Thursday, November 30, 2023

Shanti Noel By Paul Avgerinos


Shanti Noel


Paul Avgerinos

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The world of New Age music is never quite complete without a little Paul Avgerinos; this delightful composition I am featuring within this review is from the album of the same name and entitled Shanti Noel. The whole of this soothing album is 14 tracks of new and classic seasonal offerings, each given the care and attention to detail by the master creator himself; strangely enough both Paul and I are the same age, but just miss out on identical birthdays by some 6 days, myself being the older, but the music that Paul produces here is some of the most blissful for an ambient seasonal period you are ever likely to find.

Shanti Noel as a composition is just under 8 minutes of serenity, with some electronic mastery and layers of synths that spread across the fields of calm and peace like never before, there is no doubt that this album is likely to calm any seasonal household this winter. Avgerinos layers textures of ambience upon one another on this offering in particular, to radiate a level of tranquillity to this genre that may have never been seen, or should I say, heard before.

Shanti Noel by Paul Avgerinos is a heavenly collective of no less than 14 tracks and this incredible new arrangement is for me the highlight of one of the most remarkable ambient compositions of its style for ages.

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