Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Beautiful Old Rhyme By Rada Neal


Beautiful Old Rhyme


Rada Neal

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are times when you need a little quiet, a little instant in a sanctuary, just to be in the moment and in peace. I found this through the tones and calmness of Rada Neal’s new single Beautiful Old Rhyme. This was such a warm and tender composition, that one could not fail to be impressed and relaxed by its arrangement and performance.

Rada Neal is an accomplished pianist of great talent, and reflective cheerful creations like Beautiful Old Rhyme will go a long way to cement her legacy within the genre, this is piece that will pick up your day and leave you with a comforted smile, all good reasons enough to get a copy.

The Contemplative Power Of Water By Ali Ferguson


The Contemplative Power Of Water


Ali Ferguson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is always an utter treat when Ali Ferguson releases an album; it’s like an extra birthday present, one that you simply cannot wait to strip the wrapping paper off and gaze longingly at the contents inside. The Contemplative Power Of Water is this new release, and we’re about to embark on one of the best voyages through music within the last few years through the medium of this album, one that will salute the progressive side of rock with such style and panache.

This sojourn starts with the quite breath-taking title track itself The Contemplative Power Of Water (Pt. 1). This fast paced gutsy opener is a perfect starting point on what is simply an outstanding album, one that I find myself on my third consecutive listen too. If anyone was ever curious as to the guitar work of the artist, I would point them to this very song, he shines like a crazy diamond upon it, the fluency and smoothness is impressive, as are the quieter segments, the build and progressions and the added electronic touches too. I must thank Ali for the idea of audio within tracks, as this is something I do now on my own compositions, its creates a very effective narrative indeed.

Children Of Men is our second port of call, and what a colourful and interesting beginning it is, almost native and indigenous in its opening essence, but the build here was something deeply amazing. I truly appreciated the amazing texture of this composition, rocky yes, but incredibly artistically layered and consistent in its pure quality, may even be single material, with its memorable melody and hook.

One of my favourite pieces when I first played the album was this next offering, with its natural sounds, that nature feel and the sublime almost Zeppelin acoustic opening, The River Crows quickly found a place in my musical heart. The artist’s velvet like vocals on this track, and the quite beautiful descriptive lyrical content, made this one for me very special indeed. Nice work can also be found on the onward gentle percussive presentation and the very appropriate work on slide guitar and pipes too, a track for a movie lies here without doubt.

Stare Into Sunlight (Release/Control) must be the most rhythmic piece off the release and one that was so very easy to listen to. This is one of those tracks that I love to use the term “a true harmonic convergence can be found here”. This is a vibrant offering that has to be saluted, and the use of that much desired electronic element is also really appreciated as well, this goes on to manifest an arrangement that is so appealing to listen to, but also one of those tracks that literally makes the hairs on the arms stand up whilst listening.

The second part of the title track is now upon us, and another blissful moment of musical magic can once again be found here, pay careful attention to the audio narrative and sounds at the beginning, and then just drift on the halcyon moments created by The Contemplative Power Of Water (Pt.II). The hovering intensity of this track and the opening guitar reminded me so much of Pink Floyd that I nearly started singing “Remember when we were young” However here Ferguson takes part 2 and owns it totally, adding elements of electronica and a textured tapestry of tone, and we have another masterful performance that only goes to enhance abilities of the artist within this genre.

We now move gently to our next offering called The Catacombs, the opening to any Ali Ferguson song is always as important the main body of the work, it’s with Morse code we start this piece. The calm and soothing creation manifests a wonderful almost anthem styled opus; the whole mood of this piece is like a journey all in its own construction, and the artist is the master builder of that musical expression.

We now find ourselves on another world of musical pleasure called You Can't Hold An Ocean; if you want to improve your own musical skills, just listen carefully to the build and progression in this track, this is how it should be done, Ferguson is a master of the art. The texture of this song starts with a gentle cascade into an ebullient and full flowing composition that is simply undeniable.

The penultimate track off the album is sheer genius and brings forth some of the best song writing from the artist thus far perhaps. Peace Begins With Me would indeed become another personal favourite of mine, any song that moves me emotionally will find its way into my heart; the keyboard segment here is pure prog, while Fergusons multi-faceted talents reach a crescendo of class with his guitar solo, on what I believe is one of the best compositions as of yet from the musician.

Our concluding offering is the completion of the title track as we arrive at The Contemplative Power Of Water (Pt. III), this reminds me slightly of Roger Waters in its opening foray with ( 4AM Go Fishing), but warmer, however that soon changes. Here the artist brings us his longest offering off the album at well over 10 minutes in duration, the track itself is an incredibly complex creation, with a mix of eastern musical motifs and a global fusion, one that eventually melds into anthemic progressive rock moment of utter genius; one has to say going out with an arrangement like this would be enough to instigate a standing applause from even the most ardent arm chair rock enthusiasts.

The Contemplative Power Of Water by Ali Ferguson has been a most enjoyable experience for me personally, as I hope it will be for you as well. Here is an album that comes from the very heart and soul of the artist, and contained within are 9 tracks of sublime brilliance, perfectly produced, wonderfully performed, and intelligently created. The Contemplative Power Of Water by Ali Ferguson surely is an album destined for an awards nomination in its near future, it is that good and an album thoroughly recommended at all costs.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Now & Then By Dennis Milone


Now & Then


Dennis Milone

Written by

Steve Sheppard


On this hazy lazy early summer day I had the pleasure to sit and listen to the latest body of work from the artist Dennis Milone called Now & Then, and what a blissful and easy on the senses journey through new music it was, a delightful pastiche of instrumental music indeed.

This voyage starts with a lively opener called Homecoming, the upbeat musical narrative here made this song for me, one to certainly start the day off in the right mood with, the performance from Milone was vibrant and exciting and a creative beginning to the album, one that set the scene perfectly for the remainder of the release.

The bass and beat within the track Saint Peter's March reminded me of a song from the 80’s, but still at this moment I haven’t as of yet recaptured that memory, however there is something a little Mike Oldfield and Portsmouth about this piece that makes it so addictive.

Satori was one of my personal favourite tracks off the album, not because of my Buddhist persuasions, but a Satori is said to be unexplainable, indescribable, and unintelligible by reason and logic, and I am lucky enough to have been there, the powerful energy within this wonderful track reminded me a little of Jean Michael Jarre a times, but I felt more inclined to reference another sublime release by Jonathan Goldman called Chakra Dance, some maybe surprised at the intensity of this piece, but this is a sublime representation of an awakening through music, craft fully done indeed.

This next piece is an interesting composition; it’s called Father & Son and is a track that has a pleasant light touch to its proceedings, the keyboards are so wonderfully fluent and bring about a creative increase in intensity flow and intention; the melodic structure of this track was a veritable meeting of the minds, as the entire arrangement seemed to have a blissful symbiosis about its essence.

As we move deeper into the album we come across the idyllic offering called In the Meadow (We Dance), the Folk motifs are so evident here, and one can imagine a glorious happy summers day across the fields of some green and pleasant land occurring. The keyboards of Milone were the master narrator here and his talents created one of the most addictive and memorable pieces off the release.

The penultimate offering is called Final Day; once more the brightness of the composition was quite delightful, and the gentle beat drove us along the country roads bathed in sunshine and happiness. This offering from Milone has an almost anthem styled melody to its build and construction, and would be a clever track to end a concert with.

A Love That Never Was is our final port of call on this voyage through an instrumental dimension with the artist Dennis Milone. Here the musician sets things up perfectly to draw a concluding curtain across this stage, with what is a truly artistic, slightly emotive and clever composition, the build and progression leads us through a compelling song, and inevitably to an ending that leaves one feeling completely fulfilled and happy.

Now & Then by Dennis Milone is an exciting and vibrant new release, that purveyors of classy instrumental music would be wise to make part of their own collections. It is a creative mixture of musical memories, wonderfully weaved together in a musical tapestry that retains the ever eager ear of the listener, here within lies a fine example of really good contemporary instrumental music to thoroughly enjoy.

The Lost Summer (Ethereal Version) By Ryan Judd

The Lost Summer (Ethereal Version)


Ryan Judd

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is so much to love about this latest single by Ryan Judd entitled The Lost Summer (Ethereal Version), it has that laid back too hot to move feel, but also notes of a journey towards a distant autumn. Such artistic talent is rare these days, and this is in part why I enjoyed this single so much, I left it on repeat for quite a while.

Its summer here now in Cyprus and that means extreme heat, and the tones and timbre of this music truly suited the mood today. Judd’s performance on guitar was both sensitive and creative, the harmonics were sublime, and the textures painted with his guitar must surely make this a big summer hit for the artist and increase his standing within the acoustic guitar community.


Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Collection By David Wahler




David Wahler

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are times when a certain album lands in your lap, and it changes your entire perspective of the day unfurling, this just happened to me, my day was sluggish and unremarkable, but once I started my listen through of this new David Wahler album, I found the calmness and beauty inside of me grow with each passing song, the album in question is Collection, and it is within the realms of this beautiful release we now take a willing voyage.

The opening piece for me was a marvellous moment of great beauty, and reminded me in parts of early Medwyn Goodall, and his piece Misty Morning Water from 87, Wahler has created here an idyllic composition that completely lives up to its title of Lost Coast with sublime ease.

The following musical narrative had a wonderfully light energy about its construction and entitled Lila; the fluency here was a key element for me, as the composition just manifested different aspects as it went, but always kept that quite chilled, and almost cloud like essence about its overall construction, a bliss filled opus of peace with ease.

The realms of darkness have been reached here as we listen to Noctorno, the main theme and melody were both emotive and idyllic, the scene was set perfectly by Wahler on keyboards, creating a relaxed and incredibly atmospheric resonance at all times, in an arrangement that drifted within the early dream like minutes of a new days birth.

The gentle opening to this next offering was utterly beautiful; the track in question is called Invictus, and for me highlights one of the reasons over the years, that David Wahler has been regarded in such high esteem. This is his tenth album and manifestations like this mellow and healing creation should be appreciated for the calming narrative that it creates.

The curiously entitled Easy Peasy is next up on our playlist of plenty, and here Wahler brings to the table a truly chilled vibe that reminds me of classic Phil Thornton from the latter half of the last century. The vibe here is simple and relaxed; a wonderful offering for relaxation indeed.

The deeper waters of the album are reached, and as we arrive on this sublime musical shoreline we are greeted with a splendid composition entitled Adagio ála Carlos. The adagio mood was wonderful, and reminded me in temperament of Ravel’s work at times, this is one of those mood filled opuses that you never wish to end.

We have reached our penultimate track, and this delicious arrangement is called Rite, the ethereal vocalisation here added such a pleasing layer of a musical tapestry into the proceedings for me, so much so, that I found the entire track quite emotional, this would indeed be one of my favourite pieces off of the album, one that I feel will be with me for a long time to come.

Our last track is something that a majority of us would ask for and called Peace On Earth, it’s easy if you just try, it’s easier without an over bloated ego, and here on this last magnificent arrangement Wahler sums up that with a sublime ease, the natural sounds show just how easy and calm life is on our planet without our childlike protestations and fears. The slow, but wonderful construction, the idyllic build and progression on keyboards in this concluding piece, were simply the best way possible to end a superb album.

Collection by David Wahler is the artists 10th release and after much consideration, and in my opinion, I rate it to be his best so far, he has taken those strange moments of isolation and lockdown during the pandemic, and from those moments of introspection, produced one of the best new age albums of the year thus far, this was one release well worth waiting for without a shadow of a doubt.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tree Tales By Bernward Koch


Tree Tales


Bernward Koch

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Bernward Koch has been on my personal music radar ever since the release of Walking Through Clouds back in 2005, however the artists musical linage can be traced back much further to 1989, a time of great change in the world of music, skip forward to today and we are celebrating the release of this his brand new album Tree Tales, and what a beautiful journey we are about to embark on indeed.

The gateway opens as we turn The Key and take a step into a lush world of colour and tranquillity; one thing to know about a Bernward Koch experience, is that you will always get complete consistency throughout the whole of any project he undertakes, and at its conclusion you will feel relaxed, calmed and quite a peace.

From its mellow beginnings we move to a track entitled Inner Light, this would be one of my personal favourites from the release as I adore the interplay between major and minor so very much on any arrangement.  Here Koch does just that, and brings us, an offering that is both sincere and soothing.

Lonely Pinwheel is a fascinating track; there is a certain hymnal quality about its construction that I found most intriguing, but a piece never the less, that creates a steady onward movement within its overall presentation.

Just the title alone sets the scene with ease here; this next piece is blissful and called Warm Fall Sun. The soft palate of sounds behind the keys of Koch, are like watching an early morning October mist rise into the ether, this is a tranquil musical moment of genius that reminded me greatly of days of old, and artists like Mike Rowland and Stephen Rhodes.

The melody in this next piece will remain with you for hours after even just one listen; the piece is called Hidden Dream, underneath the layers of textured beauty lays a gem of a composition, one that contains a slightly mysterious ethic, and perhaps even a film score segment too, a very special creation can be sourced here from the artist.

Many create music about a lone tree, but I believe this is the first time I have seen one brought into existence about a Single Young Tree. I adored the hovering intensity here, whilst the artist almost carved out a presentation on the keys of such an imploring nature, one could feel the wind, one could sense the delicacy of this new tree, all in all, this for me was a remarkable performance by Koch, one that will stay in my heart for a long while to come.

When you reach the song Sweet Memory, you will have graced the half way marker, this colourful piece will allow you a moment of musical reflection, one that is done with such a beautiful hand on the keys, if this one doesn’t move you, I’m not sure will.

Hills And Bushes begins our downward decent from the green vales of musical magic, this is indeed a composition that contains a steady onward purpose, there is also something quite moving about the track as well, its under-pinned and respectful narrative, is dramatic in parts, but in the way you would gaze over a vast land from a great vantage point, a halcyon musical moment indeed.

The lightness of touch here on Free In The Air was so very palpable, whilst listening to this song I gazed from my studio window and watched a swift rise majestically upon the thermals, and thought to myself, this song is certainly a great soundtrack for this event; the freedom one finds here is so very calming, and so very effortless.

Beech Woodland is a piece that also moved me greatly, at times the piece wanders down the footpaths of nature with an almost classical feel to it, then it seems to drift into a reflective eddy, thus manifesting somewhat of a cinematic texture to its proceedings, without doubt this was one most enticing and colourful compositions on the album.

As we drift slowly down the stream we come across a sight so very pretty indeed, as we gaze upon A Rare Flower. This piece for me shows all the skill and expertise of Bernward Koch as he pulls from his magic hat of talent one of the most delightful tracks off the release, everything is perfect here in this world of trees, and a composition like this that floats on the cadence of the day, is a memory filled opus that will never be forgotten.

The skill set of Koch shows its many qualities on this next offering, as he brings us a slow and aged composition that offers up much knowledge and comfort and called Dark Old Trees. Whether or not it’s just that I am getting old myself now, but I loved this track with a passion, it contains wisdom, perception and sagacity, whilst the performance gives us a slow and carful presentation, it also delivers us one of the most meaningful arrangements on the album thus far.

Sleeping Leaves is out penultimate offering, where did the time go? It seemed just moments ago we set off on this journey of trees with Bernward Koch, for the artist to manifest an anthem like arrangement like this, at this juncture of the album is nothing less than genius. The bass here was also a vital cog in the wheel of brilliance, and for me it became a track that I just wanted to hit repeat on many times over, perfect in elevation and such a gentle crescendo too, an outstanding offering indeed, one for some strange reason reminded me of Pavane for a Dead Princess by Tomita, composed of course by Ravel originally.

The final parting gift from the album would be the piece Autumnal Landscape, our voyage has seemingly taken us to the very hem of winter, there is nothing quite like the beautiful scene of a late October nature panorama, and here on this moving construction of crafted cleverness, Bernward Koch leaves us with a picturesque and magical musical offering, the perfect choice to end the release with.

Tree Tales by Bernward Koch has to be the artist’s best work thus far, it’s his 15th album, and still like the trees, he grows, matures and constantly pulls masterful performances and creative compositions from his hat of magical manifestations. Here is an album that any listener seeking solace, comfort or perhaps a sanctuary of peace, would be glad to have in their collections, as Tree Tales by Bernward Koch is the epitome of all the is good in the world of creative instrumental music in the 21st century. 

Monday, May 23, 2022

Soft Harbour By Ethereal Planes


Soft Harbour


Ethereal Planes

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a fine art to creating truly good ambient music, Eno created the space in between spaces, Al Gromer Khan manifested a quietness of mood of a location, and G.W Deuter crossed both boundaries and brought peace and tranquillity to all of his listeners, here Ethereal Planes with this new single Soft Harbour, have painted a vision of an utterly picturesque ambient new age styled landscape, and it is easy to get lost within the realm of this masterful opus, but one I willingly would wish to do, I am on my 4th play right now.

The floating textures and keyboards build up a wonderful atmospheric mood, one so vast and all-encompassing, its dream like reverie is a delight to bathe within, and a home, or perhaps a musical sanctuary has been created here by the artist in a long form arrangement that is a sublime 13 + minutes in duration, Never a better time has been spent drifting on this tapestry of tone and tranquillity, in a manifestation of music you simply never want to end.

Gratitude By Mad Dog Blues




Mad Dog Blues

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so good to hear some truly organic Blues again, and via the medium of Mad Dog we can enjoy such a reverie, and what a fresh and inspiring number has been manifested here, called Gratitude.

The lightness of this new single is just what the world needs right now, and being grateful is something we should all express with abundance. The guitar on this single is sublime and brings a whole new look at the world of Blues, Roots and Boogie.

Mad Dog Blues have manifested a single here that is addictive to listen to and easy on the ears, it’s a song that I warn you, will be in your head for days after just one listen, and that’s exactly what any artist would want to hear.


Friday, May 20, 2022

How To Fall Down By Marcello Liverani


How To Fall Down


Marcello Liverani

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have been blessed recently, as I have had a few albums to review that have brought a blissful sense of ambience into my life, this new album from Marcello Liverani not only gives me that, but also takes me on a journey through some of the finest examples of instrumental music you’re likely to find, all this is on the album How To Fall Down.

I am of course very familiar with the work of this sublime artist, and the Italian composer of incredibly moving soundscapes is always a master in the art of creating sensitive and emotive moods through his creations, like the opening piece Chasing The Sky, a track I just had to listen to several times over this morning, or the quite breathtakingly beautiful A Glimpse, there are things in this life that calm the senses, this amazing composition would be one of them, it is so very easy to listen too.

There are six stunning tracks on this album, each and every one of them are inner dimensions of their own existences, rock pools of creative ambient constructs that drift and hover throughout reality, however I must say that my favourite of all would be A Fragment of Stillness, this simply splendid composition took me back to the great days of ambient music, and reminded me very much so of the late but superb Harold Budd in its performance.

The final offering is entitled Where I Come To An End and it is a fine example of Liverani’s musical intelligence, each and every note has a place to go, and a home to live in, and at times reminded me of Mike Oldfield in progression, style and intent.

How To Fall Down by Marcello Liverani is one of those albums I am oh so very grateful to have come across, it is a sublime collection of ambience meets piano, and in doing so manifesting a whole new reality of tone and vibration, one that brings a tranquil energy to the table with ease, but in doing so, the artist layers each note with a mastery that creates a veritable tapestry of tender musical textures, I would recommend this one very highly indeed.

A Letter from Mars By David Gómez


A Letter from Mars


David Gómez

Written by

Steve Sheppard


David Gómez is a new name to me, so I was eager to hear the contents of this brand new offering from the artist entitled A Letter From Mars, at its conclusion I felt truly moved, the essence of the album was quite profound and would remain with me for the remainder of the day.

The opening piece is wonderfully ambient, yet has tinges of a reflective and almost mournful mood. I am referring of course to the title track, A Letter From Mars, and one simply has to respect a musician who places this artistic beginning of all canvases at the opening piece on the album; I have played this piece several times now and still I find It incredibly emotive.

The album itself is a 10 track collection of ambient piano with added instrumentation that carries with it a special energy, one that is akin to holding the keys to a memory palace of musical reflections, a fine example of that is the mood filled opus of Live in Another Life.

We can drift through the eddies of tracks like Spacewoman, a smooth and incredibly fluent offering that holds an emotional mood beautifully, or the light-hearted reverie of Thousands of Pianos Floating on the Moon, all just go to highlight what a sublime album this most certainly is.

The penultimate track also has a resonance of its very own with its symbiotic string and piano construction in the song Between Jupiter and Saturn, a piece that seems to coalesce around itself, and the concluding composition in Welcome to Nuwa, a track that holds textures and layers of a happier refrain and arrival within its overall arrangement.

A Letter from Mars by David Gómez has to be the most unique album I have had the pleasure to listen to this year by far. The artist creates an ambience to his music, which then manifest’s into a warm comforting pastiche of colour, where the listener can simply float and drift with the music as they wish.

A Letter from Mars by David Gómez is an album I would have in my collection at all costs, as this is a release that offers something different, yet still holds the security blanket of musical comfort firmly between its fingers.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Mars Dawn By Shambhu


Mars Dawn



Written by

Steve Sheppard


I watched along with millions of others as the Mars rover began its voyage and eventual sojourn on the red planet, and having always been one who has wondered about the mysterious nature and realities of space throughout his life time, I felt the thrill of excitement vicariously through the journey on our screens.

Here guitarist Shambhu manifests that first morning on this new world for your delight, within the medium of his latest single Mars Dawn.  His guitar is a brush stroke of pure genius; rarely in this acoustic field will you find a performer with as much soul and connectivity as Shambhu.

This delightful offering is added to by a blissful cinematic and symphonic back drop of sound by Nathaniel Wolkstein and an outstanding performance on EWI/French Horn by non-other than Premik Russell Tubbs, whose joint efforts would reveal at its conclusion, one of the most impressive, artistic, and serene pieces of instrumental music of this year thus far with ease.

Morning Drops By Andrea Sertori

Morning Drops


Andrea Sertori

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is something so very calming about this new solo piano release by Andrea Sertori entitled Morning Drops; one can feel energies of happiness within the performance, it is as if one is literally watching the cadence of the day unfurl before our very eyes, whilst the simplicity of nature just creates its own melody, dancing to its own tune.

Sertori is a fine composer of great colour and fluency, and on this single he has once more brought into manifestation something both beautiful and serene, with this his latest work, Morning Drops


My Immortal By Matias Bacoñsky


My Immortal


Matias Bacoñsky

Written by

Steve Sheppard


First before you listen to this new Evanescence cover of My Immortal by Matias Bacoñsky, please open up the art work to fit the screen, and then press play.

The effect is dramatic and poignant, the music and performance by Bacoñsky doubly so, the artists ability to bring drama, colour and intensity into a project us almost unparalleled in this genre.

My Immortal by Matias Bacoñsky is a profound new single by the artist that will leave the listener like they have literally been taken to the location within the subject matter, and to have actually touched the hem of immortality itself, a simply outstanding cinematic and symphonic performance by pianist Matias Bacoñsky can be found here.

Embers of Freedom By Timothy J.P. Gomez


Embers of Freedom


Timothy J.P. Gomez

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Timothy J.P Gomez has been a musician of interest to me ever since the release of his album The Awakening way back in 2014, and since then I have eagerly awaited a new album release with absolute pleasure, however that wait is now over with the release of the artists new collection of songs entitled, Embers Of Freedom.

The magical art of creating great flute music backed by quality added instrumentation is a crafted exercise, but one done quite brilliantly by the artist, and on the opener we have a fine example of a symbiotic performance, one perfectly balanced by Timothy J.P. Gomez on Call of The Wind; the artist manifests an almost light rocky element with acoustic guitar and pertinent percussion, to gift us the perfect start to this new album.

We have all been touched, some of us literally by the pandemic, it certainly brought a huge artistic change in my life amongst many other aspects, and here on Embers Of Freedom we see another project birthed from the despairing and confusing times of 2020. On Dawns Deliverance we see another aspect of those days; the flute is imploring and almost crying out for guidance, whilst the guitar manifests some delicious minor chords to add colour to the moment.

Now we arrive at one of my personal favourites of the album with the track Rite of Passage, the tabla and percussive efforts added a wonderful flavour to the piece, but the guitar was magical in setting the initial scene, and almost reminded me of the opening chords to Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, which I know is perhaps a little bizarre, but the song itself, and the flute performance by Gomez was incredibly powerful and exciting.

Again on The Will To Soar the artist brings a solid foundation with the guitar to start our new journey on this riveting composition. There was a nice mixture of folk meets rock, meets native flute on this offering, that I found most attractive and a song that changed its intensity, flow and purpose, almost like the composition itself, as it breaks free from its original substance.

So carefully we tread into the second half of the release and as we do so we arrive at my favourite track off the album entitled Embracing the Storm, using the power and natural sounds of a storm, the artist creates a track that is so addictive to listen to and one that reminds me of an old Johnny Whitehorse album from 2006, that same sense of intensity is there in the artist performance, and that very clever use of percussion also created one of the most inventive and artistic tracks I have heard thus far from him.

Phoenix Rising continues our theme of a multi-instrumentational flavour, and here Gomez ups the tempo, and through the flute performance and percussion, we are gifted one of the most rhythmic tracks off the release, we were the Phoenix that would eventually rise from the ashes of this tragic event.

As we move ever deeper into the album, we come across a piece entitled Under Open Skies. Here is a wonderfully warm offering that contains a global feel to its overall musical narrative. If ever there was a single to be released from the album it would have to be this one for me, vibrant, exciting, a memorable melody, and all wrapped up with a world styled rhythm that is simply undeniable.

One place to seek guidance in times of trouble is from ones Spirit Guide, I must admit, meditation and such exercises helped me through the worst of those times, and here on this penultimate arrangement we have a mysterious yet sincere offering, one that through its structures and the performance of the artist, gives us something we will always need, hope, although at times it was hard to see where that is actually going to come from.

The last musical offering from Timothy J.P. Gomez is called Earth Unbound, a piece that has a sensitive, yet rustic mood to its overall narrative, the organic nature of this perfect concluding track is sublime at creating a mood that sums up the picture of the album beautifully, and it’s uplifting resonance perhaps reason enough for carrying onward and upward.

Embers of Freedom by Timothy J.P. Gomez is in my view the best work from the artist to date, there is a balance and flow here that is pronounced, there is an energy here that is incredibly artistic, and the overall message from the album is deeply expressive and incredibly cathartic, without a shadow of a doubt, Embers of Freedom by Timothy J.P. Gomez is an album that is going to create waves of excitement within the Flute genre and the vast realms of lovers of truly good music.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Fire By Sukha





Written by

Steve Sheppard


The vibrational energies of this new album by Sukha are quite special and manifest a feeling of oneness and completion, and all within an uplifting nature of tranquillity and peace, so let’s introduce to you the two parts of the whole who make this mantra band so appealing, Nicole Fagone (Sukhmani), she utilises a sweet and tranquil talent that brings forth some of the most serene, yet heart felt vocals and Steven Fagone (Sukhman), who adds to the vocal structures of the release and creates some of the most tender tones on acoustic guitar I have had the pleasure to listen to for some time.

The expansion of mantra music has really taken hold recently; we are seeing a resurgence in this genre, one that reminds me of the early part of this century through artists like Deva Premal. This of course can only be a good thing, and with the opener we are gifted Om Bhavam Namah, this is one of the most ambient, yet utterly transcendent places with which to start our spiritual journey, the addition of Jared May’s Synthesiser was a stroke of genius, and added much to the already smooth and flowing composition.

The vibe of this next piece offered up a fascinating arrangement, a folk styled ethic can be heard here and the acoustic work of Sukhman, which is a key component to this manifestation of tone. This is an expressive and an impressive mantra, one entitled Om Vardhanam Namah. The elevation in tempo added a layer of energy into this piece that makes it totally accessible to everyone.

I still to this day adore the use of natural sounds on compositions, I do it myself from time to time on my creations, and a charming sense of nature is created by the bird sounds that open the piece Om Kriyam Namah. The symbiotic partnership of both Sukhman and Sukhmani truly became very evident here on this track, also notable mentions must be given again to May for his use of synths in this offering, and the quite rhythmic palate brought into existence by percussionist and drummer Tripp Dudley.

The longest mantra off the album, at well over 11 minutes in duration, is one of my personal favourites and entitled Om Daksham Namah. The guitar here is sublime in all its aspects, it manifests a wonderful mood between major and minor, and brings a further state of bliss when combined with the sensitive yet flowing vocals of Sukhmani, one must also add a big thumbs up for the addition of the flute on this track, a tip of the hat to Amar Khalsa for that. 

As we move into the deeper waters of the release now and come across a truly friendly offering entitled Om Ritam Namah, there was and is something about this mantra that is so warm and all-encompassing to listen to, the symbiosis between percussion and guitar worked magically here, and at times it even manifested an organic energy into the proceedings.

The penultimate offering before us is the mantra Om Anandham Namah. This would also gift us a fast based and folk driven moment of musical majesty to enjoy. The multi-instrumentational nature of this piece gave it a multi-dimensional manifestation, one that contained an imploring and passionate vocal performance from Sukhmani and one that drove the composition home with much intent and purpose.

Our last mantra is Om Varunam Namah, and as it would happen this would be another personal favourite of mine, I would have this resonating in my head for most of the day onwards. For me the combination of all the artists involved here worked beautifully, and the mantra itself I found so very uplifting and fluent, and without doubt the perfect piece with which to end the release with.

Fire by Sukha, it has to be said, was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had for a while, the musicianship within this album alone is sublime, and given the added talents of the two artists headlining the project, you the listener are onto an absolute winner here regardless of if you are into the mantra styled music that is created here or not, for here is a release that is picturesque, calming, uplifting and empowering, and totally accessible to all who have an open mind enough to listen.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Sambarama feat. Lao Tizer By Carbe and Durand


Sambarama feat. Lao Tizer


Carbe and Durand

Written by

Steve Sheppard


One of the finest duets in the Latin acoustic genre is back with a bang, and this time they bring with them a supremo of the smooth Jazz genre in keyboardist Lao Tizer, and together on Sambarama they produce one of the most addictive songs so far this year.

The Latin vibe and rhythmic beat is a beautiful thing, with J.P Durand on acoustic guitar you have a master of his art, with the amazing Liza Carbe you have one, if not the, best female bassist in the world, and the smooth chilled grove that Lao Tizer brings on the keys, must surely make this single one of the biggest hits of the summer of 2022.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Eras Para Mi ft. Serena By East Collectors by Jimmy Østbygaard


Eras Para Mi ft. Serena


East Collectors by Jimmy Østbygaard

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is something quite sweet and soothing about this new single released by East Collectors by Jimmy Østbygaard, the fluent mood swings the mind into a passive place of relaxation with great ease and the charm filled voice of Serena brings us to a beach of tenderness and tranquillity.

Eras Para Mi ft. Serena from East Collectors by Jimmy Østbygaard is a song that glistens in the noon day sun of a Latin backdrop, with a delightfully played acoustic guitar and a mood filled moment of love and happiness; it would seem almost inconceivable if this little delicacy is not a big hit for the artists.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Affinity By DM Ascension




DM Ascension

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The new DM Ascension release Affinity must surely be the best chilled single of the year thus far, this smooth and deliciously ambient vibe is so listenable that one could just program repeat, and be in a state of bliss all day long, to prove that point I am now on my third play and loving it.

The keyboards and brass sections are completely harmonious, combine that with the sensual bass line and mesmeric percussive beat, and you are onto a total winner here. This song is one to take into the long hot summer days ahead, and a single that I feel could well be sailing high up the charts, an idyllic composition indeed, one to certainly kick back to.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Never To Return By Ryan Judd


Never To Return


Ryan Judd

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Ryan Judd is a composer of mellow acoustic guitar compositions that seem to have such a delicacy about them, that they create a meditative vibe whenever they are played. The soft and tender nature of this new single by the artist is therefore a most valuable addition to his ever growing catalogue, and entitled Never To Return.

The crafted and well thought out ambience of this piece is simply blissful to hear, and listening to Never To Return is like floating gently down the stream, and wondering if it all was in fact a just a dream. Smooth, calming and very beautifully performed; a single that needs to be appreciated and given as much love as it gives out, certainly one to keep an eye on.

Passages of Time By Eric Heitmann


Passages of Time


Eric Heitmann

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Eric Heitmann has been in full flow lately, his musical muse is operating on ultra-creative mode, and through this latest single it truly shows just how vibrant and yet touching the music of this sublime pianist has become.

Passages of Time is a mood filled opus of grandeur and charm, its halls of resonance manifest something so imposing and demanding to be listened to, but within this grand opus there is a layer of sensitivity as well, one that brings the whole project towards an arrangement of what can only be described as cinematic in stature. Passages of Time is a fine piece indeed, and one that should bring the artist a vast amount of success to the composer.

Moonlit Echoes By Eric Heitmann


Moonlit Echoes


by Eric Heitmann

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a time, an inner dimension of sight and sound, where this piece by Eric Heitmann entitled Moonlight Echoes can just drift on the ageless winds of peace and tranquillity. This new single, one that contains the lightness of touch on guitar by Patrick Zelinski, is brimming with the serenity of the moment, and as one listens to the overall construction of the offering, we can see it is so very redolent of the subject matter.

Moonlit Echoes is one of those tracks to shut down the day with, just to stand and watch the silver orb across the ocean is enough for me to be grateful, one that I am experiencing this halcyon moment, and two, that this simply idyllic offering is now in my life. An utterly bliss filled reverie of tone can be found here and simply deserves to be a hit.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

All For You By Melany Thompson

All For You


Melany Thompson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I do very much appreciated the opportunity that arose this morning of being able to review one of the finest piano with instrumentation singles I have heard for many a month, and called All For You, and by the simply outstanding Melany Thompson.

This cinematic soundscape is deeply moving, full on emotive and packed with such passion and positive intent; the orchestration was simply divine and hit the resonation button with me with ease.

Melany Thompson on All For You has manifested a track of pure passion from her own open heart, and in doing so, has created one of the best singles in this full flowing romantic piano based symphonic style, that I have heard for simply eons. If this isn’t a huge hit, then I will be shocked to my very core


Unraveling By Pam Asberry




Pam Asberry

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There can be no doubt that pianist Pam Asberry has been making her way up the league table so to speak of piano composers, and must now rank as one of the leading components of her trade today, in this vast realm of what we call the solo piano genre, and this brand new offering entitled Unraveling is not only another giant step forward, but a hugely cathartic journey through something that affected us all, the global pandemic.

Her first footfalls into the album is the creation of the most powerful piece she has ever done called Storm Clouds Gather; this is such a poignant offering, one that shakes the cadence from the day, and reminds us of those early days of terrifying fear in 2020, her performance here speaks for us all, as we gazed out of our windows in trepidation, with only a sliver of hope as our companion.

The title track says it all, and of course is entitled Unraveling, the day when the world stopped us in our tracks, and the kitten of Karma pulled apart our ball of fluffy expectations. Asberry has a wonderful flow here, one that creates a tempest of tone and confusion, as bewilderment drifted on the waves of insecurity. This piece is almost classical in style at times, but once more Asberry pours her very heart and soul into this magnificent offering, with dramatic pause and intention.

This 11 track album is a musical narrative that will be very close to our own hearts and experiences, and the long journey we all took to just peak and the sun lit uplands drifting on the horizon of hope before us, tracks like Bluebird as nature cared little about the pandemic, other than those pesky humans were out of the way, Dark Places, that all who visited those dungeons of depression and anxiety of those days will remember it well, and Labyrinth, the war we all had to endure against Facebook scientists and conspiracy theorists, the utter confliction of those who were supposed to have our interests at heart, and who instead created a confusion that would seem to me, and perhaps the artist too, of manifesting a Labyrinth of tall tales and exaggerations that would inevitably lead us back to the start of the maze; an almost snakes and ladders performance can be found here from Asberry, on one of her most clever performances of her career.

However hope is expressed beautifully by the artist on the tracks This Time with You and Metamorphosis, two blissful compositions that highlighted the positive aspects of those dark days, and our hope of transformation into not just what we perceived as normal, but hopefully something much better and more considerate, these two arrangements specifically, are with ease two of the most emotive and moving compositions I believe Asberry has ever written.

Unraveling by Pam Asberry has to be the artist’s best work to date, she has taken something that affected us all, and created a musical interpretation of her feelings and ours too on the piano, and the result is a literal masterpiece and something to be deeply proud of. Unraveling by Pam Asberry is a healing journey of great significance, and should be purchased by any serious musical aficionado, on an album that you truly cannot be failed to be moved by, and is indeed ground breaking work from the artist.