Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening By Richard Goldsworthy

The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening


Richard Goldsworthy

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have been listening to the pianist Richard Goldsworthy for a while now, and I have been pleasantly impressed with the tones and moods that the artist has created; clearly this is a pianist of very high quality, so today I am thrilled to get to review his latest album entitled The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening, and a journey of the most ambient of piano manifestations was a head of me.

From the very opening piece Goldsworthy established the foundation of utter bliss with a truly soothing musical narrative entitled The Awakening, a track that had a wonderful interplay between minor and major, and one which flowed with utter beauty into the following arrangement entitled Origination, a timeless composition that holds within its confines a moment of reflection, memory and awareness, and all in just over two minutes.

This is exactly the style of solo piano I adore, upon this beautiful collection of short form narrations are seven pieces all brought into this world by a musician who is clearly in touch with his own musical muse, offerings like the flowing and fluent Prelude: Before the Light, bring a graceful early morning energy to the forefront, whilst Dawn Awakening, previously released a single earlier on in this year, truly emphasises what a class pianist Richard Goldsworthy is, with its lush and textured melodies and gentle onward progression.

In The Gentle Arms of Love can also be found on the album, another track like the aforementioned Dawn Awakening, was released as a single earlier on in 2023, once more not only is the melody rich and heartfelt, it’s also incredibly sincere in its tone and timbre too.

The deeper side of the artist is shown with the creative and mood filled opus of The Stillness within the Storm, which in my view is the cleverest piece from the album, emphasizing the dualistic juxtaposition between calmness and rage, one that can be found in the centre of a storm, perhaps both literal and metaphorical. 

We finish this exploration of ambient piano off with the track A Calm Sea, this currently describes the state of the Mediterranean as seen from my home, its lapis waves caress the coastline in a harmonic convergence so blissful, and this for me, describes this concluding track perfectly, and with great style and intelligence too.

Goldsworthy has done it, The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening is without doubt one of the most enjoyable solo piano albums I have listened to for ages, the softness of touch, the thoughtful and emotive manifestation of such musical art deserves much praise, and this is why I blissfully believe from experience that The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening by Richard Goldsworthy is going to be a massive hit on the charts for the pianist, and in doing so giving him all the recognition his most certainly deserves.


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