Thursday, November 16, 2023

Alone Inside By Ryan Judd


Alone Inside


Ryan Judd


Steve Sheppard


One guilty pleasure I have is listening to quality instrumental acoustic guitar music, so it is always a pleasure to review it, and in this case from one of the emerging masters of this art in Ryan Judd, who now releases to the world another new single this time entitled Alone Inside.

This new offering offers up a somewhat interesting juxtaposition as to the solitude professed within the song title, and its title Alone Inside could sound sad and dejected, but the performance by Judd is however more uplifting, so it could also be referring to a solitary moment of meditative bliss, a moment when we are able to empty out all that is holding us back, and be alone inside.

Regardless, this is another blissful performance from the guitarist, a gentle caress in approach, a clean crisp changing of strings and notes, all leading to yet another pitch perfect well thought out musical composition, by one of the most honest and intelligent acoustic guitarists in today’s music business. Things are certainly on the up for Ryan Judd, and this should also be the direction his new release Alone Inside takes in the charts.

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