Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Otherworld By Jacquelyn G. Kleine




Jacquelyn G. Kleine

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Jacquelyn G. Kleine is a musician who is in a wonderful current state of artistic bliss, creating and manifesting one hit after another, awards, chart placements, it’s all happening for the electric flautist. Today she has another gift for her growing legions of fans, and this latest musical tale is called Otherworld.

There can be many voyages and stories of otherworld’s; the Celts from my original country would talk of it endlessly, we can even travel to a plethora of other dimensions or other worlds through meditation. Perhaps here Jacquelyn and her electronic wizardry have created the pathway and the portal to access those mysterious corners of the mind.

The piece itself is a journey of self-discovery, with the flute being the guide along the way, the electronic backdrop and repeating motifs are the ever present, but mythical landscapes of our musical sojourn. Kleine is without doubt one of the most inventive, active and artistic performers around today, and as such I can see yet another huge hit for the musician with this most fascinating and inexplicable new single called Otherworld.  

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