Thursday, August 3, 2023

Life and Sorrow By Victor Birkan


Life and Sorrow


Victor Birkan

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Life and Sorrow by Victor Birkan is another in the line of felt piano presentations by the master of emotive piano creations, here the artist explores a twin edged narrative of life’s rich patterns, and the inevitable brush with the hooded maiden of sorrow.

One of the first things I admire in a performance by Victor Birkan is the sublime flow and fluency, and indeed rhythm of each piece he has thus far created. Here on this brand new single a wonderful grand stage of texture has been reached, a wonderfully colourful array of notes fly high as we live our lives, then a deeper more sullen vibration comes to the fore as we accept the embrace of a sad moment.

Musically this takes some doing, it’s quite an art to manifest an interplay between dark and light in one single composition, but here the master artist Birkan does it will a simple ease, and thus has probably brought into the world yet another hit single for the artist, in a most passionate fine arrangement indeed called, Life And Sorrow.

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