Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Endless By Daniela Spadini & Yoed Nir




Daniela Spadini & Yoed Nir

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The beauty of a colourful neo-classical piece is in the balance of the instrumentation, the subtle nuances that manifest moments of memorable calm and tranquillity, and the symbiosis of musical sensitivity, all of those three aforementioned traits can be found within this beautiful new single by Daniela Spadini & Yoed Nir called Endless.

Here is a cultured creation of great quality and a piece that could easily be found in a deeply emotional movie segment, a deftly crafted performance by composer and pianist Daniela Spadini can be found here, one that is so moving that I have now listened to this on repeat for some five times in a row, I was so reluctant to leave it.

Yoed Nir is a cellist of supreme style and thus we have the symbiotic manifestation of sublime beauty. The piece itself is indeed moving, but also seems to elevate its status to a mild crescendo towards the latter half of the composition. This is one of those songs that is without doubt, impossible not to like, it’s harmonic, stunning, emotive and a must for all serious fans of neo classical music.

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