Thursday, April 11, 2024

Lighthouse by Russ McRee




Russ McRee

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I used to take my acoustic guitar down to the coast and just play with what felt right at the time, boats from the harbour would drift out to sea, and it just felt so redolent of the subject matter to compose in this manner, I gazed at the artwork of Lighthouse by Russ McRee and got a similar feeling, and as such this quite light hearted reverie flowed into my senses, gracing me with a level of peaceful tranquillity that was much needed.

Russ McRee has a certain eloquence on his guitar that is so charming, and this composition is akin to spending a quiet walk on a spring day, who knows perhaps to the lighthouse, its soothing narrative is similar in texture to the incoming tide on a warm afternoon in Mid-April.

This is also one single to listen very carefully too as well, the light percussive snare helps the rhythm of the piece, and I am sure I could detect a delicate synth in the midway segment of the piece as well.

All in all this is one of those compositions that is so very calming to listen to, one could even describe this as a sequence of moments of a pastiche of life, its fluency is attractive and its artistic nuances crafted, if you like your music to set you a scene, then Lighthouse by Russ McRee would be a good place to start.

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