Monday, August 14, 2023

Little Miracles By Julia Thomsen


Little Miracles


Julia Thomsen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is always something to treasure about a fourth coming Julia Thomsen single, and when it finally arrives that moment is truly something to cherish, the delicacy of this new creation is simply blissful, one could imagine sitting under a tree full of cherry blossoms listening to this song, it would be so very in the moment as the pink petals fell into your lap.

Little Miracles is a soft pastiche of colour and textures, and a piece performed with such a fine blend of heartfelt and earnest tonal structures. Thomsen is a story teller as well as a superb pianist, and here on this new composition the one word that springs to mind whilst listening is, gratitude.

The soft but ever onward progression on piano is delightful to bathe in, and the clever interplay between the melody and high notes create a wonderful juxtaposition of calmness and passion, on this fantastic new single called Little Miracles, a piece that is sure to be adored by her fans, and those who simply have a need for really excellent piano based music. 

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