Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Freedom Road By Ian Cameron Smith


Freedom Road


Ian Cameron Smith

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so nice to get to review some Blues, perhaps from an unexpected source, but brilliant Blues never the less. Today we can travel the rhythmic highway of Freedom Road by Ian Cameron Smith, a man more known in the music world for his mellow acoustic new age guitar work.

Freedom Road is the title track from his latest album and I have to admit it’s like a breath of fresh air, as the guitarist brings some of the finest performances I have heard in the genre for years, its vibrant and smooth tones and the added harmonica makes this a truly special offering indeed.

I did mention to Ian that one of my favourite Blues artists was and still is the amazing Robert Cray, and there is something most certainly about this song that reminds me of Crays Right Next Door (Because of Me) from his Strong Persuader album in ‘86.

Here Ian pulls of a pitch perfect performance, one that any Blues fan would be proud of having in their collection, a splendid mix indeed and a song that should without doubt remain a constant on my player for ages. This track and the album has to be embraced by all those who adore quality music, and classy music production, and as such, will be absolutely adored by his fans, so check out Freedom Road by the simply breath taking Ian Cameron Smith as soon as you possibly can.

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