Thursday, August 17, 2023

A Thin Place By Joey Curtin


A Thin Place


Joey Curtin

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Joey Curtin is one of the most descriptive pianists around today; she has teamed up with her daughter-in-law Joy Vucekovich-Curtin on violin, for this her latest single A Thin Place. There were many reasons why I adored this new single, the reflective and moving influences created here by the Celtic vibrations were palpable, this song also reminded me of an old Stephen King book too!

The duo builds a beautiful green landscape where the walls between realities seem thinner, and perhaps it may even be possible to touch heaven for just a moment, the reference to the King tale came in the guise of his book The Talisman, where Morgan Sloat had a magical key that could open a “thinny” and allow him access to two worlds through a dimensional portal in nature, it also gets a mention with the Dark Tower novels too.

Here though, one only has to gaze at the art work contained within and marvel at the beauty of the rolling green hills and vistas of Ireland to truly get the feel of this piece, sadly this is a place I have still yet to visit, but this is without doubt a beautiful instrumental narrative to allow me to do so vicariously.

The symbiotic partnership between the colourful and textured piano of Joey Curtin and Joy Vucekovich-Curtin on violin will draw stunning images within the mind’s eye, and for those of you who enjoy contemporary instrumental music, it may just remind of you of the Hill Of Tara ep released by Bill Wren and Frank Ralls back in 2018, regardless this is a hit in the making, and such beauty as this should receive all the accolades it most certainly deserves.

Now Joey has had a really tough time over the past couple of years, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disorder: GAD ataxia (glutamic acid decarboxylase ataxia), this is where healthy antibodies go rogue and attack tissue in the cerebellum of the brain, leading to imbalance, double vision and ataxia, and in her case, muscle problems in her right leg/foot,. This is a condition that little is known about. Thankfully she is having treatment and things have improved a bit, but this is an ongoing condition. You can find out more about Joey and what has been happening on her website: so please take a look and support her if you can.

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