Friday, August 25, 2023

Love Alone Can Do By Ban Brothers


Love Alone Can Do


Ban Brothers

Written by

Andy Rogers

Love Alone Can Do” is a brand new single release from Ban Brothers, the tenth single to be released from their forthcoming album “Guiding Star”. I have to say that of all the tracks I have heard from the album so far, this one is my favourite. This is an uptempo tune, performed in ¾ (waltz) time and with a definite World Music vibe, quite different to the Americana or Alt-Country of their other more recent singles.

Love Alone Can Do” has upbeat, hopeful, heartfelt lyrics written and beautifully sung by Ban Banerjee. I especially love the use of the accordion on this track– it is an integral part of the performance and while undoubtedly the instrumental star of this single it blends perfectly with the rest of the band and gives the music almost a Cajun or “Tex-Mex” feel: think of the band Calexico around the time of their Hot Rail or Black Light albums and you’ll be on the right lines here.

We are told that the forthcoming album, Guiding Star, is themed on hope, inspiration and love… This wonderful uplifting single, which is released August 25th, fits that brief perfectly and deserves to do very well for Ban Brothers and also augurs well for the album “Guiding Star” to be released in the near future. 

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