Thursday, April 18, 2024

Putting Pen to Paper by Richard Dillon


Putting Pen to Paper


Richard Dillon

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This new single by Richard Dillon has to be one of the most fascinating opuses I have ever heard from the artist, this is a true trip through music, one that has a flavoursome texture and rich motifs of musical colour, and called Putting Pen to Paper.

The steady and careful start was a delight and gave us not only a charming piano to bathe within, but also a symphonic backdrop of supreme quality to enjoy as well; in short, this entire single is a master class of build and progression.

Putting Pen to Paper is like watching an ancient quill manifesting a statement; the measures are long and protracted, but the progression is onward and always with such style and care, this is one of those singles that will find a home in your mind and never leave, leaving the listener with the melody in their senses for simply ages.

The sublime quality of this new single Putting Pen to Paper, should attract those who adore their music from not only the world of piano, but also perhaps the Neo Classical as well, there is pretty much something in this new single for everyone to enjoy, and as such I believe this could very well tickle the musical taste buds of many potential purchaser and listener, and therefore I see a soaring chart position come of its inevitable attention.

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