Monday, November 20, 2023

Luminous Fields By Michelle Qureshi


Luminous Fields


Michelle Qureshi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so nice to hear the flute of Michelle Qureshi on a recording once again, also the deep and emotive keyboards of the artists draw a blissful new age styled global fusion of presentations, on  the quite breath taking new single entitled Luminous Fields.

This lush recording highlights the sheer talent of the artist, she manifests such a deep well of emotion within it, and the vibrational tone of the arrangement is deeply palpable, and incredibly moving.

Her use of these deeper pools of this vast lake of musical brilliance is so powerful and exciting, that one would truly expect to see it on a movie segment, its haunting narrative draws the listener in with its ancestral cry over the flute, and then literally the piece hovers with an intent of a late November afternoon.

There are some fantastic new age tracks coming out at the moment, but the manifestation of this colourful tapestry of tone is just magnificent, this is music to watch an autumn sunset with, and then gaze at the creeping mist of a future midnight appear across the woodlands and pines. 

This track will appear on her new album "A Day On Venus" which will be coming our way in 2024! Once again Qureshi has done it, and as such has brought into the world another fine example of superb instrumental music, and if there is any justice in this musical world, Luminous Fields should be a massive hit in the charts as well.

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