those arrangements that literally have you riveted until the very last note.

Bhakti Grace our most fabulous title track is now before us, I dropped into research mode and found the word Bhakti in short means, a devotional worship directed to one supreme deity, usually Vishnu. I would also go onto enjoy this supremely crafted arrangement, which in my view is a timeless construction of a truly great arrangement, the melody brings a calmness to the composition, but I also found this specific piece to be quite meditative as well.

Time to go on a musical hike as we reach Roaming The Worlds, it’s strange I felt I had heard this before, it seemed familiar to me, but I cannot for the life of me remember what the other track was that it reminded me of, too many years have passed no doubt, but the jazz motifs here created a true global travelling piece of sublime fun and excitement.

The flourishing Come On Along is up next, the infectious presentation by Paris here could remind us of those days of rag blues. This is a song that flies high and with a huge smile, and a performance that is as fluent and exciting as can be, and all of that in just two minutes.

On The Move marks the half way juncture of the album for us, this crisp composition holds an energy that is literally bursting to explode and cause a tidal wave and fun all around as it goes. This leads us into the graceful and textured arrangement of When I Hear The Music.

The aforementioned song carries us along on its waves of beauty and is a tapestry of hues and shades, passion and tempered bliss, this is without doubt one of the most lush and attractive arrangements from the album, and one I enjoyed immensely.

Now here is the perfect way with which to celebrate life On A Rainy Afternoon, vibrancy and smoothness of performance are but two great watch words on this track, this is one of those short form offerings you cannot help but adore.

Time to get a little mellow now with the artist as we are gifted a truly handsome piece entitled Impressions. I remember with a fondness that on my travels I had a stopover at Atlanta Hartsfield Georgia, there in the lounge sits a grand piano, and the memories of a performance on it very much like this one whiled away some very long hours for me. This is an exquisite offering and perhaps even the most romantic piece on the release.

Clogging is another energetic foray that many of us in Europe may know as Irish dancing; regardless this is a piece that would be literally impossible to keep your feet silent to. This is a real powerhouse of an offering and one that opens the door nicely to our next piece entitled Icarus. In Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the architect of the labyrinth of Crete, and most certainly was a character who flew a little too close to Helios.

I would have to say that the performance by Paris here was stunning, a sound solid foundation is created, a beautiful flourishing presentation, then eclipsed by one of the most sparkling presentations on piano I think I have ever heard, the main melody had that certain David Lanz style melded into the weave with such care and attention. Here lays something truly spectacular, and is without doubt one to press repeat on many times over.

Our penultimate offering is entitled The Rhythm of Joy and never a truer title has been created, a light hearted reverie with ease, the composition has a swinging melody and a level of energy to leave the listener with a beaming smile upon their face.

Our concluding offering is entitled Contemplation on Bhakti, again a sublime mixture of major and minor can be found here, and it has to be said this is an idyllic offering with which to leave the listener with. I found so many favourites upon this album, as there is so much here for everyone, this track for me had a whole well of depth and sincerity contained within, and I actually felt quite emotional listening to this splendid final chapter of the release.

Bhakti Grace by John Paris is going to be an album that may well surprise you; it’s certainly going to be an album that probably has something for every kind of piano based music fan out there. One can feel such energy; we can touch the very essence of joy, whilst there are still amongst the fun, some very tender moments of compassionate brilliance to be had, all in all this is an album you should have in your musical collections, it’s an addictive collection of seriously charming solo piano.

Acceptance BY John Paris




John Paris

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are certain tones and vibrations, which once all placed in a marvellous collective harmonious musical package, will give each and every listener a sense of warmth, ambience and tranquillity. I found this myself to be totally true whilst listening to the latest release by John Paris called Acceptance.

The opening composition is a slow, but careful creation entitled When Day is Done, that weary motif is there, but beautifully combined with a mood and energy of a good day done.

Created during the pandemic Paris has indeed manifested something quite touching at times here. I found great solace from creating my own music for the first time back then, and this album is expressing a wonderfully calming vibe, tracks like Ride the Wave bring a poignant reminder to the emotions we all went through at that time, as most of us indeed rode each wave with a trepidation and caution as never seen before in our lives, the dramatic tones here are so very powerful and moving, a truly empowering performance by Paris can be found here.

We now drift from the back waters, and flow into the main stream of musical consciousness. The River Is Wide is indeed out next textured manifestation of tranquillity, it’s interesting that this song in one guise or another, seems to have followed me around the world, one of my favourite versions was by James Taylor in ‘91, here Paris gives it a gloriously coloured make over, and in doing so ,brings the listener a glistening and talented performance on piano.

Full Moon Rhapsody takes on a night time magical journey, the performance here is sublime and is one that has great flow and artistic intelligence. This is exactly the style of piano I adore to listen too, in that creative yet ambient construct. With each and every stroke of the keys Paris illustrates perfectly the subject matter. There is also an intensity here that is deliciously palpable, and balances the entire composition brilliantly and at well over 7 minutes in duration the longest track off the album.

We edge further through this collection of splendid piano workings, and as we do so we come across our next offering entitled Dancing on the Moon. This is classic traditional new age piano, but added to that seems to float a melody that creates and dissipates along the way, indeed as if one was waltzing on the surface of the silvery moon itself.

It’s not until you get a chance to reflect upon life, especially the pandemic years, that you realise how many friends have been lost along the way, so perhaps Johns composition of In Memoriam gives us a chance to reflect on those who are no longer with us now, and perhaps to do so in a positive way by remembering something good about your time with them, this is exactly how this track makes me feel. A wonderfully retrospective arrangement filled full of memories and grateful thoughts.

Eternal Darshan takes us into the latter half of the album, and for me once more it is special; it is a sublime construction of both major and minor notes and chords. Darshan is derived from the Sanskrit, meaning "sight," "vision" or "appearance." In Hinduism, darshan is the act of beholding a deity, divine person, sacred object or natural spectacle, especially in a physical image form. This gentle musical creation is a timeless narrative, one that also reminds me of another musical friend of mine who recently passed in Michael Allison, who once called himself Darshan Ambient, thank you for the memories.

We have another special moment now with the track Swan Flight, there is nothing quite so breathtakingly amazing as watching one of these cumbersome creatures take flight, the run up and take off is simply incredible. Here Paris manifests a delicate piece that raises the energies of the moment into the blue yonder and beyond. Again this waltz like manifestation is brimming full of images and artistic nuance’s beyond belief, a truly crafted composition indeed.

Living in the Greek culture on the island of Cyprus, this once again has a special meaning for me, as we listen to Lullaby for Argos. The character was a giant in Greek mythology, one with many eyes, whilst the Greek city of Argos, his realm, is to this day one of the oldest inhabited cities on the globe. Here the artist creates a dream like piece that could allow each of us to simply drift off into another realm to entirely, perhaps to rest under the stars of the night sky in Argos itself.

Through The Veil means we have travelled into the far reaches of the album, and once we arrive we can enjoy a moment of mystery. A delightful pastiche of suspense and enigmatic genius lays here, the mixed tempo, and the slow, careful progression into a more confident creation is simply blissful to behold; this is musical story telling on the piano of the highest order.

At the end of the last century many Japanese Lanterns were released to celebrate the turning of this amazing event. It is indeed a stunning vista; once more Paris takes to his keys to manifest a truly empowering musical narrative that is full of two vital elements, gratitude and joy, one that leads us perfectly into the arms of the penultimate track off the album.

That last but one piece is called Goodbye Old Friend, here lays a solemn offering, one that reminds us of those most precious moments with friends and loved ones, and more over allows us to recognise the feeling of a pleasant gratitude that flows over us, in a truly emotive and heart felt manifestation by the artist.

Our last musical gift is the title track from the album, and of course entitled Acceptance, this is indeed a most cheerful way with which to leave the release, there is an upbeat and a cultured positivity about this final contribution that is so pleasant to hear, and the perfecting concluding offering to the release.

Acceptance by John Paris has to be the most thoughtful piano based album I have had the pleasure of listening to for ages, in a true roller coaster of emotions, we taste the tones of mystery, ride upon the waves of trepidation, and find ourselves buoyed by the sights of nature in all its beauty, surely there never has been a more comprehensive and colourful album, and as such I can see its destiny lays within the upper echelons of the charts with utter ease. 

Friday, August 18, 2023

In My Dream By Ban Brothers


In My Dream


Ban Brothers

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Ban Brothers are back with a new pop based single with an uplifting narrative from their forth coming album entitled Guiding Star. The release is called In My Dream, and this is actually my personal favourite so far. The texture of the song is more of a ballad, and the guitar within this latest creation was extremely effective.

This composition is a tonal expression of love, and its flowing musical prowess creates an honest and heart felt narrative. This crafted manifestation floats like a harmonic cloud between the valleys of folk, pop and 90’s music with such great ease.

This single edition is slightly shorter than the album version, which has a few additions at the start, and I believe that the track will be situated around the fourth track on that up and coming album Guiding Star, which should hopefully be released in mid-September. I wonder if TV producers are seeking a fresh outlook for their music, as this would make a great addition to a show like Stranger Things on Netflix for example.

This is a song to enjoy and remember perhaps the carefree notions of young love; also it may remind you of acts like The Rembrandts or The Church back in the day. Regardless, I believe Ban Brothers are destined for another big hit with In My Dream, the latest single from the artists.

Childhood Wonder By Lisa Linsky


Childhood Wonder


Lisa Linsky

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I always try to be honest, so I won’t change, and I must say therefore that it was a total pleasure to review and to listen to Childhood Wonder by Lisa Linsky, for one, we have a glorious composition of well over 5 minutes long, this on its own is a delight for me, and a change from the 60 to 90 seconds I usually get from solo piano recordings, so thank you so much for that Lisa.

We can also wonder at the structure of the piece, we start with a childlike array of twinkling tones, ones that soon transcend into a slow movement forward, as if the child is testing the waters somewhat, and then the tone gains confidence, in fact the whole arrangement is a master class of build progression, textures and tones.

Lisa is taking us vicariously on a tale of Childhood Wonder, and into realms where anything is possible, and the happiness of youth is a never ending story. Her performance here on this glistening composition is superb, and glows in the night sky light a whole constellation of newly born stars.

The latter part of this musical narrative is also incredibly crafted, as we can almost feel and hear the child beginning to tire, and then entering a dream like state to do it all over again. This is a wonderfully fluent voyage of creative piano, and I see no reason why Childhood Wonder by Lisa Linsky shouldn’t be a massive hit for the artist, she most certainly deserves it.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Lightning On Galatea By Dave Mohan


Lightning On Galatea


Dave Mohan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The pace and power of this new single by Dave Mohan is simply breath taking, in fact Lightning On Galatea the new offering, must be one of the most exciting and racy offerings I have heard so far this year, it offers up much energy for the listener to enjoy and revel in.

The sax within is sublime too, the piano fires on all cylinders and the backdrop of percussion and added instrumentation is packed with flavours of intensity and electricity, even when we are pulled back in the latter half of the percussion, we find ourselves then gifted by a truly smooth and almost anthem like segment.

Lightning On Galatea by Dave Mohan is a breath of musical fresh air, one that has elements of jazz funk, 70’s disco, rock, and perhaps even a slight hint of the styles of both Elton John and Keith Emerson contained within. Regardless this is one of the most addictive new singles to have come my way for quite a while, and as such it should be a big hit for the artist on the charts.

A Thin Place By Joey Curtin


A Thin Place


Joey Curtin

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Joey Curtin is one of the most descriptive pianists around today; she has teamed up with her daughter-in-law Joy Vucekovich-Curtin on violin, for this her latest single A Thin Place. There were many reasons why I adored this new single, the reflective and moving influences created here by the Celtic vibrations were palpable, this song also reminded me of an old Stephen King book too!

The duo builds a beautiful green landscape where the walls between realities seem thinner, and perhaps it may even be possible to touch heaven for just a moment, the reference to the King tale came in the guise of his book The Talisman, where Morgan Sloat had a magical key that could open a “thinny” and allow him access to two worlds through a dimensional portal in nature, it also gets a mention with the Dark Tower novels too.

Here though, one only has to gaze at the art work contained within and marvel at the beauty of the rolling green hills and vistas of Ireland to truly get the feel of this piece, sadly this is a place I have still yet to visit, but this is without doubt a beautiful instrumental narrative to allow me to do so vicariously.

The symbiotic partnership between the colourful and textured piano of Joey Curtin and Joy Vucekovich-Curtin on violin will draw stunning images within the mind’s eye, and for those of you who enjoy contemporary instrumental music, it may just remind of you of the Hill Of Tara ep released by Bill Wren and Frank Ralls back in 2018, regardless this is a hit in the making, and such beauty as this should receive all the accolades it most certainly deserves.

Now Joey has had a really tough time over the past couple of years, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disorder: GAD ataxia (glutamic acid decarboxylase ataxia), this is where healthy antibodies go rogue and attack tissue in the cerebellum of the brain, leading to imbalance, double vision and ataxia, and in her case, muscle problems in her right leg/foot,. This is a condition that little is known about. Thankfully she is having treatment and things have improved a bit, but this is an ongoing condition. You can find out more about Joey and what has been happening on her website: so please take a look and support her if you can.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Otherworld By Jacquelyn G. Kleine




Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Jacquelyn G. Kleine is a musician who is in a wonderful current state of artistic bliss, creating and manifesting one hit after another, awards, chart placements, it’s all happening for the electric flautist. Today she has another gift for her growing legions of fans, and this latest musical tale is called Otherworld.

There can be many voyages and stories of otherworld’s; the Celts from my original country would talk of it endlessly, we can even travel to a plethora of other dimensions or other worlds through meditation. Perhaps here Jacquelyn and her electronic wizardry have created the pathway and the portal to access those mysterious corners of the mind.

The piece itself is a journey of self-discovery, with the flute being the guide along the way, the electronic backdrop and repeating motifs are the ever present, but mythical landscapes of our musical sojourn. Kleine is without doubt one of the most inventive, active and artistic performers around today, and as such I can see yet another huge hit for the musician with this most fascinating and inexplicable new single called Otherworld.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

22° Halo By Timothy J.P. Gomez


22° Halo


Timothy J.P. Gomez

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Timothy J.P. Gomez has to be one of the best flute performers of his day; his rich tapestries of music are both meaningful and opulent of tone and timbre, today the artist gifts us musical seekers a brand new single to enjoy and its entitled 22° Halo.

I have only ever seen one of these remarkable visions, and that was back in 2015 here in Cyprus just after an earthquake; it was spectacular however mine was a Sundog. The difference between sundogs and halos is the preferential orientation of the ice crystals through which the light passes before reaching our eyes.

It never ceases to amaze me the sheer quality of a Timothy J.P. Gomez composition; they are always something quite breath taking to behold and on 22° Halo he has done it again, he has drawn us in and related a musical narrative that is so very compelling and addictive.

From the gentle blowing wind at the start, and then into a slight percussive beat, which gives the arrangement a definitive ethnic feel, and then into a most harmonious flute performance that is so very redolent of the subject matter. I think I hear something here as well, I think it’s the footfalls of a huge hit for 22° Halo by Timothy J.P. Gomez climbing up the ladder of the charts.

Simply put this is one of the finest flute performances I have heard for some time, reflective, mysterious, ancient, and most certainly a single you would be well advised to purchase at the soonest possible moment, it is utter class.

Silver Linings By Benjamin Cook


Silver Linings


Benjamin Cook

Written by

Steve Sheppard


From the creator of one of my favourite solo piano pieces in Lost, comes a new step forward entitled Silver Linings by Benjamin Cook. Here on this new single a fresh energy of hope can be found, one that separates this composition from the aforementioned arrangement.

This is a very in depth piece of work, Cook’s Piano manifests different moods as the creation marches on, the flow is matched with a build and progression that matches the pattern already created, in a marvellous manifestation of tone and texture.

The opening is somewhat tentative but soon builds to an attractive melody as the confidence within the arrangement is found, and from then on in it turns into a classy almost neo-classical creation at times.

I believe that Cook as a pianist has an amazing talent, and a vast potential ahead, and as such I truly feel that Silver Linings by the artist will bring him the recognition he most certainly deserves.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Little Miracles By Julia Thomsen


Little Miracles


Julia Thomsen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is always something to treasure about a fourth coming Julia Thomsen single, and when it finally arrives that moment is truly something to cherish, the delicacy of this new creation is simply blissful, one could imagine sitting under a tree full of cherry blossoms listening to this song, it would be so very in the moment as the pink petals fell into your lap.

Little Miracles is a soft pastiche of colour and textures, and a piece performed with such a fine blend of heartfelt and earnest tonal structures. Thomsen is a story teller as well as a superb pianist, and here on this new composition the one word that springs to mind whilst listening is, gratitude.

The soft but ever onward progression on piano is delightful to bathe in, and the clever interplay between the melody and high notes create a wonderful juxtaposition of calmness and passion, on this fantastic new single called Little Miracles, a piece that is sure to be adored by her fans, and those who simply have a need for really excellent piano based music. 

Saranghae By Julia Thomsen




Julia Thomsen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This composition has to be one of the most beautiful tracks ever from pianist Julia Thomsen, as the delight of the single Saranghae (Korean for I love you) flows into and across my senses, and drifts into the backwaters of my mind, images of a tender moment shared under the a shade of a fully blooming tree come to mind.

Thomsen’s skill set is in full flow here, and the orchestral backdrop within this amazing creation dances with the musical narrative, and at times almost waltzes across an ocean of emotional duality. This is magical music and birthed into this genre of piano with instrumentation, with a good deal of honesty and intelligence.

The smooth passages here are such a delight, one can only feel happiness and positivity from the tones of Thomsen’s piano, and the symphonic gestures that symbiotically match her piano structures are simply and utterly idyllic.

Saranghae by Julia Thomsen is going to touch the hearts of the listeners with the ease of a late summer afternoon in September, and after all, there can never be too many ways to say the most important three little words in existence, “I love you” can there?

Eternal Love By Julia Thomsen & Kirsten Agresta Copely


Eternal Love


Julia Thomsen & Kirsten Agresta Copely

Written by

Chrissie Sheppard


Julia Thomsen has teamed up with Kirsten Agresta Copely to bring us a wonderful creation entitled Eternal Love, something I am sure we would all love to know exists.

The strings and piano of Thomsen start our journey and are then joined by the harp of Copely, creating a gentle loving path for us to follow, the path of love, a love that is endless, unconditional, one that is so very moving.

The grandness of the arrangement is idyllic, taking you an a magical journey, and I am sure would be ideal for a movie them, the crescendo’s are a delight, and the crafted way the music pulls back is amazing.

Eternal Love by Julia Thomsen and Kirsten Agresta Copely is a magnificent creation, a wondrous adventure into the very hearts and souls of the artists, and one that I absolutely adore.

Reflect By Monster Taxi




Monster Taxi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Reflect is the second single I have received from Monster Taxi, and one that follows the amazingly addictive A Walking Stranger, released earlier on this year. This is another journey that drifts like an errant cloud between the genres of ambient and chill out with such style and crafted smoothness, and doing it remarkably well.

Within this new offering there is a fluent but obvious mysterious narrative, one that once again encapsulates and encourages the listener to flow further into this incredibly compelling musical narrative.

The mixture of percussion and electronic mastery is something I haven’t seen created so well since the late 90s and the band Witchcraft, who combined both a percussive nuance and synths to perfection, here Monster Taxi take that one step further and build a progressive styled piece that should have global appeal, and in doing so must surely create another big hit for the artists, with this their latest single entitled, Reflect

Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening By Richard Goldsworthy

The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening


Richard Goldsworthy

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have been listening to the pianist Richard Goldsworthy for a while now, and I have been pleasantly impressed with the tones and moods that the artist has created; clearly this is a pianist of very high quality, so today I am thrilled to get to review his latest album entitled The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening, and a journey of the most ambient of piano manifestations was a head of me.

From the very opening piece Goldsworthy established the foundation of utter bliss with a truly soothing musical narrative entitled The Awakening, a track that had a wonderful interplay between minor and major, and one which flowed with utter beauty into the following arrangement entitled Origination, a timeless composition that holds within its confines a moment of reflection, memory and awareness, and all in just over two minutes.

This is exactly the style of solo piano I adore, upon this beautiful collection of short form narrations are seven pieces all brought into this world by a musician who is clearly in touch with his own musical muse, offerings like the flowing and fluent Prelude: Before the Light, bring a graceful early morning energy to the forefront, whilst Dawn Awakening, previously released a single earlier on in this year, truly emphasises what a class pianist Richard Goldsworthy is, with its lush and textured melodies and gentle onward progression.

In The Gentle Arms of Love can also be found on the album, another track like the aforementioned Dawn Awakening, was released as a single earlier on in 2023, once more not only is the melody rich and heartfelt, it’s also incredibly sincere in its tone and timbre too.

The deeper side of the artist is shown with the creative and mood filled opus of The Stillness within the Storm, which in my view is the cleverest piece from the album, emphasizing the dualistic juxtaposition between calmness and rage, one that can be found in the centre of a storm, perhaps both literal and metaphorical. 

We finish this exploration of ambient piano off with the track A Calm Sea, this currently describes the state of the Mediterranean as seen from my home, its lapis waves caress the coastline in a harmonic convergence so blissful, and this for me, describes this concluding track perfectly, and with great style and intelligence too.

Goldsworthy has done it, The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening is without doubt one of the most enjoyable solo piano albums I have listened to for ages, the softness of touch, the thoughtful and emotive manifestation of such musical art deserves much praise, and this is why I blissfully believe from experience that The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening by Richard Goldsworthy is going to be a massive hit on the charts for the pianist, and in doing so giving him all the recognition his most certainly deserves.


Topaz By Al Jewer & Andy Mitran ft. Hans Christian




Al Jewer & Andy Mitran ft. Hans Christian

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Al Jewer and Andy Mitran are back with their musical companion Hans Christian to bring us a fourth single, and a continuance of their journey through the world of scared gems with Topaz. Here is indeed a fascinating crystal and its metaphysical properties are equally intriguing too, as it is said that it promotes truth and forgiveness, expression, and the confidence to fulfil one’s aspirations. Topaz is also considered to have lunar connections, its colour and power waxing and waning in union with the moon’s cycle.

With all this being said, this new single that is just shy of six minutes, is a truly splendid voyage through the energies of Topaz, with Al on wind synths, Hans on his trusty cello, and Andy in the engine room bringing the drums, percussion, synths and brass, so all is set for a wonderful sojourn in this colourful and textured land of crystals.

The mood of the track reminds me in part of classic James Asher from the early part of the century, with a global fusion of indigenous and new age styled vibrations, there is also a sublime flow to the piece, the depth of Christian’s cello is something to enjoy, whilst the dynamic duo of Jewer and Mitran build, progress and manifest another creative and classy contemporary instrumental composition. This new offering is of the highest order, and one that surely has to be a massive hit for the artists.