Thursday, November 30, 2023

Winter Lullaby By Michelle Qureshi


Winter Lullaby


Michelle Qureshi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The ambience of this new single by Michelle Qureshi is palpable and called Winter Lullaby; she has taken the subject of winter and created a realm of rebirth through her music with the most gentle of hands at the helm. The softness of her musical palette is utterly beautiful and each textured tone, a vibrancy of bliss and calm.

Qureshi now has to be the most ambient guitarist on the planet that is constantly producing high quality material to ease the listener into a dimension of pure peace and serenity, she has been one of my go to artists for years now and honestly she just keeps getting better and better.

Winter Lullaby by Michelle Qureshi highlights the importance of nature’s halt, death and rebirth; both the keyboards and guitar build a perfection of tranquillity and tenderness like never before, this is a fine example of how to manifest layer after layer of stillness, thus portraying the very essence of winter time itself, this is simply perfect in every way and a song that deserves to be saved to as many playlists as physically possible.  

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