Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Silver Linings By Benjamin Cook


Silver Linings


Benjamin Cook

Written by

Steve Sheppard


From the creator of one of my favourite solo piano pieces in Lost, comes a new step forward entitled Silver Linings by Benjamin Cook. Here on this new single a fresh energy of hope can be found, one that separates this composition from the aforementioned arrangement.

This is a very in depth piece of work, Cook’s Piano manifests different moods as the creation marches on, the flow is matched with a build and progression that matches the pattern already created, in a marvellous manifestation of tone and texture.

The opening is somewhat tentative but soon builds to an attractive melody as the confidence within the arrangement is found, and from then on in it turns into a classy almost neo-classical creation at times.

I believe that Cook as a pianist has an amazing talent, and a vast potential ahead, and as such I truly feel that Silver Linings by the artist will bring him the recognition he most certainly deserves.

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