Monday, August 7, 2023

Con Grazia By Carol Comune


Con Grazia


Carol Comune

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Fresh from the newly released EP Moments, Carol Comune gifts us another wonderful new single entitled Con Grazia, this new manifestation eagerly caught my eyes, ears and heart, as within are some of the finest collections of minor chords and reflective piano, in a composition that builds a layer of suspense and mystery like no other.

Con Grazia is a wonderful example of elegant and graceful solo piano, the slight use of pause here is outstanding too; this is exactly the form of piano I could listen to all day long, a composition that seems to be both timeless and incredibly stylish.

Never will you hear such a colourful and fluent presentation as this, I must admit to having got completely lost within this arrangement, and listened 5 times before I realised I had it on loop, it has a wonderfully mesmeric quality about its construction that should make it a massive hit for the artist, this simply put is solo piano at its very best.

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