Monday, August 7, 2023

Amore By Carol Comune




Carol Comune

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Amore is another wonderfully flourishing single from the latest EP by Carol Comune entitled Moments. Here on the shortest track from that release is one of the most charming, Comune’s electric style is riveting and blissfully graceful, and here on this passionate new single, a multi-layered creation of many colours and moods.

Amore also has a glamorous European essence to its construction as well, and of course the title is Italian for love. I began to wonder what love is called in my new home of Cyprus and the Greek for it is Agapi, both are very expressive and gentle words, as is the piano of Comune, who through each tender tone and timbre, through each heart felt and honest note played, she brings us one of the most meaningful compositions of her career thus far.

Amore by Carol Comune is an ocean of music that flows into and out of the listener’s awareness with consummate ease, it is a summer tide of expressive piano that caresses the mind body and soul, with such a pristine tenderness, that one could have been stroked by the wings of an angel itself. Carol has done it again, she has touched the keys of her piano of choice and magic has happened.

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