Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Angeline By Rick Sparks




Rick Sparks

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are somethings in life that are given, the sun will rise and set, the Earth is a globe, and Rick Sparks will always produce sublime and perfect albums, and on Angeline that most beautiful of moments is once again here, with the arrival of Ricks latest release.

This in my view may yet be his most beautiful album ever, but I seem to say that about each album he gives to the world, but this is outstanding, the album is inspired by 3 women from Ricks early family all called Angeline, it is a release that also contains 3 quite breath taking covers of classic 60’s songs, but first we can bathe in the beauty of the opening title track, a soft caress of a piece that starts our journey gifting us a loving moment of tender keyboards, one with a soft symphonic gesture and a deliciously slow tempo, and called of course Angeline.

The album itself is 10 tracks long and to be honest every composition is a gem, one that struck a chord with me, if you pardon the truly un-intentional pun, was Elysian Fields, we live on an island called Cyprus that is Greek in culture and this quite joyous creation reflects this pantheistic mythology’s idealism, this could well be the soundtrack for the arrival in Elysian, where Homer once said “To the Elysian plain where life is easiest for men, no snow is there, nor heavy storm, nor ever rain, but ever does ocean send up blasts of the shrill-blowing west wind that they may give cooling to men.”.

There are also three absolute classics on this album and I think I have at least two of them in my collection, they are without doubt brilliant versions, carefully and tenderly performed and produced, the majesty of one of the best songs ever invented on Nights In White Satin originally released by the Moody Blues, which is performed so elegantly, then Rick touches heaven again with his delightful rendition of The Beatles Mother Nature's Son, and then to top it off, an outstanding presentation of The Beach Boys song The Warmth of the Sun, all three are given the magical Rick Sparks experience and production.

Ricks ability to paint such gorgeous palettes of musical beauty is an amazing thing; his talent for the manifestation of such artistic joys, can be found on pieces like the floating crystalline hovering carpet of musical charm called Moon Rain, or the reflective, and for me quite emotive piece, Sea of Serenity, with its ethereal presence and angelic like vocalisations are all there for you to enjoy, along with other such outstanding gems as well.

So is Angeline the artist’s best work thus far, I think it has to be, as it shows a continued growth and expansion into the field of new age ambient constructs like never before from the musician. Sparks is like the musical version of King Midas, except everything he creates on his trusty keyboards, turns into utter elegance and grace, and we surely cannot get enough of that.

Angeline by Rick Sparks is an album you miss at your own peril; this is a musical diamond just waiting to shine for the listener, and as such I believe that Rick has set his musical ship on a course for another huge success for this quite beautiful new release, and as such this is not only a recommended listen, but one that will be album that I predict will be a massive chart hit as well.

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