Friday, August 18, 2023

In My Dream By Ban Brothers


In My Dream


Ban Brothers

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Ban Brothers are back with a new pop based single with an uplifting narrative from their forth coming album entitled Guiding Star. The release is called In My Dream, and this is actually my personal favourite so far. The texture of the song is more of a ballad, and the guitar within this latest creation was extremely effective.

This composition is a tonal expression of love, and its flowing musical prowess creates an honest and heart felt narrative. This crafted manifestation floats like a harmonic cloud between the valleys of folk, pop and 90’s music with such great ease.

This single edition is slightly shorter than the album version, which has a few additions at the start, and I believe that the track will be situated around the fourth track on that up and coming album Guiding Star, which should hopefully be released in mid-September. I wonder if TV producers are seeking a fresh outlook for their music, as this would make a great addition to a show like Stranger Things on Netflix for example.

This is a song to enjoy and remember perhaps the carefree notions of young love; also it may remind you of acts like The Rembrandts or The Church back in the day. Regardless, I believe Ban Brothers are destined for another big hit with In My Dream, the latest single from the artists.


  1. Thanks for this review, Steve! Interesting thing, a music supervisor heard the song yesterday and told me they heard some of The Rembrandts in it!

  2. Ah there you go, also nice to get those little confirmations, well done Ban