Monday, August 14, 2023

Reflect By Monster Taxi




Monster Taxi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Reflect is the second single I have received from Monster Taxi, and one that follows the amazingly addictive A Walking Stranger, released earlier on this year. This is another journey that drifts like an errant cloud between the genres of ambient and chill out with such style and crafted smoothness, and doing it remarkably well.

Within this new offering there is a fluent but obvious mysterious narrative, one that once again encapsulates and encourages the listener to flow further into this incredibly compelling musical narrative.

The mixture of percussion and electronic mastery is something I haven’t seen created so well since the late 90s and the band Witchcraft, who combined both a percussive nuance and synths to perfection, here Monster Taxi take that one step further and build a progressive styled piece that should have global appeal, and in doing so must surely create another big hit for the artists, with this their latest single entitled, Reflect

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