Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Kismet By Joseph L Young




Joseph L Young

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Over the eons of time we have pondered what may become of us, what may happen in our own story, or are we in the hands of an uncontrolled energy of a fate or destiny, we may even ask what chance did I stand against kismet? This conundrum is now beautifully portrayed by one of the most stylish pieces of music to come my way this year from Joseph L Young, and indeed called Kismet.

Joseph L Young is a multi-instrumentalist of great style and talent, and here on his new single he brings to us a very mysterious composition that is a deeply addictive to listen to, and utterly compelling to reside within.

Kismet has a multiple directional flow, at times we could be floating in the east, at times in the forests of Native America, perhaps moments of bliss in a world of Celtic mythology, and at other times in the now empty caravansaries of the country from which the word came from in Turkey, all of those flavours are there.

The floating and rising textures of Young’s flute reminds me of UK flute performers Chris Conway and Nigel Shaw at times, with that very imploring style, but Joseph has a standard all of his own and it is of the most highest quality there is. As such this amazing new single just has to be an incredibly huge hit on the singles charts, and surely a must be purchase for any truly honest instrumental music fan or aficionado.

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