Thursday, August 31, 2023

Kali by Radhika Vekaria




Radhika Vekaria

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Kali is a major Hindu goddess associated with time, doomsday, and death; Kali is also the first of the ten Mahavidyas in the Hindu tantric tradition. The goddess is stated to destroy evil in order to defend the innocent. Over time, Kali has been worshipped by devotional movements and Tantric sects variously as the Divine Mother and Mother of the Universe and is the title of the brand new single from Radhika Vekaria from her forthcoming album.

On this brand new single Radhika Vekaria delivers a sublime devotional composition that honours the goddess and all that she brings, this vibrant and rhythmic new creation is indeed divine and drifts between the chill out, devotional and global fusion genres.

The artist has gratefully given us well over 6 minutes to enjoy and explore this new offering, one that has a movement and fluency all of its own. The essence of this brand new offering is beautifully produced and mixed, hats off to George Landress there, and during this wonderfully fresh arrangement Radhika Vekaria brings us a timeless, reflective and respectful new single that is totally addictive and wonderfully presented. I can see nothing other than a huge success on the horizon for Kali by Radhika Vekaria.

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