Tuesday, August 15, 2023

22° Halo By Timothy J.P. Gomez


22° Halo


Timothy J.P. Gomez

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Timothy J.P. Gomez has to be one of the best flute performers of his day; his rich tapestries of music are both meaningful and opulent of tone and timbre, today the artist gifts us musical seekers a brand new single to enjoy and its entitled 22° Halo.

I have only ever seen one of these remarkable visions, and that was back in 2015 here in Cyprus just after an earthquake; it was spectacular however mine was a Sundog. The difference between sundogs and halos is the preferential orientation of the ice crystals through which the light passes before reaching our eyes.

It never ceases to amaze me the sheer quality of a Timothy J.P. Gomez composition; they are always something quite breath taking to behold and on 22° Halo he has done it again, he has drawn us in and related a musical narrative that is so very compelling and addictive.

From the gentle blowing wind at the start, and then into a slight percussive beat, which gives the arrangement a definitive ethnic feel, and then into a most harmonious flute performance that is so very redolent of the subject matter. I think I hear something here as well, I think it’s the footfalls of a huge hit for 22° Halo by Timothy J.P. Gomez climbing up the ladder of the charts.

Simply put this is one of the finest flute performances I have heard for some time, reflective, mysterious, ancient, and most certainly a single you would be well advised to purchase at the soonest possible moment, it is utter class.

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