Thursday, November 30, 2023

Holiday Wonders By Ante Svircic


Holiday Wonders


Ante Svircic

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It’s that time of year, yes its winter and as such a whole host of holiday seasonal material will be falling from the musical clouds above like snow from a looming cloud, many will melt away until next year, however some, a few, will rise above the rest and offer many opportunities for the artist to expand on further.

Here on this latest single Holiday Wonders by composer Ante Svircic, here the artist has done just that by manifesting a multi-faceted creation that could fill many realities, the gentle mysterious tones of this new offering could be used for example on a new Netflix holiday seasonal movie, the magical properties of this new release could well fit into many television series at this time of year, or it could be part of a cheer filled musical playlist of your choice.

Holiday Wonders by Ante Svircic is a clever release by the composer; it’s a thrilling, sparkling sleigh ride of a composition to enjoy, its cheerful topical melodies will be a constant this season of good will and in doing so will elevate up many a seasonal playlist with its light hearted energies and reveries.

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