Thursday, August 31, 2023

Starlite By Russ Jones




Russ Jones

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I was in the need of some much desired ambience today, I personally find that truly good ambient music helps to calm the mind and body, and ease one correctly into the day ahead, so with pleasure I took up the task of reviewing Starlite, the brand new album by Russ Jones, and found to my delight a virtual sanctuary of sound to bring joy and serenity to my somewhat stressed mind.

Starlite is a 12 track album of pure tranquillity and peace, and that journey into an ambient heaven starts with one of the most serene flute compositions you’re ever likely to hear on Soothe.

I defy you not to be brought to the door of calm whilst listening to this album; it is so blissful, tracks like Space and My Daughters Song will emphasise that completely. For me it is like Russ is creating a dimension of tranquillity as we voyage through this release, and that on its own is indeed a sublime experience.

There are also some delightful textured variants of beauty, for example the track She's The One, where a slightly more elevated energy can be found, but still one that retains its balance and peace, while offerings like the title track Starlite, have a colourful mysterious quality that seems to take us by the hand, and lead us into a realm of utter fancy.

This is an album of ambient greatness and reminds me of the work of Deuter at times, from his work in the latter part of the last century, if you could mix that with a little Brian Eno and his Lux album, you could be close to touching the hem of the essence provided here by Jones.

Starlite is concluded by the composition Old Blue; this arrangement for me is like a gentle flute tune to wake us perhaps from our reverie, but a timely touch of tender beauty from one of the best and most fluent flute albums of the year with ease.

Starlite by Russ Jones is a charm filled release; it is certainly a calming collection of undisturbed ambience. This style of flute performance and musical manifestation is the stuff of dreams, and a timeless collection of flute intelligence by allowing the flute itself to take us on the journey, and as such is without doubt, one of those albums I could listen to for hours on repeat and never get bored. I can see a huge chart placement for Starlite by Russ Jones ahead, this album is that good.

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