Thursday, April 11, 2024

Spring's Redeeming Rain By Curtis Macdonald


Spring's Redeeming Rain


Curtis Macdonald

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The genre of New Age Pop continues to grow unabated with this brand new and sparklingly fresh single from the quite brilliant instrumentalist Curtis Macdonald. There has never been a bad song released by the artist, and this new offering continues that legacy with a superb new creation called Spring's Redeeming Rain.

The opening of this new manifestation is truly ambient, and gives the listener a moment to take in the literal growth of the piece before it breaks into its main theme. Macdonald is a sublime keyboardist, he has that beautiful ability to bring peace and calm with each composition created.

One with ease can imagine the new growth of the flowers of spring as they shake the old worn out raincoat of winter’s gloomy shadow off its shoulders; the composition itself is fluent and graceful, but also very vibrant in its output, this song would also go down well with people who have a passion for music from the chill out genre too.

Spring's Redeeming Rain by Curtis Macdonald is indeed an exciting new single; I believe this one has that air of positivity and freshness about its build and progression, which could take it into the higher realms of the charts and open the hearts of the ever discerning listener to its radiant beauty, this one is a song to be missed at all costs.

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