Friday, November 17, 2023

November Skies By Neil Tatar


November Skies


Neil Tatar

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This review for Neil Tatar and his new release November Skies, came at a special time of the day for me, our country is still in the grips of a later than ever summer, in a very strange November, and the sun burnt horizon, and the speckled clouds that disappear over it are so very wonderful to see, what’s even more remarkable is this stunning composition, as depicts perfectly for me what I now gaze at.

The piano plays the minor role; the strings add a simply delicious mournful tone to the proceedings, but let’s not forget the harmonic vocalisations, the gentle breeze, and each portion of this magnificent arrangement go to make up a view, a sense of reality, a texture of a moment so fleeting that one could cry, wipe their eyes, and it would be gone.

There are but a few beautiful performances like this; any listener should literally jump at the chance to seize upon its lush tenderness and descriptive reflective genius, since 2015 and the album Learning To Fly, Neil Tatar has been in my musical life, he is a producer of high class instrumental music, and if the there is any justice in this most turbulent of worlds, November Skies should end up being a truly huge hit for the artist.

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