Friday, November 17, 2023

Winter Solitude by Steve Sheppard ft. Colin Powell & Chrissie Sheppard



Winter Solitude


Steve Sheppard ft. Colin Powell & Chrissie Sheppard

Written by

Andy Rogers


Steve Sheppard is possibly best known to most people as the co-owner of One World Music Radio, along with his wife Chrissie. For the last few years he has been producing his own music, mostly with a New-age or ambient feel to it which has been attracting many admirers... works such as “Brading Station” and “The Haunted Palace” show an ever increasing musicality and mastery of the ambient genre.

A recent release, “Memories of the Marsh”, featured a collaboration with guitarist Colin Powell, a musical partnership that takes another impressive step forward with this new release “Winter Solitude”.

A gently tolling bell and the sound of gently breaking waves evoke the chill of a cold winter’s morning on a deserted beach. Colin Powell’s guitar then leads us into the piece with Steve’s keyboards setting a calming reflective mood. The interplay between the guitars and keyboards here is quite beautiful and very evocative in setting the musical mood (if you ever heard the John Themis albums from Coda records, then this is what I was reminded of).

Chrissie Sheppard handles production of this excellent single and her flute features as an ambient texture throughout, adding a layer of wistful beauty to the piece. At the end, the single concludes as if with a closing door of sound… All in all this is far and away the best thing to emerge musically from Steve Sheppard – it deserves to do really well and it will be very interesting to see where Steve’s next musical adventure takes us.

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