Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sensualis By Santiago Trigueros




Santiago Trigueros

Written by

Steve Sheppard


When I first heard this single I was struck with an interesting comparison, but more on that later, this new single by Santiago Trigueros entitled Sensualis is an exciting new offering from the artist that takes us perhaps into the future, and manifests a blissful chilled electronic styled vibe, whilst doing so.

The composition itself is an accomplished work by a well-respected composer of truly good instrumental works, with similarities at times to EM creator David Wright with its electronic pulse and the lush colourful melodies contained within.

The percussive nuances were sublime, and added much to the overall narrative of the composition, but when I glanced at the art work of the single, a rare thing these days, I was taken back to the magical era of the movie Bladerunner, and thus my aforementioned comparison comes to the fore, it reminded me a lot of the romantic segments of that movie, the ones that contained the musical brilliance of one Vangelis.

Santiago Trigueros has that same ability to manifest soundscapes and overlay superb keyboards upon the hovering backdrops of tone and timbre, this new single is a fine example of that and should as such be a huge hit with fans across the globe and in the charts.

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