Monday, August 7, 2023

Summer Rose By Carol Comune


Summer Rose


Carol Comune

Written by

Steve Sheppard


My delight in seeing a new release from Carol Comune was immense, I still have her album Intracoastal album from 1990 in my collection, and here today, on this fine August afternoon, we can take a ride on a new song from her piano heart called Summer Rose.

This piece comes from a newly released EP called Moments, and is a blissful reverie into the season of sunshine and happiness, Carol also has a beautifully fluent performance and presentation skill, and here on this new offering she manifests all the easy laid back cheer from this time of year, each note is sun kissed, and each vibration manifests a glorious pleasant glee filled moment.

Solo piano is a jam packed genre, and many hundreds of compositions cross my table weekly, however Carol Comune has that extra special something called artistic brilliance, and as such Summer Rose by the artist will linger long in the hearts, minds and memories of her fans, probably well into the darker months of winter and beyond, this one is indeed a melodic sure fire hit.

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