Friday, August 18, 2023

Childhood Wonder By Lisa Linsky


Childhood Wonder


Lisa Linsky

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I always try to be honest, so I won’t change, and I must say therefore that it was a total pleasure to review and to listen to Childhood Wonder by Lisa Linsky, for one, we have a glorious composition of well over 5 minutes long, this on its own is a delight for me, and a change from the 60 to 90 seconds I usually get from solo piano recordings, so thank you so much for that Lisa.

We can also wonder at the structure of the piece, we start with a childlike array of twinkling tones, ones that soon transcend into a slow movement forward, as if the child is testing the waters somewhat, and then the tone gains confidence, in fact the whole arrangement is a master class of build progression, textures and tones.

Lisa is taking us vicariously on a tale of Childhood Wonder, and into realms where anything is possible, and the happiness of youth is a never ending story. Her performance here on this glistening composition is superb, and glows in the night sky light a whole constellation of newly born stars.

The latter part of this musical narrative is also incredibly crafted, as we can almost feel and hear the child beginning to tire, and then entering a dream like state to do it all over again. This is a wonderfully fluent voyage of creative piano, and I see no reason why Childhood Wonder by Lisa Linsky shouldn’t be a massive hit for the artist, she most certainly deserves it.

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