Thursday, April 4, 2024

In A Warm Place by Shere Fraser & Manuel Galan


In A Warm Place (flute & guitar version)


Shere Fraser & Manuel Galan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Writing music for a duet is not always as easy as it seems, performing doubly so, but here on this brand new single by Shere Fraser & Manuel Galan called In A Warm Place (flute & guitar version) they have utterly nailed it. The beauty that lies in the tone and timbre of this new offering is simply gorgeous and heart-warming.

One has to say that the acoustic guitar of Manuel Galan is some of the finest I have heard and it manifests a perfect ambience, then when you combine it with the soft caress of the flute of Shere Fraser, magic is made.

I do so very much appreciate the lush textures of musical tapestry on this new release, it has the effect of a warm hug and that is always a good thing to have achieved in music.

We may also note that the melody is consistent and fluent and would perhaps make a good introduction to a television show; all the hallmarks are there for it to do so, regardless this is such a charming composition, it will be given much love by all who listen to it.

Galan and Fraser have indeed partnered before and you can tell that their music is symbiotically in harmony, and as such I have a feeling that we may yet see another chart hit for the duo with, In A Warm Place (flute & guitar version).

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